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For websites creators and entrepreneurs, WordPress is like the vehicle to internet success.

However for the normal people who have never tried internet marketing before, WordPress is just another name like any other brands out there.

You might have heard somewhere or were even recommended by friends that WordPress is actually something worth trying for which made you decide to check out what the fuss is all about hence the reason why you’re here (I watched too much Sherlock Holmes).

But before I answer that question, let’s try to get an insight on…

What WordPress really is?My drawing of what a website comprises of

WordPress is simply a Content Management System (CMS) which just means a system which helps you organize all your stuff in your website.

Still don’t have a clear picture?

See when talking about websites, it is actually divided into 3 parts which are the CMS, the domain and the web host.

We’ll start with the domain.

Domain is JUST a website name so don’t worry much about it.

For example, the name EatCurry.com, or DanceWithMe.org, which can also be known as your brand.

So when having a website, how do you organize your stuff there?

Through CMS of course!

And there are many CMSs out there such as Blogger, Joomla and of course, WordPress.

So when having a website, most people would want their website to grow MASSIVE and exist forever.

To do that, you will need a huge storage to add in all your posts, your pages, your pictures and also your videos.

So how do you do that?

By having a webhost!

Webhosts are like the heart of your website as you can control almost everything from there.

You can create company emails, you can check statistics of your website, and you can also install WordPress from there but most importantly, webhosts have a huge amount of space online to save all your files.

Hence the overview of how a website works in a nutshell.

How does WordPress work?

As a Content Management System, WordPress manages and organizes all your content that you tirelessly write for you website.

BUT what makes WordPress different is that it is designed to give you an edge in search engines, particularly Google (Let’s face it, nobody wants to use Bing anymore).

This is really important because that way, a lot of people can find your website easily.

Have you noticed that when Googling something, you tend to only look at the first page results and click on the link there?

Well that my friend, is how WordPress helps you.

WordPress specializes in mastering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that whatever you do for your website can help you get rankings with ease.



Did you know that CNN, TechCrunch and the National Football league websites ALSO use WordPress?

You can choose any Content Management Systems as you like but if you are looking for your website or blog to get massive traffic, beautiful designs and great visibility to people, then WordPress is definitely the way to go.

If you have any questions regarding WordPress, feel free to drop a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to reply J

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  1. this is very hepful, riaz. Thank yoU! I have been searching everywhere on how to create a website but to no avail. This helped give me abigger picture :3

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