Is Travelling Good?

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If you’ve lived in the same country all your life, travelling can be pretty gruesome and scary.

Believe me, I have been living in Malaysia all my life but when the time comes for me to get more exposure, I just had to go abroad because I needed that broader view.

But for those who has never board on the plane before, it is very nerve-wrecking when you first start leaving your home and the feeling gets even worse when you’re traveling alone.

But there are a lot of great benefits that I have learned during my travels abroad and here’s some of the main ones:

1) You broaden your perspective

When living in the same country all your life, you will become narrow-viewed because, well, you haven’t seen the outside world.

Very few people are able to maintain their broad and open mindedness because they know what is out there already but for most people, they just accept anything that everyone tells them.

Medias will cover bad stories from time to time and you will never know if it’s true or not because or whether it’s the right thing or not because you can’t see the broader picture.

But the moment you step foot on another country, you get to leave all those doubts and see the truth for yourself.

2) You learn to be independent

When you travel, you leave everything behind – your car, your house, even your family (sometimes they follow you).

Because of this, you will arrive with an uncomfortable feeling as if something’s not right.

However you will soon realize that nothing is actually wrong (Except for tangible cases like forgetting to bring your toothbrush) because what happened is that uncomfortable feeling is actually the feeling of discovery.

Remember that “uncomfortable zone” saying that motivational people always tell you?

That when you get out of your comfort zone, you learn to become independent and survive?

THAT is what’s actually happening to you when you feel uncomfortable.

You are learning to develop yourself and when you get through, you’re a better person than you were before.

When I first moved to London, I was really scared and uncomfortable.

I had no friends and I was all alone.

I wanted to go back to Malaysia but I keep telling myself not to and learn how to survive and at the end of the day, I am better than when I was before.

I learned to fend for myself and I learned more about myself that I never knew and even managed to get a beautiful girlfriend.

So the moral of the story is that traveling unlocks another potential within you and everyone should have a go.

3) You’ll come back home with an amazing story to tell

Have you ever felt like sometimes you don’t want to go out with your friends because you just know they will talk about the same thing?

That happened to me a lot too but whenever my friends come back from just about any country outside of my own, they always have stories to tell.

People who travel abroad and come back are looked up to by everyone because it’s not an easy thing to do and it’s what everyone wants to do but they just couldn’t find the right opportunity.

Noticed how your friends and even you sometimes tend to ask someone loads of questions about the unknown World outside?

“Oh how was Greenland? Is it really green?”

Or even “How was Argentina? Are all the men there tanned and hot-looking?”

Remember people want what they can’t get so when you do come back after your travels, you will be highly prized.

In fact, you could even put that in your CV because companies tend to hire people who have certain knowledge of travelling because they can understand people better not to mention a broad understanding about different cultures.



Travelling may be scary at first but believe me, it can be very rewarding for you in many ways and all of them good.

The experience is amazing that 83% of people who travel don’t feel like coming back and wish they can stay longer.


Riaz 88kb

2 comments to “Is Travelling Good?”
  1. When one is presented with the opportunity, I would say take it and see the world. Learning about other people’s culture can actually enhance one’s quality of life. You develop a different disposition and you would appreciate and respect those who do things differently.

    When you travel and see things for yourself, many myths you may have heard are debunked and you’re more enlightened.

    Good post, Riaz!


    • You’re totally right Ade! I was very scared to travel on my own before but after doing so, I began to understand and appreciate life better. I believe everyone should have a go at travelling at least once in their lives, that experience will change you for the better. Thanks for dropping by! Cheers

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