What is a WordPress Post?

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Posts are one of the most important tools that you’ll learn to use every day when managing a blog.

They are your blog posts containing articles or pictures, even videos. They don’t necessarily have to be personal, but it’s better if they are as people have learned to expect them to be that way.

In WordPress, posts are made simple to help more people use easier but still, some find it hard.

Here’s how to make a proper blog post for WordPress:

1)     From your WordPress dashboard, click on “Posts”

2)     Click on “Add New”. Notice that you will be brought to a very detailed area with boxes

3)     Fill in the “Title” which is the top most area.

4)     For the body, notice that there is a “Visual” and “Text” button on the top right corner. Use “Visual” as they are very easy to understand because “Text” is usually used by computer experts as they can edit their coding there.

5)     Start writing your article on that area. They are very much like Microsoft Word so they shouldn’t be too hard for you to maneuver.

6)     Click “Add Media” on the top left corner to add pictures to your article. Once you’re done writing, head on to the right side of the screen.

7)     Notice the Category area. Create a category of your liking of which you feel suitable for example, “Business tips” or “Cooking recipes”.

8)     Don’t forget to ad Tags. They are very much like Hash Tags that we use in Twitter and Facebook so you shouldn’t waste too much time on that.

9)     Click on “Publish” and you’re done!

Writing a WordPress post may seem complicated and scary at first, but after a few try you’re good to go!

You will also start to get better at writing articles so making more blog posts will also improve your skills and speed at it. Be sure to always post regularly at least every week to help you website rank faster within Google!

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