How to Add Users in WordPress With Custom Pictures

WordPress New user screenshot

Creating new users are not only important to add variety to your website users, but also to promote an interactive environment on your site.

When you create new users, you can use your real name or either a pen name (Nickname) where people know you better.

Either way, it gives more personal touch rather than using the name “Admin”.

To make a user account:

1)     Go to your WordPress Dashboard

2)     Click on Users

3)     Click on Add New

4)     Fill in the details. Bear in mind that the Username and Password will only be used when logging in.

5)     Voilà! You’re done!

But but but!

If you have logged in, you might have noticed that your account doesn’t appear to have a picture.

To add this, you need to have a Gravatar account and from there, add in your email with your picture.

While in Gravatar, you will notice that you can make many accounts with different emails.

This is because you can actually put different pictures on different emails so whenever you comment on a website or make your own post, your picture will be there.

To some people, they don’t really want their picture to be showed but in my personal experience, adding your photo there will create a friendly environment and people will really trust you more because you are not hiding behind a computer.

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4 comments to “How to Add Users in WordPress With Custom Pictures”
  1. Please can you create downloadable video since my part of the world does not enjoy endless streaming and data service is very unstable

    • I’m truly sorry Martin, I do not have any plans on getting downloadable videos at the moment as I do not have that many videos yet. But what you can do is head over to Save From Net and from there, simply key in the video URL and you’ll be able to download the video piece of cake. hope that helps!

  2. Hi Riaz. I has one question. Can you provide tutorial on how to set up a profile picture on Gravatar? I’m a little bit lost.

    Thanks. 🙂

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