Want an Example of a Press Release? Check Out How We Launched Ours!

a screenshot of my first press release

We just recently launched our first and very own Press Release through PRLOG. HURRAY!

Check it out here ->http://bit.ly/1ttEJus

Just recently, we received a question from one from one of our subscribers asking about a press release template. Our answer to that is no, we do not provide any templates but we are considering on adding that to our arsenal in the future so stay with us!

However, this is the closest that we can give you to a template…a sample!

Press Release templates are hard to come by with due to the fact that it is a very delicate thing to be copied by everyone. Imagine the feeling that you get if one day you pick up your newspaper to read and found out that all news are very similar to each other.

i bet you’d probably be pissed and won’t ever read that newspaper again. And that’s why press release classes are extremely expensive with the cheapest being about $97!

It’s because each and every press release that you do HAS to be completely different than the rest.

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