Our second Press Release!

A screenshot of our second press release

Our second Press Release is out Hurray! Check it out here -> http://bit.ly/1oGH7jN

Yesterday we released our first Press Release and it went viral! The views kept coming so we decided to write another one.

Moral of the story, Press Releases are GREAT for giving visibility to your website and generate more leads. But to keep it coming, we recommend you write at least once a week and before you know it, your website is ranked first on Google!

All the best in your endeavours and do let us know your feedbacks!

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Riaz Shah

Riaz 88kb

3 comments to “Our second Press Release!”
  1. Hi Riaz,

    Do you still see traffic coming in from your old press releases, or is it just a way to spike traffic for a day or so?

    Also, how much do they cost, and how much total traffic did it get you? I’m trying to determine ROI.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hello there Guido,
      It is a just a way to spike traffic but in my experiences, these traffics will usually last about a week or less because there are loads of Press Releases being submitted every day. Still, the reason websites do Press Releases is actually because of the backlink you will be getting which helps in SEO.
      The amount of traffic depends on how interesting your title is and personally, I get around 200 more or less per press release. But that’s because I was using free press release and if you would like to do the same, a good one that I can recommend is PRLOG for free press releases.
      Paid ones work even better but they are very pricey but well worth the money. A good paid press release platform would be PRWeb which works just as well as any offline newspaeper advertising which mans your traffic can go up as high as 2,000-3,000 visitors per release. Hope that helps, Guido! And thanks for dropping by.

      • Hi Riaz,

        Thanks for the response. Free traffic is always good! Will definitely keep this in mind.
        The link to your site on your press release article is ‘nofollow’ though, so it won’t help SEO.

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