How to Blog Like a Pro Even If You’ve Never Typed Anything In Your Life

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There are many reasons as to why people blog nowadays.

Some people blog to express their emotions, some blog for fame and of course, others like to blog because there’s money to be earned. The word “blog” over the years has attracted MASSIVE attention all over the world.

Regardless, you need to start somewhere so here’s my 3 tips on blogging:

1)   Find a blogging platform.

Yes, I know there’s a lot to choose from but the TOP 3 that you should know of are Tumblr, WordPress, and LiveJournal respectively.

Personally, I would choose WordPress because of the ease of use and attractiveness.

2)   Choose a niche to specialize in

Look at it like a type of business, do you want to open a restaurant, a hospital, or a bar?

Similarly for blogs, you can choose niches to specialize in for example, losing weight and pet grooming tips.

3)   Consistency

This is the hardest challenge of them all. When people are attracted to your content, they are going to want more of it and the WILL expect more.

You will need to live up to expectation by blogging but not necessarily every day.

3 to 5 blog posts a week should suffice because not only will you be doing your job properly, you will also make your blog attractive to Google and this means your blog will have a higher chance to end up on the front page and trust me, this will be a huge boost for you.

Blogging can be a very lucrative business if you do it right.

In fact, did you know that The Huffington Post earns over $2million per month JUST from its blog?

There are many courses out there that can teach you how to boost your blogging income today, but one that I personally love is the one taught in Wealthy Affiliate.

So what’s YOUR reason to blog?


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