Xerveo is a Scam! – Just Another Weight Loss MLM.

xerveo logoBusiness name: Xerveo

Website: Xerveo.com or Ferveo.com (Whichever)

Type of business: MLM

Price: $55 – $1500 + monthlies.

Owner: Andrew Rineheart

My rating:  6 out of 100 (Pyramid SCAM)

Last week I met some people trying to push me their products who asked me to join yet another business opportunity called Xerveo.

And as always, I rejected them kindly and told them that I’m not interested.

A few days after that, a friend of mine started having liver problems after trying a new weight loss product and when I asked her what was it that she took, she showed me the Xerveo slimming drinks that she purchased.

Feeling curious, I started doing more research and dedicated a week of my time to writing this particular Xerveo review so do continue reading if you’re interested to find out more on what I’ve discovered.


Pros and Cons


  • The products do work and there are cases of people losing weight.
  • The drink does taste nice not to mention easy to drink as it is in a can.


  • Products are overpriced.
  • Not BBB accredited.
  • Xerveo used to be called Ferveo, I wonder why?
  • Garcinia Cambogia may have health risks.
  • Owner tries to hide his identity.
  • They focus more on recruiting rather than selling products.
  • Training provided is terrible, many distributors leave as they do not really understand what they are doing.
  • Members are overly defensive of criticism, they are bullies.
  • They don’t even have proper groups for members to get to know and interact with each other!

Jeepers, that is a whole lot of Cons! Better check out my #1 recommended program here instead!


What is Xerveo? – The Weight Loss MLM.

Andrew Rineheart founder of Xerveo

Xerveo is a Multi-Level Marketing company which revolves around weight loss products, founded by Andrew Rineheart.

Previously, they are known as Ferveo before changing it to Xerveo but they never made any announcements as to why that happened.

Their products are mostly in the form of liquid and they have a specific ingredient used in all of their products called Garcinia Cambogia which is a suppressant to make you lose appetite – That’s how you lose weight.

Many people do enjoy this suppressant but others actually experienced side effects.

So are they harmful? I’ll cover that a bit.

xerveo products

Their products include…

  • Xervéo Motion – A canned energy drink for weight loss. Contains Garcinia Cambogia.
  • Xervéo Café – Instant coffee which also contains Garcinia Cambogia.
  • Xervéo cleanse – Detox pills.
  • Xervéo Digest-All – Enzyme supplement pills for digestion.
  • Xervéo Nourish – Food vitamin supplements.
  • Xervéo Protect – Fish oil supplements.
  • Xervéo Vivify – Anti-Aging & Cellular Nutrition capsules.

Overall, there are one canned drink, one instant coffee, and a whole load of capsules that we all hate to take.


Xerveo Membership Rankings – Hierarchy at its Best.

Before we get to the compensation plan, you first need to know about the membership ranks so that you’ll understand what I will be talking about a lot better later on.

There are altogether 9 membership ranks within Xerveo…

Rank #1 – Distributor

This is the first level everyone starts with when they join as an affiliate.

Rank#2 – Executive Distributor

To move on to this level, you need to generate $1000 in product sales.

Rank #3 – Master Distributor

For this stage, you need to…

  1. maintain $200 a month in retail
  2. Have at least 2 referrals
  3. Have a Personal Team Volume (PTV) of $1,000.

Just so you know, PTV refers to the money you make as a team which means you need to make sure they achieve this in order to get it.

Rank #4 – Power Distributor

To level up, you need to…

  1. Maintain $300 a month in retail.
  2. Have at least 4 referrals (Must have at least one Executive Distributor and one Master Distributor)
  3. Have a PTV of $2,000.

Rank #5 – Silver Leader

To reach here, you need to…

  1. Maintain $400 a month in retail.
  2. Have at least 6 referrals (Must have at least four Executive Distributor and 2 Power Distributors)
  3. Have a PTV of $4,000.

Rank #6 – Gold Leader

To get to this stage, you need to…

  1. Maintain $500 a month in retail.
  2. Have at least 7 referrals (Must have at least three Power Distributors and one Silver Leader).
  3. Have a Personal Team Volume (PTV) of $6,000
  4. Have $12,000 in Group Volume (GV).

Compared to the PTV, GV refers to the total volume not only your team makes, but the entire organization.

Rank #7 – Platinum Leader

To move on further, you need to…

  1. Maintain $600 a month in retail
  2. Have at least 8 referrals (Must have at least 2 Silver Leaders and one Gold Leader).
  3. Have a PTV of $8,000.
  4. Have $25,000 in GV.

Rank #8 – Blue Diamond Executive

Almost to the top! To get here, you need to…

  1. Maintain $700 a month in retail.
  2. Have at least 9 referrals (Must have at least 3 Silver Leaders and one Platinum Leader).
  3. Have a PTV of $12,000.
  4. Have $60,000 in GV.

Rank #9 – Red Diamond Executive

This is the last stage of this particular MLM which you will most probably never ever get to. But just to let you know, you need to…

  1. Maintain $800 a month in retail.
  2. Have at least 10 referrals (Must have at least 3 Platinum Leaders and 2 Blue Diamond Executives).
  3. Have a PTV of $16,000.
  4. Have $150,000 in GV.

And there you have it, their complicated ladder of success which is intended to motivate their team to work harder.

Tired of All this Ridiculous Hierarchy? Find out what it feels like to Start Your Own REAL Business Here!


Xerveo Compensation Plan – Just Another Re-branded Strategy.

I’ve joined and reviewed many different Network Marketing companies and I can safely say that their compensation plans are all very similar to each other with a few minor tweaks.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to show you the plan for Xerveo. There are overall 5 ways on how you can earn and they are as follow…

Method #1 – Fast Start Sign Up Bonus

You make commission from your product sales and 33% from your recruited prospects every month.

You can claim your commissions instantly the next Monday which I guess is pretty fast.

Method #2 – Power Grid

xervio compensation chart

Typical unilevel overview.

As many typical MLM companies, the people you refer are all under you with a pyramid scheme organization.

There are levels depending on how many people you refer – You can make $2178 monthly if you refer 5 levels of down lines (That’s 243 people FYI), and $59.040 if you refer 8 levels which would take only 6,561 referrals.

Method #3 – Residual Monthly Income

If you are a distributor, you earn $5 from each monthly order placed by your down line.

If you are an executive distributor, you earn $6. Yaay.

Method #4 – 10% Check Match

If you have at least 10 active distributors, you make an extra 10% off their monthly income.

Method #5 – Dynamic Compression

Not everyone likes to stay long in MLM (Some even despise the idea of it) so from time to time, you’ll tend to get members who disappears without a trace.

If that happens, if they are not eligible to earn commissions, that money will go to you.


Red Flags to Watch Out For

Phew now that we’ve covered all that the program entails, let’s have a look from a broader point of view…

Red Flag #1 – Massive complaints everywhere

I did some research to see what others are talking about regarding this particular program and I was surprised to see that many people actually complained about it…

xerveo complaint 1

False and misleading expectations – This is a common complaint I often see.

xerveo complaint 2

This guy is fed up on Xerveo’s overly priced products.

xerveo complaint 3

Another complaint regarding the founder himself.

As if the complaints weren’t bad enough, I also found out that…

Red Flag #2 – Xerveo is not BBB accredited!

xerveo is not BBB accredited

Xerveo’s rating in BBB.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an organization that helps protect consumers by giving legitimacy rating to companies in the form of grades.

Almost every consumer look up BBB before deciding to spend our money on a company we have never heard of as we can never be too sure of scams nowadays.

And according to research, about 79% of consumers say that they would likely contact BBB for a company’s legitimacy – That’s how much trust the people have in them.

Doesn’t it bother you that Xerveo didn’t pass the BBB?

They got an F mark which is considered extremely bad as a lot of consumers had sent countless complaints to them.

Definitely a bad image for Xerveo.

Red Flag #3 – Confusing lessons being Taught

Every member inside Xerveo will get their own marketing kit for them to start promoting their product and one of the methods is through online Marketing.

Members have are encouraged to go online and market their products there but surprisingly, I came across a few sites that are pretty messed up.

Take this for example…

confising empower network and xerveo stuff

Is he promoting Empower Network, or Xerveo?

Empower Network is a whole different MLM entirely but why is it promoting Xerveo?

Although this can clearly be seen as a slight blunder made by the members, one might wonder as to what exactly do they teach you there at Xerveo?

I have no experience in doing Online Marketing as well but I managed to build this very blog that you’re looking at in 30 seconds.

Anyone can build proper and cool-looking websites with ease today and my top ranked program here provides all the tools and training you need.

Red Flag #4 – No proper groups in Xerveo

no proper group for members in xerveo

There are no proper communities for members to communicate!

I’ve been in the Network Marketing industry for a year before deciding to quit and start something legitimate and decent so I know enough that it’s a people game.

You need to refer people in order to earn but not everyone has a flair to talking to people which is why MLM companies have groups for members.

So I went to the most common place where everyone goes to create or join groups – Facebook.

To my surprise, there wasn’t any! Not the real ones at least.

There are of course communities for Xerveo but as you can see, it’s all messed up and the groups there are basically dead!

People are not joining and the groups there are so small too, you’re basically alone!

How about that? being alone in a people industry.

Xerveo has been round for 4 years and if it’s as big as they said, there should have been a big community by now.

Red Flag #6 – Can’t join if nobody refers you

You cant join if nobody refers you

You need to have your up line’s ID in order to proceed.

So get this – If you were to stumble upon Xerveo randomly and you actually liked it and would like to join, did you know that you actually need a sponsor for that?

A sponsor is basically an up line which means that Xerveo wants to reward their members more for this by getting a commission from the customers.

Talk about pyramid schemes, this clearly shows that they emphasize more on recruitment and network marketing rather than actually selling their products.

Red Flag #7 – Garcinia Cambogia has side effects?

the garcinia cambogia fruit

Funny how beautiful things are always toxic.

Garcinia Cambogia is the scientific name of the Malabar tamarind fruit, which grows mainly in Indonesia, Myanmar, and Southwest India.

It is used by Xerveo in all of their products as they signature ingredient because of the fruit’s ability to suppress your appetite, making you feel less hungry than you should.

Although the fruit extract itself is used by many people globally, there are still health risks that you should know about.

garcinia cambogia may be toxic article

Scientific studies on the risk of consuming this fruit.

According to Toxicologist Hendrickson, taking the supplement can cause serotonin levels to rise hence causing serotonin toxicity.

consumer reports side effects of garcinia cambogia

Heart rate and jitters is a dangerous combination.

There are also other Garcinia Cambogia side effects that you should know of…

  • Jitters
  • Increase of heart rate
  • Liver problems

Yikes! I was cautious so I did some research on what consumers are saying…

garcinia health complaint 1

A consumer experienced slightly elevated liver enzymes.

garcinia health complaint 2

Hot flashes, yikes!

garcinia health complaint 3

A consumer experienced migraines and excessive sweating.

I have to say, Garcinia Cambogia although has its side effects, is not as dangerous as I thought.

Yes, there are cases of people in critical states but the number of cases weren’t high as I expected which means that it only affects people with lower tolerance to drugs or those with a low immunization system like me.

Good thing I didn’t have a go at Xerveo’s liquid!

There is another MLM company which I came across called Organo Gold which also uses a signature ingredient in their products that has side effects.

They used Ganoderma Lucidem, a type of mushroom with blood thinning properties which causes blood thinking and the number of cases were off the charts – People are complaining everywhere, it came out in the news, and there were even lawsuits being made!

So compared to Xerveo’s Garcinia Cambogia, I guess they aren’t as fatal.

Still, we can’t be too sure now can we?


There’s a Better Way.

MLM is an industry that is very difficult to succeed in.

It is possible, but with so many scams out there regarding MLM, cases of up lines abandoning their referrals, and promises no being delivered, it is not an industry that many people can have much luck with – unless you’re super talented with persuasion skills and have a thick skin.

I should know, because I’ve been there.

After a year of rising and falling in the industry, I decided that MLM is not for me.

percentage of people failing in MLM and succeeding

percentage of people failing in MLM and succeeding

And I’m not the only one too, because according to research, less than 1% of Network Marketers actually see a profit from the money that they have spent which is very troubling news indeed.

But there is a better way for you to do business.

Wealthy Affiliate Home Page

There is a program that I am confident that will help you, it’s called Wealthy Affiliate and it’s currently my top ranked program to date.

It’s an Online Business platform that has everything you need to start a successful Online Business – You don’t have to sell anything, you don’t have to look for prospects, just plain real business.

The lessons are very immersing, the community is very friendly, and you’ll also have access to cool features like live video training, keyword tool, and website checker that will really help you grow your way to success.

I will personally help you throughout your journey once inside. Here’s a table comparison to finish it off…




Xerveo may look tempting as it’s in the weight loss industry.

However with their sudden mysterious name change from Ferveo to Xerveo, the lack of support for distributors, not to mention the fact that they are using Garcinia Cambogia which causes health risk to many, Xervéo is definitely a SCAM and receives my rating of only 6 out of 100.

If you’re interested in starting a real business away from these pyramid schemes, check out my top ranked program here.

Thanks for reading my review and as always, do share your feedback down below and I’ll be more than happy to reply.


Riaz Shah

42 comments to “Xerveo is a Scam! – Just Another Weight Loss MLM.”
  1. Xerveo is a scam…. A garbage company and garbage products. This company has try to launch multiple times and has had huge failures. The owner of the company the so-called be billionaire… Is a great disappointment to this company. “RAMEY” WHAT’S HIS NAME AND I WORKED WITH HIM I SPOKE TO HIM WHEN THEY DID THEIR SECOND MARCHED ON A DAILY BASIS. I had built up sounds of leads just within just a few days…. When he came to Texas he looked drugged out of his mind , my suspicion he was on serious amounts of cocaine…. He was all over the place twitching and just geeking out… He had some weird guy with him which I’m sure was getting him the Coke… This guy was like a DJ playing trance music playing trance/techno before the small event happend… When he gave his testimony and brought people to speak verify him in his credibility. He brought a guy up from LA Fitness some black guy that originally started LA Fitness… And the guy talks about how he was in the penitentiary on federal charges and how the owner RAMEY got him a cell phone illegally in the federal penitentiary and he was still able to make deals illegally on the inside of the federal Correction Facility. This event in Houston was like something from a Horror Story… Immediately you could see the people in the room lost interest and got the heck out as soon as possible. They hired David Dubbs to take over the marketing and I never even brought him up on stage because they screwed him over on my 50 plus thousand… Now David Dubbs is also a big piece of s*** so no surprise then he got a bunch of people tangled up in another crappy company… But on his end David Dubbs got scammed out of a nice chunk of change. Mlm is done, xerveo is done. Xerveo owner RAMEY was called out attempted rape and sexual herassment on females.in the company. He had to step out and away from the company due to all the allegations.

    • Wow that is some messed up story but I’m not surprised. I too have had my fare share of being tricked by MLM junkies, it’s a crazy dog eat dog world where you earn more by taking advantage of people . Appreciate the feedback man, thanks.

  2. So, it is my understanding that this company, as of 2015, has a new owner & the comp plan has been changed to make it easier to earn $$. Also, many of the products have been improved.

  3. I haven’t heard of Xerveo before, but I will think twice before trying to sell it.

    You had mentioned that there are reports of people losing weight using the product though. That is what it is for, right? I didn’t catch whether the manufacturer used illegal ingredients or not.

    Is Ferveo the same product? I am confused why the same name would have to be used.

    • Hey Ramon,

      Xerveo used to be called Ferveo before they changed to cover up their tracks so yes, they are the same company and sells the same product. It does work and you can indeed lose weight but there are better options to losing weight than this. Take London Slimming for example, you don’t need to pay so much and they will really monitor you until you’ve successfully lost weight.

  4. Xerveo sounds very shady. to hear the company use to be called Ferveo sent up a wall of scam alert. To hear the founder of the company is a con artist is not good either. in my opinion $55-$1500 + monthlies sounds way to expensive to pay for something you really dont get much out of.

  5. Wake up folks!1 There are many companies out there and you have to work at them just the same as any other business.. I’m not a re for this company but have found many good reviews too.

  6. I do not know how these mlm companies make money in the weight loss niche. This is one of the most saturated niches that you will find.

    There are also hundreds of mlm companies that are competing against each other in this niche. If Xerveo does not offer something unique, then what stops me from buying similar products at my local store?

    • Good point there Viljoen,

      MLM products are highly overpriced and they are facing huge competition from real retail stores which are able to give lower prices with better customer support. If you join an MLM because you love the products, then you have no chance to succeed in it.

  7. Great review. I have seen many programs like Xerveo. They are always confusing and like you say you have no idea of what you are doing. A lot of noise and poor support and training and with such an approach you of course don’t have any chance to succeed. And this is exactly what we see happens to Xerveo members.

    • Exactly Rufat, MLM get by by twisting words and creating false hopes to persuade people into spending. They say one thing but they mean another, best to avoid them.

  8. Overall I think your website layout is very well. I like the newsletter pop up. I would at least in the future tone down a little on calling any MLM program a scam. I have been tricked by many MLM companies but in the end its the people inside who are making a bad name for the company, not the system.

    I do like how you lay out the pros and cons! Very nice job there! I think that is what most people are searching out so I’d focus on that more than anything!

    • If you truly read my review, I mentioned several times that MLM is just a system, its the people inside who are hungry for power are and they are the ones corrupting it. I come from an MLM background as well so I’m speaking from experience. There’s no use toning down when facts are there to be shown. The people deserve to know everything about a company before they make huge commitments to it.

  9. Thanks for the heads up. I haven’t been in the online opportunity world so sometimes these kinds of “opportunities” look great on the external level, but when we are several months deep in the program we start to realize that all we’re doing losing money and not making any progress. Keep up the good work!

    • You’re right on that one JP, when we spend more money every month than we earn, then there’s something definitely wrong there. Motivation alone doesn’t work, you need a real guide to help you pinpoint your mistakes and lead you on your right path.

  10. I think this is an interesting blog post. Xerveo or Ferveo either or I have never heard of. I think you are fair in your statements, you provide adequate information about the company and its founder. All the complaints and them not being accredited really speaks volumes to me. Also that they were misleading about their product makes for a bad case for them. This review was quite helpful it also put awareness out there that there are scams and you must watch out for them. Good post!

  11. Xerveo seems to be full of all these T&C’s AFTER you have spent your money with them…?

    In my opinion there are many better companies out there who will help you launch your own hoe business as long as you are prepared to put in the hard work… just like anything else in life no?

  12. Hi Riaz,

    That sounds almost completely negligent and possibly harmful, and there are more red flags than possible benefits. I’m glad you’ve written such a thorough breakdown of all of this, I hope that anyone either looking to use these products, or anyone that’s considering becoming a distributor takes a look at this before doing either.

    Wow, I’m still just blown away by how people can create these sorts of products and businesses and not feel guilty at all. I guess some people will do anything to make money.

    Thanks again for the warning, and all the best,


    • Some people are too blinded with money Katia,

      So much so that they are able to neglect their conscience just so that they can reach their goal. Business is a beautiful thing as it can help you reach your personal goals faster but it can also be dangerous when people take advantage of it like in the case of these scammers. Thanks for dropping by Katia, hope you have a good Friday!

  13. When I heard people would do anything just to get money, little did I think that thing would playing with human lives.

    Their products you say are mostly in the form of liquid and they have a specific ingredient used in all of their products called Garcinia Cambogia which is a suppressant to make you lose appetite. That’s how they make you lose weight?

    Anyways, we have to take seriously what we eat or take into our system.

    My first site has been up and running and I’m currently working on my second niche site. To anyone that wants a financially stable career I say to you, WA is the way to go and not playing with people’s health.

    Thank you

    • Thanks for the feedback Joseph,

      suppressing the appetite is the easy way for people to lose weight but really, exercising is always better than all of those supplements. Its the only real way and its the true natural way to get in shape. Hope you have a lovely day, cheers!

  14. This is an amazing and detailed review of Xerveo. There are so many things wrong with the business. I particularly don’t like MLM companies to start with but after reading your review I am definitely staying away from Xerveo. What a scam. Yet so many people keep falling for it.

    • Hey Christine,

      So many people keep falling for these scams because they are so desperate for result so much so that they missed the obvious signs that they should watch out for. Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a lovely Thursday!

  15. It’s terrible how people prey on others. Many people are desperate to loose weight and will try anything they hear of without thinking twice. I had to avoid several scams before stumbling into Wealthy affiliate. The moment I logged in and started taking lessons, I was sure I had found the real deal. Kyle and other members are ready to help as much as they can. It’s a great community at WA and I have yet to experience anything that feels like bullying. This was a very great post. I hope many people get to read this and be saved from untimely death due to potentially toxic products.

    • There are many people such as these who loves taking advantage of the current situation for their own benefits, Tatihden. They are blinded with greed and money so much so that they do not have second thoughts when it comes to other people’s misery. Thanks for sharing your experience with WA, awesome to know it has worked well for you. Cheers!

  16. I loved how direct and to-the-point you were. You certainly got your point across. Thank you for making this and preventing potential users of the site from making a mistake. You made extremely valid points that would definitely go to show what a scam Xerveo is. Also, this will come in handy for other people in determining other potentially scammer sites.

  17. Hi, its Alexey.
    Wow, Xerveo got a score of 6 out of 100? Hah, only from this I can sense that it stinks with overnight millionaires – but with this one – overnight weight loss.
    As I read more and more I began to understand that they dont have a chance in the market, and this MLM is just not the deal.
    I was in a MLM company too, they called themselves “direct marketing” to sound better, but they were no more than a usual MLM.

    • Hey Alexey,

      Totally agree with you on that one, they just refuse to call themselves Multi-level marketers when they know that its the fact. They want us to call themselves Direct marketers or even network marketers. Thanks for dropping by man, cheers!

  18. Oh my God! It looks like something you should avoid to me. Just looking to the prices makes me want to run away, not to mention all these complaints. To me, if a product or a company has way too many complaints and negative reviews, it is probably a scam. You wrote a very thorough review here and thank you for investing your time to reveal this and Wealthy Affiliate that you mention looks like a much more legitimate and true way to build your own home-based business. Thanks again!

    • Always a pleasure Effie, its good to note those complaints before committing to a particular program. Glad I was able to give better insight through my review, thanks for dropping by!

  19. Hi Riaz, Or should I say Sherlock Holmes,

    Nice piece of investigative work and deep research. going so far and really understanding the inner workings of a system that you, yourself are not interested in joining just shows how much you care for your regular readers and only enhance your reputation.

    The owners of this product range I see suffer from narrow vision or short-sightedness, obsession with garcinia cambogia, (an appetite suppressant, that actually does work and has number of studies to back that up). However, coffee, itself is a natural diet product (fact!) as it is an appetite suppressant. So, coffee with garcinia cambogia, an apetite suppressant with an apetite suppressant, almost akin, in opinion to ordering bread with your pizza (you know bread with bread!)

    • Hello there Derek,

      Wow Sherlock Holmes, thanks for the compliment man, kinda build up the spirit! A lot of MLM companies actually use these ingredients to make their products seem ‘special’ so that they can jack up the price further.

      Organo Gold for example, uses ganoderma lucidum as their unique selling point but in reality, those mushrooms have blood thinning properties. Its important to keep track of all these things, its why I share with everyone all my findings so that we can be better informed before making a decision. Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a great day!

  20. Great review here. The online world of scams and false promises are getting more and more dangerous by the day. I wonder how many desperate people who are looking for opportunities online have fallen into these vicious traps. I like the investigation process into breaking down this scam site. Looking for social media red flags are definitely crucial here.

    • Thanks Farhan, a lot of people have indeed fallen into those traps and me included which is why I’m exposing this companies for their own good. Just our of curiosity, are you from Malaysia by any chance?

  21. Greeting

    I love your article – it’s very well written and easy to read due to the well thought layout.Very professional looking website and filled with unique and helpful contents.

    I have never heard of Xerveo product before but now whenever I will see it I would know it’s a scam and that’s the power of honest product review because it saves precious time and money.

    Thank for you writing success a nice content and I like all the information in your website because it’s really informative.

    I wish you best of luck and keep coming up with unique and creative content and success is just on your way.

    God bless you

    • Thanks Adeel, glad you liked my review. I write it as detailed as possible so that you can get better insight before making a decision in the future. Thanks for the feedback ,hope you have a great saturday!

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