What is Neucopia About? Is it any different From Empower Network?

Neucopia home page

Product name:  Neucopia

Website:  www.Neucopia.com

Type of business: MLM/ Private Label Rights reselling.

Price: $49.95 per month (Basic) or $169.95 per month (Premium)

Owner: Rich Cook

Overall Rank: 20 out of 100 (Oh, it’s a scam alright)

Unlike many other home business products I’ve reviewed which I accidentally stumbled upon while surfing the net, Neucopia is actually recommended to me by a friend.

As most of you know, I regularly do reviews to help people avoid pitfalls as how I did when I first started my journey on the whole internet business thing.

After trying, I actually finished Neucopia within 2 weeks but I decided to stay a bit longer until I finish my 1 month membership because I don’t really feel that my money was well worth spending.

So do continue reading my review to know the full nature of this particular program and what I meant by “not worth your money”.


What is Neucopia all about?

Random fact: Neucopia, stands for “New Abundance” (Latin – Copia means Abundance, German – Neu means new).

Being just a little over two years now (built in June 2012), Neucopia is a new kid on the block claiming to teach people how to make money online.

It’s a course that teaches you how to start your own online business by methods such as affiliate marketing but all of those are only but a mask to its intention which is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).

With MLM, every business intention is actually to make people join you hence the source of your income.

Because of that, the quality and service of the company will be really bad because they already have what they want from you which is your money.

Other MLM companies which I have reviewed are also having a similar concept which is to mask their true MLM intentions by making you see only their lousy products.

For example, Pure Leverage is an MLM company which uses its auto responder service as a mask whereas Empower Network is a personal development and blogging platform which is also focused mainly on Multi-Level Marketing, resulting in bad service and lots of customer complaints.

Neucopia however, is trying to cheat their way to success because the contents are actually PLR which just means pre-used content which is unoriginal and of low quality.


Pros and Cons

Neucopia member's area

A look inside Neucopia’s members area


  • Videos are decent and have good visuals. I like nice pictures.
  • Has only 2 levels which are basic and premier so it’s not as complicated as other MLM schemes.


  • LOW quality products as they are second-grade
  • It is an MLM pyramid scheme which is considered illegal in many parts of the world.
  • Your first few sales go up to your up line first.
  • Overprice for simple products.
  • Terrible support.
  • Very unethical way of making money online (Your guilt will consume you)
  • Lack of direction (You’ll have a hard time on trying to find your way around once you’re in)
  • You need to pay in order to sell Neucopia and make money (You PAY in order to sell??)
  • No freedom of selling anything else besides Neucopia products which means that you are making them money like it or not.
  • 3 day refund policy. I’ve heard of 2 weeks refund policy, even 60 day money back guarantees but 3 days is just plain ridiculous because you’ll never have enough time to request for your refund especially when support takes almost a week to reply you.

Jeepers, that’s a lot of cons! Better check my #1 recommendation here instead!


MLM – Is it Good or Bad?

I don’t have anything against MLM but rather companies implementing MLM.

MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing which is a pyramid scheme whereby you refer people to join you for a certain cost (Often overpriced) which then would put them as your down-line in your system.

However most companies that I have come across DON’T actually refer you the correct way.

Instead, they trick you into joining by offering a visually-appealing but low quality product and usually, those products that they offer are extremely overpriced which doesn’t match its low quality content.

Whatever happened to those good ole days where people can just be honest with each other?

In an MLM world, you have to know that no matter how hard you try to refer down lines and get sales, you will never beat your up line because there will be a percentage of your commissions going back to them.

However MLM does work and you can make money from it because to be honest, I used to be in one too.

I made well over $6,000 a month from a few MLM companies in Malaysia and Singapore where I live but after a while, you will start to feel your conscious kicking in because at the very base, you know that it’s wrong tricking people into joining you.

And it gets worse the more people you refer to join because all of them will be asking you questions of whether it’s an MLM or not and you will always say no because in the society today, MLM is portrayed badly because of the nature of certain companies as well as the people themselves as they only care about making money more than the service quality.

When you’re desperate for money, I understand very well that you won’t care whether it’s the wrong way or good way of making money but when you finally reached that goal, you will start to become wiser and know that it’s wrong and look for other alternatives instead.

Which is why it’s always better to start your own business instead as you can have full control of how you want the nature of your business to be.


Neucopia compensation plan

Neucopia compensation plan

Every MLM pyramid scheme has a compensation plan which maps out how you earn your money within their program.

This is often complicated which is why only 20% of people are able to make it through MLM and why is that so?

It’s because the first few sales that you made, DOESN’T go to you.

Instead, it goes to your up line which is the person who got you to join Neucopia in the first place.

If you are on a basic membership, you need to pass 3 sales to your up line but if you join premium, you need only to pass 2 of your sales to your up line.

As a beginner making your first sale is usually the hardest task ever and many take up to 2 months to finally achieve their first sale.

Imagine your happiness on that very first sale (I was thrilled when it was mine too) which will suddenly disappear because you have to give your money to your up line FIRST who already has loads of money already.

That disappointing feeling is not a great start to your journey and it’s the reason why many fail as it is in fact, not meant for beginners.

Hope you’re not too confused, because here’s a brief overview of the compensation plan according to the memberships:

Basic Level Compensation (cheaper and easier to sell, but makes you money slower)

  • 3 Basic sales to qualify
  • $25 per sale and $25 monthly residual thereafter
  • $100 per Premier sale (after qualification, no residual)
  • 2 Premier sales pre-qualify for Premier Qualification
  • 10% match on personally sponsored Premier residual income

Premier Level Compensation- Earn Faster

  • Pre-Qualified on Basic sales ($25 per sale and $25 monthly residual thereafter)
  • 2 Premier sales to Qualify
  • $200 per premier sales and $100 monthly residual thereafter (after qualification)
  • Any basic upgrades to Premier counts as Premier Qualifier
  • 10% match on personally sponsored Premier residual income

As if that’s not confusing enough, there is also something called a matching bonus to help you get even more confused than you were initially.

To make it sound nicer, Rich Cook (the owner) threw in another something to get all the innocent people attracted – by adding the matching bonus.

The matching bonus is just an extra bonus income for you that you will get IF you refer someone to the program, and he refers a few more people.

So in a nutshell, when your down line has some other down lines, you’ll be able to receive 10% from the total earn by his affiliates.

But this doesn’t happen because the retention rate of Neucopia member staying more than a month is very low which means not many people stay as a member long due to the difficulty of making some money made worse with the overly priced monthly fees which would drain your money at least 12 times faster than the amount you actually earn.

If a company really wants to help you succeed and make money online, the membership should be free with the complete tools and training to help people make money first because only after that will we be able to pay for more advanced training am I right?


Who is Neucopia for?

As seen from the ads, they claim Neucopia to be for anyone who wants to start a business online.

They miss out one thing.

It’s for veteran internet marketers who want to make a living online.

You see, doing an MLM takes effort and persistency because not everyone would want to join.

You will need prior knowledge on how to do techniques like solo ads, email marketing, social media promotion, SEO content writing and much more and this is barely covered within Neucopia as you will find that it is not very basic after all.

Not only that, affiliate marketing itself requires certain amount of time and effort because without prior knowledge, your website can only take off and make sales after 6 months which is a very long time.

The lessons in Neucopia itself aren’t original so how do you expect to learn properly and cut short your time for investment returns?

This is why I highly recommend my #1 recommendation instead because not only can you join for free, the lessons there are suited for proper website SEO which is updated regularly.


Tools and Training

Every home business product has tools and training of their own but it’s different in Neucopia’s case.

The contents look cheap and not worth the money that you’ve spent because Private Label Rights (PLR) material was written all over it.

Just so you know, PLR are products that were made by someone else so for a company to use other people’s products and promote it as their own, is downright a slimy technique.

The information inside can be found in Google search too, only that Neucopia’s one has some changes here and there which means only one thing – it’s not original.

I’ve covered the compensation plan for the membership, so here’s a breakdown of the tools and training that you will get instead:

Basic membership:

  • 35 PLR Products (eBooks, software, etc.)
  • Personal Domain Name
  • Article to Video Creator
  • Graphics Packages

Premier membership:

  • More PLR Products.
  • Live Coaching
  • Some motivational interview videos

35 e-books? Honestly, who has time to read all this?

To make matters worse, you can ACTUALLY download the membership e-books for free by just typing for the name in Google search.

For example, Blogging Profits Unleashed is one of the ebooks that you will be getting as a member.

blogging profits unleashed Google search

Blogging Profits Unleashed eBook can actually be found for free through Google

There you go! Blogging profits Unleashed in Google search.

I managed to get it for free by going to www.PDF-Archive.com!

Blogging profits unleashed e-book download

PDF Archive is one of the many websites which allows you to download Blogging Profits Unleashed for free

So why pay $49.95 when you can get it for free elsewhere?

Now let’s try searching for another one of Neucopia’s products in Google called List Building Mojo.

List Building Mojo on Google search

Google results after typing “List Building Mojo”

Even Worse! It’s the FIRST result that comes out in Google!

There’s not even a tiny bit of challenge on finding these products.

As if that’s not enough, it’s written there CLEARLY Private Label Rights which means that it’s a second hand product made by someone else which put it there for rent so that any scam gurus can buy and sell by claiming that it’s theirs.

To prove it to you, look at the bottom of the image, it’s written there “List Building Mojo by Jimmy Cai”

So you see, someone else called Jimmy is ALSO claiming that the book is his!

Now let’s click on that link and see how much the List Building Mojo REALLY costs…

list building mojo plr price

Actual price for List Building Mojo


The real price is only $5.09 but Rich sells it in Neucopia for $49.95 in this monthly membership.

Where is ethicality in that?

The other eBooks that Rich you get within Neucopia can all be found in Google search too so I wouldn’t advise you to pay so much for something that you can get for free.

Some people do not mind PLR products because they can use it again to sell it to people but in my case, I’d rather buy from the author himself than from a lazy person who only wants to make money the easy way by tricking people.

If you’d like to learn more on a proper way make money online, I would suggest you to find out how my #1 recommended program works instead.


Do you get good support?

No, their support team will only reply you when you are about to make payment (Clearly shows they’re more interested in getting your money rather than helping you).

Due to Neucopia’s MLM nature, you can’t contact the owner as well because you are expected to only get help from your up line which is the person who refers you into the program.

Supposing your up line is not responsive and doesn’t care about helping you, you’ll be in big trouble and you’ll definitely be on your own which causes 99% of failure due to lack of direction and support.

Want a Program With an Active Community Which You Could Learn and Get Help Easily? Find Out More Here!


The pricing strategy

I’ve covered almost every bit of Neucopia but here’s a simple price breakdown for the memberships.

There are only 2 types of membership which are Basic and Premier, at least that part isn’t so confusing:

  • Basic Level Membership – Cost $49.95 per month
  • Premier Level Membership – Cost $169.95 per month

There is not much difference between basic and premier as the latter has only an additional video course and some unnecessary motivation interview videos but in a nutshell, its only intended for you to get bigger commissions because you can now sell Neucopia at premier level.


Neucopia vs Wealthy Affiliate

Instead of spending all your money just to sell other people’s products which has a low conversion rate, why not start your own online business for free?

Wealthy Affiliate to date remains my #1 recommendation for making money from home as there are way more benefits that every newbie needs compared to Neucopia:




Neucopia customer complaint

A complaint made by an unsatisfied Neucopia user

An MLM scheme at the end of the day, is only a system which doesn’t mean good or bad because it’s just like any other system which is but only a mere tool for people to manipulate.

However due to the difficulty in selling, the overpriced products, the lack of support, the pirated contents as well as the fact that it is an MLM pyramid scheme, Neucopia is indeed a SCAM and receives a rating of 20 out of 100.

If you’re looking for an original way to make a name for yourself and make money online by starting your own business for free, I would advise you to check out my #1 recommended program here instead.

Don’t be afraid to share your experiences regarding Neucopia though, I would very much like to know!



Your friend Riaz


Riaz 88kb

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  1. I’ve always known Neucopia to be a scam, it’s an obvious MLM if you have to pay to join and refer people right? Ridiculous, thanks for exposing this evil secret my friend.

  2. Neucopia looks pretty decent but it does sound fishy. Good thing I decided to read a review first and yours probably the most detailed review I have found Riaz! Thanks so much for saving my money

    • Your welcome, Kristine. I too was scammed countless times before which is why I’m helping out everyone out there by exposing these scammers’ secrets. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. I thought as much, Neucopia was on the border of good and evil when I first had a look at it. Such a thought cannot be good so I decided to search for it online and that lead me to this review of yours. Nicely done, riaz. I can;t resist dropping you a comment.

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