What is a PLR?

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If you’re into the internet marketing world, you should probably be used to some common words like SEO, solo ads and of course, PLR.

In the internet marketing world, there are tons of techniques people use to get recognized.

Some are good legit techniques and some… not so good but arguable like the use of PLR.

PLR stands for Private Label Rights which means that the permission is already given to you beforehand on the use of certain products.

Still don’t understand?

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Why people use PLR

As simple as internet marketing is, some processes take up a lot of work such as the creation of an eBook.

Have you noticed that when visiting certain websites, there are certain eBooks given for free?

Well that my friend, is also a marketing trick whereby the website owner is trying to get your email in a legitimate way which is by giving you what you want.

But creating an eBook takes up a lot of time, some take weeks and others take months.

So how do you cut your work short then?

By using PLR of course!

Believe it or not, you can actually get PLR for free and certain quality ones for a fixed price.

All you need to do next is just change the title and put the author name as yourself and voilà!

You have an eBook of your own which you can proudly show to everyone.

But then, how legitimate is PLR?

Doubts about the use of PLR

When you want to make money fast, you’ll do anything you think that can help speed up the money making process including cheating.

I used to use PLR eBooks myself but after a while, I took it down out of moral ethics and respect to the industry.

As easy as it is to cut your work short, sometimes that doesn’t mean we can take that easy lift up.

Sometimes, we need to use the stairs to reach glory.

That thought came up to me after I slowly began to realize that if I were to succeed in life, I wouldn’t want people to know that I cheat to success.

There will always be a hollow doubt in me whenever people praise of my work because that’s just it – that eBook wasn’t my work at all.

Sooner or later someone will find out and even if they don’t you want people to know that you’ve gone through a lot of hardship in order to reach success.

Will there be issues when using PLR?

Bear in mind that PLR is not just restricted to eBooks.

It can be whatever things that has been done earlier by someone else and can be re-used again in other words – duplicated materials.

Another famous use of PLR apart from eBook creation is content writing.

Every blogger knows that maintaining a steady flow of content for blogs is amazingly hard.

Because of that, people are finding other ways to get easy access to blog contents so that they can post consistently without spending hours writing blog post every day.

By using PLR blog content, you may not have a good ranking in Google as everyone else is doing the same thing as you – copying exactly.

Conclusion on the PLR usage

It’s not wrong using PLR but it’s certainly is unethical for business.

If you still want to use PLR, I would suggest re-writing certain parts to make the content unique at the very least in order to make it look different and original.

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Riaz 88kb

2 comments to “What is a PLR?”
  1. Awesome article, Riaz.

    I’ve come across PLR for many years and although it’s very tempting to use it, like you say I would feel as though I would be kinda cheating my way to success.

    You’re right! The only way for real online success is to work hard and at least we can say we’ve achieved something amazing that we can call our own.

    After setting up my own website and publishing content, I’m now ready to start my own eBook and one day soon, be proud and ready to show it to the world as “my own” work instead of somebody else’s.


    • Thank you Neil. It’s true when we take the long but clean stairs to victory, it will make us feel much better knowing that achieving success was due to our own efforts rather than outsourcing. Thanks for dropping by!

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