My Lead System Pro is a Scam!

My Lead System Pro home pageProduct Name: My Lead System Pro


Type of business: MLM/ Online business

Price: $149.97/ month or $1499.97/ year

Owners: Norbert Orlewicz (President & Cofounder) Todd Schlomer (CEO) and Brian Fanale (Cofounder)

Overall Rank: 55 out of 100

My Lead System Pro (MLSP) is one of the rising MLM companies in the internet, very much like Empower Network and Pure Leverage.

Of all the MLM companies that I have encountered, My Lead System Pro is perhaps the softest one yet as they don’t do aggressive marketing and does not bully people like how Empower Network members does.

Still, every system has a flaw so do read the rest of my review below to know the full story…

[Update]: This page a has been edited a few times as I was ordered a takedown notice which is why some contents seem rather short and without elobaoration, without logo


Pros and Cons


  • You can get motivated as MLM companies often motivate each other to sell more
  • My Lead System Pro’s MLM scheme is better than Empower Network and they have better reputation.
  • The community are nice and doesn’t bully people, even if they don’t want to join (Unlike Empower Network who sends threatening emails if you want to leave or say bad things about it)


  • The program is overpriced (Typical MLM tactic)
  • The programs cost a LOT of money to implement which they never tell you beforehand
  • A lot of complaints by users.
  • Their website service is outdated and doesn’t have proper SEO
  • You will LOSE focus because there are so many products to choose from and little direction for you to get started.


What is My Lead System Pro All About?

My Lead System Pro Logo

Although it termed itself as an “Attraction Marketing” company, My Lead System Pro is still under the MLM category as you need to convince people to join in order to make money.

There are a wide array of products for you to sell but the main form of business however, is STILL to refer people to join which means that those products are only but a mask to a much greater intention.

As you can see from the website URL, it’s “” instead of “” and this is because initially, the product is called MLM System Pro.

However seeing that more and more people are standing up for their rights and starting to go against the MLM scheme, My Lead System Pro decided to remove the “MLM” name in hopes of getting more people to join.

However so, website domains are always permanent and cannot be changed so although they changed the MLM name, the website still bear witness.

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My Lead System Pro Compensation Plan

My Lead System Pro Referral Points

There are 4 levels in My Lead System Pro which are the Academy level, Gold level, Platinum level, and Mastery level.

However if you join MLSP at the Academy level you will only be paid a 30% commission off of everything you sell with My Lead System Pro compared to the higher levels.

[Update]: I’ve been ordered to take down this page a few times which is why some content may be missing as I had to remove them. To make it short, there are about 7 leadership levels altogether and as a norm in the MLM industry, those are ladders in which you need to refer a certain number of prospects to join in order to rise through the steps. The higher your leadership level, the better your perks.


Does this program offer you support?

This part is the one thing that My Lead System Pro is good at.

As an MLM company, the main focus is of course to generate leads by referring people.

In other words, it’s a people game which means that the community helps each other and gives inspiration to work harder as the MLM industry is a tough one and a lot of people can get demotivated by constant rejections.

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Pricing Strategy

Before you get surprised, let me tell you beforehand that it’s a typical MLM tactic to overprice their products for something that doesn’t even cost more than $20.

Here’s an overview of their packages:

  • My Lead System Pro Academy – Starts with $2 for a 3-day trial and afterwards, it will start charging its normal price of $19.97 per month.
  • My Lead System Pro Gold – 2 week trial for $9.95 and afterwards, $49.97 a month.
  • My Lead System Pro Platinum – $99 a month
  • My Lead System Pro Mastery – $149 every month.

So overall, the pricing for My Lead System Pro starts at $149.97 per month for the basic level, or $1499.97 PER YEAR.

There are tools that you get to help you create a Facebook fan page, build websites and hosting however I don’t believe it should charge that much because there are always options to build your websites for free.


Comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and My Lead System Pro

Another program which I have reviewed also focuses on helping you make money online and that is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Instead of teaching you how to make money by referring people the MLM way, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you make money the safest way possible online, which is by building a website and monetizing it.

Here’s an overview in a nutshell:




My Lead System Pro complaint

A complaint made by an unsatisfied MLSP user

MLM isn’t wrong to do and it’s true, there are many people who actually succeeds and earning money online.

But it’s NOT an easy industry as you need to have thick skin in order to make it work because not everyone can make money through MLM as the price is high, pressure is high, and the rejection and opt-out rate is also high.

Therefore My Lead System Pro is a SCAM and receives a rating of 55 out of 100.

If you’re interested in finding a proper, more ethical way for starting a viable business online, do check out my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Also, feel free to share your experiences below as I would very much like to hear them out !



Riaz 88kb

6 comments to “My Lead System Pro is a Scam!”
  1. I have been jiffed by followers of mlsp , called empower network so that makes the good people in mlsp look bad,
    stay away from them empower network losers also hidemyass and referralfrenzy ripped me off too.
    internet is full of crooks

    • Both MLSP and Empower Network are bad news though, I’m sorry to hear that. I too was tricked by them when I first started internet marketing back then. Thanks for sharing your feedback!

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