What is the Difference Between a Domain and a Website

For the average Joe and for customers, we often see everything on the internet as websites.

We never bothered to even think about what is going on behind websites because the thought of it is scary.

What we didn’t know is that behind a website, there are tons of things that needs explaining and one of the common questions we often get is “What is the difference between a Domain and a Website?”

To understand that, let’s take a look at our cute drawing below:

My drawing of what a website comprises ofAs you can see, a website comprises of 3 things which are a Domain, a Web Host and a CMS.

So we can understand now that a Domain IS a part of a website, but what is it actually?

Simple, it’s JUST a name!

People can get really confused about this so do bear in mind, Domain just stands for the name of the website, nothing more nothing less.

You can have many websites but what makes people remember your website is your domain.

For example, ILikeToEat.com, MyInternetQuest.com, or even IHaveACrushOnHer.UK.

But as simple as it seems, acquiring a Domain does not just come down to naming, you actually have to get it registered from Domain Providers like Namecheap and GoDaddy.

Personally, I would recommend Namecheap as they don’t have excessive upsells compared to GoDaddy.

So in overall, Domain is just a name of your website.

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