What is Killer Content System About? –Here’s My Take.

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Name: Killer Content System

Website: www.killercontent.com

Type of Business: Website business/ PLR

Price: $47 ($37 with special discount), $97 platinum upsell, $297 Gold upsell

Owners: Socrates Socratous (Not sure if that’s his real name but I have to admit, it did make me look twice)

Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 ⭐

Don’t you just hate it when you watch videos on YouTube and there always seems to be a nutcase or two that start promoting their links?

I also experienced that and decided to check out one of the programs that they were promoting and it’s called Killer Content.

Before even joining, I already knew that it is a scam due to the promise of making a huge income with little effort because in this world, you have to work hard in order to earn big.

Money doesn’t come to you, you have to chase after it.

And you certainly wouldn’t get back huge amounts overnight, that takes time at least after a few weeks of setting up your business.

So after trying, I decided to make a review out of this Killer Content System so do continue reading if you’re curious about what this program is all about.


Pros and Cons

Socrates Suckrotous


  • The video is pretty decent because even though Socrates makes huge claims like making huge money overnight, he doesn’t show expensive diamond rings of Ferraris which other scams would normally do such as Empower Network.
  • The member’s area looks nice.
  • Socrates Socratous is a pretty cool name.


  • “You’ll be making huge income with very little effort” is a huge claim to make in order to get innocent people desperate for money attracted to join which I believe is pretty unethical because hard work pays off. Sure you can make thousands of dollars in a few weeks but there is no such thing as making them on your first day.
  • The program mainly focuses on the use of PLR. If you don’t know what that is, it’s promoting products that other people have made, as your own. (Again, unethical)
  • Not only that, the PLR Socrates recommends is of cheap quality.
  • Lack of direction on what you are supposed to do, especially on how you should use the PLR content that he “recommends”.
  • zero customer support.
  • No free trial.
  • No community whatsoever, leaving you all alone when you join. This is pretty bad because you need a community to get help or advice, especially when you’re stuck.
  • Due to the lack of direction, it is pretty confusing to navigate around the member’s area as everything seems to be everywhere.
  • Even after you joined, they will try to upsell you more offers saying that it’s a one-time offer.
  • The techniques may be effective 5 years ago, but cheap tricks like this won’t work with your website especially now that Google has updated its systems.

Golly, that’s a lot of Cons! Gotta check out my #1 recommended program here instead!


What is Killer Content All about?

Killer content System members area

So you might be wondering, what is it that I’m supposed to do? Or how will I be earning in Killer Content?

Well, Killer content is a website business whereby you will be taught how to earn money from your website, simple as that.

Websites are the most legitimate method or medium to make money online because it is your signature of hard work…except that it won’t be due to hard work when it comes to Killer Content.

This is because Killer Content will teach you how to cheat your way to success by cheating everything about the website – from the articles and blog posts, right down to the products that you will be offering.

This means that you only need to set up your site and simply use the ready-made templates that Socrates copied to copy it again on your website.

Not much of a problem if you are the only website doing this but because there are thousands of other people joining Killer Content and also copying and pasting stuff on their website, wouldn’t you believe that all the websites will look the same?

The only thing that will make your website different than all the other Killer Content members would not be the blog posts or articles, but the domain name.


Is Quantity Better Than Quality?

Sure having loads of websites may be great but what good are they if nobody can find them on Google search?

My definition of a successful website is one that you put your heart and soul into and getting rewarded based on your hard work because once you managed to get on the first page of Google, it will stay there for a very long time hence the unlimited number of traffic (Visitors) coming to your site.

When you have traffic, then that’s when your website will start to make money because a huge percentage of those visitors will become buyers.

Did you know that 61% of US internet users actually do purchases from blogs?

The World is starting to turn to the internet and it is best to grab that market, build a proper website of your own and monetizing it according to what people like.


Tools and Training

Like any other home business products, Killer Content also has tools and pieces of training of their own.

I kind of like the titles for the training though, they are pretty eye-catching:

  • How to get 3345 subscribers with less than two hours of work.
  • How to build a list on eBay for free and make money at the same time.
  • How to make 68% more money with reselling rights on your products.
  • Quick and Simple Ways to increase the profitability of any PLR package
  • How to turn information products into high quality, multimedia CDs
  • How to get paid big bucks while building a big list
  • How to double your optin list conversion rate
  • How to find workable niches
  • Outsourcing secrets: how to double your income and triple your time off.
  • How to generate 30,000 targeted keywords in less than three hours.

And here are the tools:

  • Site manager – To manage the tons of cheap copied websites you’ll be making.
  • Ready-made articles for you to copy and paste – Very unethical as it is not your work to begin with.
  • Money Makers – Fancy name for banners.
  • Auto-Publishers – To automatically publish your blog posts (This will hurt your website’s SEO rating in the long run).
  • Report Generator & lots of PLR eBooks.


Does it Offer Quality Support?

complaint by a user of Killer Content

Killer Content has terrible customer support especially when it comes to money (They won’t return my refund) which for me is a very huge sign of a scam.

Not only that, they don’t even have a community for you to mingle around or ask for advice which will really leave you on your own, especially when you’re stuck.

I wanted to ask for a refund but after sending countless emails and none of them receiving any replies, I was thinking of maybe finding other members and ask if they have similar experiences but that is to no avail because there isn’t any community to join.

In the end I read lots of reviews instead and found out that many other users couldn’t get their refunds as well.

Want a Program With an Active Community Which You Could Learn and Get Help Easily? Find Out More Here!


Pricing Strategy

I really hate programs that keep changing their price based on people’s actions because it’s not fair for everyone.

Discounts on holiday seasons are okay, but discounts because people are leaving is not acceptable.

When you click on the introductory video you will be told one price but by the time you are ready to actually sign up or click away, that price will have dropped from $47 to $37.

How would you feel if you buy this product for $47 but your friend got it for $37?

Although it’s just a10 bucks’ difference, it is unfair for all the other buyers.

How would you feel if you ask them why are they charging you higher and they reply “Because your friend is about to click away”?

Again, it’s totally unethical and sadly there are a lot of other scams doing this tactic as well.

Apart from the $47 price, you will also be bombarded with one time offers (OTO) for Platinum ($97) and Gold ($297) which is totally a waste of money that you should ignore.

However, the $47 base price isn’t actually the full price.

There are hidden costs that you have to fork out like hiring freelancers and domain that Killer Content didn’t tell you in the beginning.


Killer Content System Alternative.

If you’re looking for a platform that helps you make money off content, then I have just the thing for you.

Wealthy Affiliate Home Page 2

Introducing Wealthy Affiliate.

It is an Online Business platform that guides you to make money online by creating a website of your own, producing amazing content that ranks, and from there, monetizing through Affiliate Marketing.

It is also the top-rated program out of countless hundred reviews I’ve written and up till today, they still stand strong and for good reason too.

The program works through the only legitimate way that Google approves which is by creating an authority website as it builds trusts and it follows the SEO guideline which search engines are looking for.

And in a business model such as that, you have no way of going wrong since it’s passive which means that for however long your website ranks, all those traffic from all search engines will continuously click on your site.

killer content system google search results

One good example is this very website that you’re reading.

If you’ve come across this review, chances are, you might have come across it while Googling it as it’s already ranked on the first page.

It shows that it works and it has been on the first page for years now since I last created this article.

When it comes to power content creation strategies, there’s no better platform that I would recommend.

If you want to build a fully functioning Online Business of your own, it’s best to do it the right way with the right tools and features with the right people backing you up.

I created a wee table to help give you a better view of the two programs…




I have to admit, you can actually make money with Killer Content.

However due to the cheap quality of PLR used, the unethical approach of using cheap ready-made articles for your websites, and the recent Google update which blocks even more websites that are operating unethically, Killer Content is indeed a scam and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

If you’re interested in making money online the honest way, I would highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommended program here instead.

Thanks for reading, and please do share your experiences as every bit of information helps us avoid scams together.


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