The Cheapest and Most Effective Way to Get Traffic to Your Website

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There are many ways to get traffic to your website.

You can choose to do that by buying cheap bulk clicks (NEVER work), by buying high quality buyer clicks (VERY expensive), OR you can do it the old fashioned way – blogging.

Many internet marketers will do anything to get their hands on traffic EXCEPT blogging.

Why you ask?

Because they’re lazy that’s why. But I don’t blame them because as a student, I have to juggle time between exams, studies, work AND family so I totally understand that.

But Riaz, I’ve been blogging for ages but I don’t get visitors…

That’s because you’re blogging it the wrong way.

So how do you blog then?

Simple, by answering hot questions. When people are desperate, they will go through hell just to find an answer so take advantage to that, but do so ethically.

Help them out by answering questions in a specific way and trust me, they will appreciate you and will even be prompted to check out who you are. For example, instead of blogging about “How to lose weight”, blog about “How to lose 3kg worth of body fat in 1 week”.

That way, you not only set yourself apart from other websites who are writing about the same topic, you will also rise up in Google ranks faster.

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