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With all that pressure the society put on us today, everyone needs some personal growth to help us get through the day.

You have pressure from your family, pressure from your friends, and even pressure from work and you just don’t feel strong enough to get through all that.

A lot of people want personal growth but have no idea on how to achieve it, so here’s some great ideas that I personally use and so should you:

1) Start traveling and learn different cultures

Believe it or not, not many people actually travel although we often see that many people actually does on TV.

One of the most common reasons is money but you don’t actually need that to travel though, because you can just travel within your own country and bring food and drinks from home.

Just try and do what you can to get that opportunity to travel at least once in your lifetime because this will really teach you about life.

When you learn different cultures, you learn to appreciate yourself more as you learn that not everyone is as fortunate as we are.

Apart from that, you’ll also learn to be independent as when travelling, you have to fend everything for yourself and learn how to budget everything by yourself as well.

2) Make friends with smart and successful people

As hard it I to believe, sometimes we have to accept the fact that our friends are not a good influence when you are trying to achieve success.

Have you ever heard of the saying that “If you want to be successful, follow in the path of someone who’s already been there”?

That is actually true because in your quest to achieve success, you often surpass those of what your friends know.

For example, after school you and your friends go on separate paths to learn different courses.

Your friend learns medicine but you decided to take up architecture.

Sure your friend is equally as great but he has no knowledge that you could use or learn from in terms of making big buildings.

So you then decided to go to an architecture networking event and learn from the best of the best which then helps you see a clearer path on how to achieve your goals.

Moral of the story is that when trying to achieve something, find people who are already doing it so you can learn from them achieve better results and improve yourself.

3) Find a daily hobby to hone your skills

Consistency is always key to success but it is very hard to achieve if you have never tried before.

Find yourself at least 15 minutes to half an hour a day to practice something that you could do every day such as reading a book or playing a violin.

This is because according to research (my psychology teacher), doing something consistently will help train your will and develop an open mind for your personal growth.

You will learn responsibility and you will also achieve something on your free time so you are not wasting it on doing nothing.

I personally like to read, play guitar or occasionally write my blog because this helps keep me focused no matter how troubled I am.

Try setting up a record, you’d be surprised as to how rewarding it can be!



Personal growth is something that many people are trying to achieve because of the need to succeed.

The World today is not an easy place to live in especially when the number of people are increasing rapidly, technology advancing further and living costs are at an all-time high.

Therefore learning to push our limits and grow our potential is imperative in order for us to get through today’s challenges as a better person.

For more information on personal development for business, check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Also, feel free to share any personal ideas you have on personal growth as I’d be more than happy to hear them out.

Riaz 88kb

2 comments to “Personal Growth Ideas”
  1. Great post Riaz! Couldn’t agree more with you about consistency being the key to success. I have found that your suggestion to take even just 15 minutes of time ‘for yourself’ each day to unwind or do some productive hobby is actually really important, or else you end up getting burnt out (well, I do, anyway!)

    • Thanks Jolie!Consistency may sound easy but it’s actually hard to maintain but very rewarding. And its true that sometimes the best way to improve yourself is by taking a bit of your time to focus on relaxing 😉 . Thanks for dropping by!

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