Is SEO Hard? The Most Common Question Finally Answered!

One of the most common questions we often ask ourselves when it comes to SEO is…Is it hard?

The steps for a good SEO is actually very simple because there is not much steps to it but what makes people think that it’s hard is because you need to be consistent which doesn’t go well with lazy people.

So let’s have a look at the overview of SEO to see if it suits you too…


What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is just simply a practice that you can do in order to get your web page on the first page of Google.

If you see websites which are on the first page of Google, you know that they have got great SEO.

They have great amounts of views, awesome visitor interaction and of course, marvelous content which makes no surprise as to why they managed to hit that spot in in the first place.

If you’re wondering as to why your website isn’t ranking well, try to compare yours with theirs, do you see why your website isn’t ranking well?


Is SEO Important? – Reasons Why You Should Invest More Time.

It’s the same as asking yourself, “Do I want people to come to my website without me promoting it and waste tons money?”

SEO is by far the most important aspect of a successful website because when done right, your website can get loads of traffic without spending any money but let me just show you these few points of power to help you come to your senses:

  • SEO will get you on the first page of Google where all the traffic is.
  • Your website will also have a successful image because people know how that getting your site on Google’s first page is no small feat.
  • You grab MORE traffic than your competitors. Or better yet, you steal traffic from your competitors who want to look for that website but ended up in yours instead!
  • You save and make MORE money because people will come to your site without you needed to do promotions and spend hundreds on ads.
  • Because it works! A lot of people make claims that it doesn’t work anymore but in truth it works even better after the Google update which gives you all the more reason to go for it.


Can you do SEO yourself? – A Definitive Guide to Victory.

Of course you can!

Here’s proof…

does anyone use google plus search rankings

Google search results of “Does anyone use Google +”

As you can see, I managed to get my website on the first page of Google myself and I’m not an IT guy at that – I’m only a hotel student!

You can do it too! Here’s some steps that I personally use and so should you…

1) Keywords Research – Study What People are Typing

Keywords are words that people type in the Google search bar so judging from that, you know how important this is!

Imagine having the ability to know how to find out what people are searching for every day, that would mean you would have the ability to make money like crazy if you used the information correctly – You can literally find out what they’re thinking!

But would you believe that there IS a tool for that today that not many people realize?

It’s called a Keyword Planner and there are several notable ones today but one that I highly recommend due to its accuracy and efficiency, is Jaaxy.

Take a look what I mean below…

How to make an ice cream Jaaxy search

Here’s a random keyword search that I did on “How to make ice cream” but judging from the results, I not only managed to find out how many searches and competition I will be facing, but ALSO another choice of keywords in the similar niche!

Instead of “How to make ice cream” which has 238 competitors (Known as QSR which stands for Quoted Search Results), I could use “How to make ice cream at home” which has a much lower competition of only 8 websites!

That means, JUST by adding 2 words to my chosen keywords, I’ve managed to eliminate 230 competitors!

How cool is that?

Have a go at a keyword that you are dying to find out here…

2) Content is King – Consistency is Key

Now that you have a keyword, you can actually do anything with it – You can write titles, Make a website name out of it (You’ll get tons of traffic!), or even use it in your own marketing campaigns at work or school like how I did!

But the most effective way of use in order to give your website awesome SEO is to write contents about that particular keyword because remember, that is what people are searching for from Google.

So if you help them out by giving them a solution, they will appreciate the help and drop by your website from time to time to check out more things that you offer.

Bear in mind as to always update your website at least once a week because if Google do not see any activity from it, your ranking will reduce.

It is kind of like a usual shop where if you don’t see any news or new stocks, you would think that it is not worth your time going.

 3) Catchy Titles to Catch the Unwary

Have you ever walked in a wine store and see loads of wine bottles but don’t know which one to choose?

Of all the Châteaus and valleys you see while skimming the brands, you suddenly come across this brand – Blue Hippo Vineyard.

Will you stop to look at it once again?

Similarly, the use of titles is to catch the attention of unwary readers and the best ones are aimed at making readers look twice because when they do, you KNOW that you’ve got their attention!

So if your keyword is “How to Make Ice Cream”, then add a catchy title to compliment that like “Your Ice Cream Will Never Melt Again!” because that can get readers to click on your link.

Playing with titles are fun, you just got to think of random words that will definitely catch you off guard!


Be in the Know – Learn How to Respond to Google Before They Even Act!

One thing you have to know about websites is that they are all subjected to Google’s whim.

Because we are all depending on Google’s search engines, websites will have various effects especially on SEO whenever Google decides to update every now and then.

Because of that, independent website owners join an online community where they pool in and share useful ideas which can help us for the better.

You can do it too!

The best Internet Marketing Community that I would highly recommend you to join is Wealthy Affiliate because it has over 50,000 members and it is certainly NOT those Facebook groups which spams each other (I wouldn’t recommend joining Facebook groups).

I have been a member there myself for close to a year and will continue being there for years to come (Create your $0 starter account and join me here).

The online classroom is ever-updating to help keep your website updated but learning can get a bit boring so sometimes, I like to have a healthy competition with one of the members…

Quicksprout review first page

Here’s a picture of me competing with one of the Wealthy Affiliate members called Jay and as you can see, He just beat me by getting first position. (Darn you Jay!)

But the main point is that you WANT to keep your website on the first page of Google because once you achieve that, traffic (Website visitors) will come to your website non-stop.



Getting great SEO results is easy and that anyone can do it without prior knowledge.

As long as you learn to research your keywords properly, write awesome content and finish it up with an eye-catching title, you’ll be sure to get visitors coming to your website even when you’re sleeping!

If you’re interested in learning more about scoring awesome SEO results for your website, check out my #1 recommended program here.

Do share your thoughts and experience as I’ll be more than happy to reply 🙂


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