Is Jogging Good For You?

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Jogging is not as bad and tiring as it seems because once tried, you’ll unlock some hidden attributes that even you didn’t know you have.

This blog post is going to be completely different than what I usually write because instead of writing about internet marketing, I’m to share with you something completely out of topic.

So I started picking up jogging a while ago (to get someone’s attention) and to my surprise, I began to feel different compared to when I never jogged at all.

So here’s 3 things that you’ll feel if you start picking up jogging:

1)   More stamina

Believe me when I say, you’ll really feel like a superhero!

The first thing you’ll start to realize after picking up jogging is that you’ll gain more stamina, much like when you’re playing video games.

Before jogging, I couldn’t even go up 2 flights of stairs without sweating but now, I can go up and down without even feeling tired!

It’s amazing and all these while joggers are hiding these secrets from us.

Now we can save money by walking instead of driving to the nearest store like the lazy person that we are!

2)    Your heart will go on

With all the wide arrays of food to choose from today, it doesn’t matter if it’s healthy or not because most of us simply buy the delicious ones to eat!

And when it’s time for us to reduce all those unhealthy food, we simply find another alternative to eat more – it’s human nature, we love to eat.

And sooner or later, one of us are going to have a heart attack or stroke and what is the best way to prevent that?

By jogging of course!

When we jog, our heart pumps blood constantly which is very healthy because that reduces the risk of heart attack.

My father was recently admitted to the hospital for a few months and after he’s discharged, the doctor told him to start jogging to keep his heart healthy and shield it from another possible heart attack.

The moment I heard that, it became clear to my mind that I need to jog too and so must you.

3)   Improved sleeping

Have you ever had those days that you just want to go to sleep but can’t?

Sleep deprivation or insomnia is very troublesome for us, especially when we have an important occasion the next morning like a meeting.

But after jogging, your body became attuned and it uses the extra energy that has been keeping you awake all those nights which can only mean one thing – better sleep!

Not only that, you will also wake up feeling more energized EVEN if you have only 5 hours’ worth of sleep!

So instead of taking sleeping pills next time, you know what you have to do!



There’s more than enough reasons telling us that we NEED to start jogging because let’s face it- it’s human nature.

Sure we can ought for other alternatives than jogging, but if we can afford that natural and free way to keep ourselves healthy that our ancestors have been doing ages before us, we shouldn’t we?

If you have other experiences when jogging do let me know below! I’ll be more than happy to reply.


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