5 Cool Google Tricks you Didn’t Know

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Almost everybody with an internet line knows Google.

But not many actually knows that Google has other cool hidden features that are very much hidden.

Maybe it’s just Google’s way of having fun with the users but nevertheless, it’s quite fun to know these cool tricks of theirs:

1)   The Atari Breakout game

atari breakout

Google has a hidden game that you can play through the search engine.

From the Google search bar, just go to images and type in “Atari Breakout” and you’ll get a cool surprise where the images turn to a game and the best part – you can actually get a high score and share on your Google+!

high score atari breakout

Yes, I suck at these games

What a way to spend time when you’re at work eh?


2)   Google buys several companies a month

list og companies bought by Google

Usually on the news we often hear companies buying over one another once in a blue moon.

And usually, a normal company would only by one or two companies and that’s it.

But Google is NOT a normal company and everyone knows how much money they’re making so instead of buying a few companies a year, they buy over several companies EVERY month!

This is only the first week of August and yet Google has already bought over Emu and Directr would you believe that?

Source: List of mergers and acquisitions by Google


3)   Google Mars

Google mars

Have you ever wondered if Mars were real?

Google has a lot of satellites, one of them dedicated to studying mars and you can actually see it too by going to Google Mars (Yup, they actually created a whole website for it).

You can see a map of Mars, how cool is that!


4)   Google Weddings

google wedding

Google is delving into almost every business you can think of, from websites to technology to weddings!

Yes you heard it right!

Google is a wedding planner and you can go to Google.com/weddings to plan everything you need there such as your wedding website, your location and venue, even announcements through Google Hangouts!


5)   Google Sky

google sky

Have you ever wanted to own a powerful telescope and gaze at the stars and planets?

Why not stargaze through Google!

Sure it’s not romantic and there’s no ambiance compared to looking through your own telescope on top of the roof, but through Google Sky, you can see the exact same view as what NASA is using.

It’s high quality and you can access it through a click of button by going to Google Sky.



Google is by far the biggest and most well-known search engine provider in the World.

Because of that, it is capable of doing all sorts of things online which also means that there has never been a better time for entrepreneurs to take advantage of this wave for business.

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  1. Marvelous review Riaz! what a webpage it is! I love how informative you tend to be when making reviews and plus, all your other tips are just simply fabulous. Bookmarked your site and will drop by every week to check out your site !

  2. Riaz…one word…AMAZING!!!! This was great, I love Google so much and learning all these cool new tricks is even more awesome! I’ve played around with a few of these but the Google weddings and google Atari game blew me away! Never even knew they existed. Here’s another one you can add to your list. If you type “google” in to the search engine backwards like this “elgoog” it will bring up a google web page written completely backwards pretty fun to look at. Great job!

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