How Videos Affect Conversion Optimization

Picture of a man in a video receiving 2 million views

When you’re in the internet marketing field, you would ALWAYS want a high conversion rate.

Reason being?

Because the more people buy, the more money you get.

So as internet marketers, we constantly look for ways to increase our conversion rates.

But how do we do that?

Well, there’s a LOT of ways actually but one of the most effective ones is by doing a video.

Videos are important for increasing click through rates and conversions because people are more inclined towards visual things compared to texts.

So why do people trust videos more?

1-    Because it conveys a very high percentage of trust compared to mere plain texts.

2-    People know how hard it is to make a video, even if it’s just 1 minute long so they are naturally inclined to give their attention.

3-    There are a lot of scams online so taking the effort to show your face even if it’s a crappy video shows honesty.

For example, when you Goggle something like oh I don’t know, “How to cook a pasta?” you will realize that there will be a few YouTube videos popping out as well.

screenshot of how to cook a pasta result in Google search

And I can bet on my new TV that your eyes will go to the video part first before reading the rest of the Google search results.

In fact, visitors will also be 64% more inclined to buy something that you have to offer when there’s a video of it.

Did you know that Crazy Egg received an increase of $21,000 per month after implementing their video explanation?

So if you’re ever about to give up hope on ever increasing your customer conversion rate for your product, don’t.

Instead, give it one more shot with all your energy focused on one awesome video.

Besides, not only will it be effective, but making a video is actually quite fun!

When I first made mine, I couldn’t stop rewinding that video of myself for weeks!

And hey, if you wanna leave, why not leave with a bang?

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