3 Ways to Increase Website Traffic Audience

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The most crucial thing when it comes to having a successful website is getting people to visit your blog.

But how do you do that?

Well, there are countless of ways on how to make a website filled with traffic but I’ll start with the 3 most important for today:

1)   NEVER use a subdomain

What are subdomains you ask?

It’s those free domains that you get but with a certain name attached before the “.com”.

For example, “Johnny.blogspot.com” or “Nancy.siterubix.com”.

So why is it so important that you can’t use those?

That’s because when your website domain is attached to another domain, it is considered an extension so you WON’T get the full potential as what you are supposed to get.

Don’t worry though, you still get an audience but only a 50% of it.

Loving your website too much to make another?

Worry not because you can always move your contents to another.

Contact your service provider and they’d be happy to help but bear in mind there are costs for that.

2)  Loving controversies

Now there’s a borderline to this – don’t go further than you should.

Controversies are great as it attracts thousands of people to talk so tap into that by involving yourself in the topic.

If you see a stout leader giving a comment, then write about how you DON’T agree about that.

You could even do so on different topics such as games.

For example, gamers are looking forward for the remake of Final Fantasy VII which is a famous turn-based Japanese game (Seriously, you should try it. It will rock your world)

But if someone were to be brave enough to open up a topic about why this game should NOT be remade, wouldn’t that just spicen things up?

And before you know it, you’ll get people curious enough to check out your blog.

But bear in mind to so with respect and professionalism though, otherwise you’re going to attract only haters.

3)  Sharing in Social Media

Believe it or not, being online and sharing often in Social Medias like Twitter or Tumblr would attract lots and lots of visitors.

This is because each time you post or share something, you get a different audience and people seeing you online at the same time as them would be happy to check you out.

However, for certain Social Medias like Facebook and Pinterest bear in mind that the culture is a bit different whereby you can only post a maximum of one or two posts per day tops.

There are many ways on how to attract people to your website but the key is to be creative, be engaging with them and always learn how to make the best of your website.

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  1. I’ve always wondered what a CMS is and i certainly have no idea what WordPress means too but this helped me clear some confusions that I have all these while. Create content nonetheless, and just to let you know, your website looks awesome Riaz!

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