How to Monetize a Blog the Right Way

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One of the greatest attractions as to why people create blogs is the part where you can earn money from it.

A lot people know how to blog, yes, but not many people actually know the proper way of monetizing.

Here’s 5 great ways on how to earn through your blog:

1)  Banner advertising

Remember those banner ads appearing on the left or right sidebar of a website?

Well that is actually a way for people to earn money.

See when someone clicks on it, you instantly get money from clicks but if people tend to click AND buy, well that’s a huge amount of cash you’ll be getting.

Some websites purposely make their banners porn-based because they know guys will click on that but personally that will make you look desperate as a porn banner doesn’t have anything to do with your blog does it?

Some sources that you could use are Google Adsense and Tribal Fusion.

2)  Affiliate Programs

Becoming an affiliate just basically means becoming a seller selling other people’s stuff to earn a share in commission.

You might want to ask, why not sell your own product?

Brilliant question my dear, but not everyone has a product that they want to sell and even if they do, they would still prefer being an affiliate because they don’t have to spend months perfecting their own product and tweaking the system.

Instead, you can leverage on other people’s product which they have tirelessly spent months probably a year or two just to create.

If we can get 70% commission on the products sold and save time just like that, why wouldn’t we?

If you have noticed, review websites make the most amount of money by being an affiliate as their reviews help convince people better.

3)  Create a membership site

Now this will only work if your website has been around for a while, enough to gain reputation.

You need testimonials, you need newspaper articles, and you need to have the image first before anyone would want to join your membership program.

Membership programs are basically a program that you can create which customers charge monthly in order to join, very much like that gym near your house.

It’s very lucrative because you are financially secure as every month money rolls in just like that.

If you charge $30 per month and a hundred people join, you get $3000 already (enough to quit your job).

And if you focus a bit more and drive traffic to your site, you can get a hundred people to join EVERY MONTH.

Just imagine how much money you can get from that!

Don’t you just hate how much money that gym down the road makes now?

4)  Selling your own product

The most important thing people want to find online is information.

You can sell tangible stuff on your site like a keyboard or a table but you’d have to go through a LOT of trouble to set it up.

You need to think of the shipping costs, the arrival and more.

But just imagine, how easy it is to sell information?

And the most common way people sell information, is through eBooks that they made.

Creating an eBook is fun and easy because it’s just like writing your usual blog posts but at a longer scale, probably about 60-70 pages long.

But when you have the reputation and the traffic, it doesn’t hurt putting that on your blog since it’s your own product.

We actually have a specific term that we call these people who sell information – an infopreneur.

So when you sell information, be proud of yourself as you are now an Infopreneur.

5)  Consultations

Have you ever heard of “In order to be successful, follow in the footsteps of someone who has already been there”?

When you have a reputation, people will start looking up to you even more.

And, more would want to follow in your footsteps.

Take advantage of this and charge a consultation fee by a per hour basis.

Bear in mind though, there is a limit as to how much you can make from this because you are trading time for money which is something we don’t have.

Which is probably why we also have the right to charge exorbitantly high.

But unless you are World renowned, I wouldn’t charge more than $2,000 per hour.

If you are World renowned however, you will have the right and confidence to charge even more than $10,000 per hour, very much like Peng Joon (Clickbank’s top seller) does.


There are many ways of which you can monetize your blog but without reputation, your blog wouldn’t convert much.

Therefore it is important to always update your blog to build trust and the money will come to you in no time.

For more information on monetizing your blog, check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.


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