5 Surprising Phrases All Successful People Avoid

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To become successful, having the proper mindset is of utmost importance.

Saying the wrong words might drive anyone into the hole of failure which is why you need to avoid saying them.

Here’s 5 phrases successful people never say that you need to follow:

1)   “Impossible”

Yup, the word that you probably heard most of your friends say and MOST probably yourself.

Believe it or not, words that you say can drive you into that very path because by right, nothing is impossible as long as there’s a will to guide it.

But if your will is already set on the impossible mode, you’ve closed all opportunities before they even open.

Avoid saying the word impossible because doing so will limit your capabilities.

And you know you don’t want that because you are destined to achieve great things.

2)   “I can do it alone”

No you can’t!

Whenever there’s a huge project that needs to be done, sometimes its human nature for us NOT to ask for help.

We like to think that we can achieve big things by ourselves but in truth, you can’t.

As humans, we are made with weaknesses and to overcome that, we need to let someone in.

Imagine the Petronas Twin Towers, The Big Ben, even the Eiffel Tower – Do you think that one man can do that?

Sure it’s possible but it would probably take a hundred years for just one man to finish something that would take a group of builders only a few years.

Even companies have staffs and the bigger the size, the more the workers.

Teamwork is key to efficiency.

3)   “My job, my idea”

This part also has something to do with teamwork.

Sometimes as a leader, it is often hard to accept the fact that others might have better ideas than us.

Because of this, most leaders won’t even give chances to their teammates to contribute ideas due to doubt.

But, sometimes a great leader is someone who’s willing to take the risk of giving the benefit of the doubt.

Sure you have more experience in your work but time changes and that new office boy might just know a thing or two to attract his own group of youngsters.

4)   “I can’t”

Similar to the word “impossible”, saying “can’t” also attracts negativity and that is something we don’t need in our lives.

By doing so, you will limit yourself to many possibilities which is why you need to avoid saying that if you can.

Instead of saying “I can’t”, try using more positive words such as “maybe” or “I’ll consider it” because you may never know when possibilities will arise.

As the owner of Virgin Airlines Richard Branson would say, “If you see an opportunity, say yes. You’ll find out the how later.”

5)   “I hate my life”

Life is never fair and it is true that some people are born with riches whereas some are born with no money at all.

Whatever your position in life or whichever colour is your skin, we are all humans and we all bleed the same colour.

Rich people may be privileged, but deep inside they are all lonely people having strict rules and regulations they need to follow in order to keep up their reputation.

So we should be thankful for the way we are because there are always others more unfortunate like the Palestinians who are under a war threat by the Israelis and the Indonesians who live very close to Cannibal forests.

You may not be born a castle, but you can choose to go through the journey of creating your own.

Successful people look for opportunities around every corner to get the upper hand and create a legacy of their own.


There are many negative words and phrases that we often say without realizing which little did we know, are the cause of our failures.

But if we learn to make negative situations into positive ones, we are giving chance for opportunities to arise.

Therefore a thought to bear in mind always, is to never say negative words and instead find positive words that always make you look confident.

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