How to Make Money on Blogs? – Learn How to Monetize Your Passion

Not many people can handle a blog because being a blogger means that you have to update your content often.

People are lazy (Including me sometimes) but if you are passionate about blogging, then I have more good news for you because your efforts can be paid off with money.

How would you feel being paid for doing things you love?

Blogging is the safest way to earn money online as you will be controlling your own website so that means how much you want to earn, depends on how much effort you want to put in your site.

Stay with me as I unveil to you on blog monetization…


Why Should You Have a Blog?

Did you know that small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads?

If you’re a blogger in doubt, keep holding on because if you keep fighting for your dreams, your blog will eventually make up for it.

If you’re a newbie interested in blogging, well I hope these benefits that I’m going to share will make you even more hyped up about blogging:

  • 81% of US consumers trust blogs enough to buy from them.
  • Blogs are everywhere today and because people trust them, 77% of internet users read blogs.
  • 61% of US consumers have made purchases from blogs!
  • Low starting cost because you can actually build a blog for free! (Read here if you want to know how to build a blog for free)


How to monetize your blog

Now we’re talking, I know you’ve been waiting for this moment for a long while.

It’s actually pretty simple to make money because as you post your blogs often, you will attract visitors.

And when you have visitors (Also known as traffic), you need just to turn those people into buyers!

And how do you that?

Here’s some methods that I personal use and so should you:

1) Affiliate Marketing

The safest way to monetize a website.

Affiliate Marketing is simply selling other people’s products on your site and getting a percentage of commissions from it.

It is safe because you are selling products that people love but do make sure that it is related to what your blog is about.

If you’re doing a dating blog, then your products that you are selling should be related like selling relationship books.

Or if your blog is about health, then you could sell various health books like reducing cholesterol or increasing metabolism.

So I know right now you must be thinking, how do I do Affiliate Marketing? (I get that question a lot)

Well good news for you because you don’t have to contact the owners!

Everything is automated so all you need to do is go to either or and choose any products you would like to promote.

And in terms of payment, you’ll get paid automatically whenever someone buys!

Clickbank is more to ebooks whereas sells just about anything from physical books to toys.

And speaking of ebooks…


2) Write your own ebook!

Its probably the most promising way to earn money because all the payment will go to yourself instead.

Writing an ebook yourself is a great way to get more sales because everyone will be really impressed that you wrote your own book and if they’ve been following you, they will surely buy to check it out and support you.

For example, if Ed Sheeran has a blog but he only sells random ebooks made by other people, you won’t feel inclined to buy unless it is really helpful and you need it.

But if he were to write a book himself with the “Written by Ed SHeeran” author name included, won’t you feel more likely to buy?

Even if the more doesn’t appeal to you, you will still buy because you support and admire him.

However writing an eBook takes time as you still need to do marketing, promotions and get testimonials to make it big so in other words, building your reputation takes a bit of time.

It IS doable however so I would recommend you to start with affiliate marketing first to earn some cash so in the meanwhile you can use your extra time to write your book and build your reputation.

Way to go time management!


3) Banner advertising

making money banner ad

Example of a banner ad

Ever seen ads on websites?

Those things that are usually located within the left or right (Sometimes both) sidebars of a website are called banner ads and believe it or not, you can actually make money from those ads.

There are more than one way on using those banner ads to your benefit:

  • CPM advertising – Advertisers will pay you whenever their banner is viewed (They will ask you permission to place their banner on your site of course)
  • PPC advertising – Stands for Pay per Click, it is similar to CPM just that it is more specific to the amount of clicks your website can provide.
  • Promote your own banner! – You can promote your own products that you’re promoting in the form of banners.

But do bear in mind though, that advertisers will only come to you if your website is already established and getting hundreds or thousands of visitors daily.



Writing a blog is fun, but what’s more fun is making money out of it.

It’s not impossible to start earning from a blog so as long as you keep writing consistently, affiliate marketing and banners will do just fine in converting your visitors into buyers in a jiffy!

If you’re interested in learning more about monetizing your blog, check out my #1 recommended program here.

Also do share your feedback below as I’ll be more than happy to reply!


Riaz 88kb

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2 comments to “How to Make Money on Blogs? – Learn How to Monetize Your Passion”
  1. Great article! I started in the “affiliate marketing” world about a year ago. I really struggled at first, but I finally found the motivation to take action, and it’s been super profitable for me.

    I honestly made good money offline, but needless to say I’m not working a 9-5 anymore. A friend of mine Mark Ling made a free webinar showing you exactly how to do it. It’s a seriously profitable business, you just have to have a good mentor. Mark now make’s 7 figures a month all online. (I’ll catch him eventually!) In the past six months I’ve made a little over $100,000.

    Good luck everyone, and once again great article Riaz!

    • Hey there mark! A lot of people do make money on blogs but there is still a huge percentage of them outside who don’t believe in making a living online. It’s good to know you achieved success, people like to follow those who’ve already been to where they’re going 😉 . Thanks for dropping by, cheers.

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