How to Get a ClickBank Refund? –For 2015!

How to Get a ClickBank Refund

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Tired of looking for ways to get your refund from ClickBank?

Almost all ClickBank products come with a 30-day money back guarantee (Some products even have a 60-day money back guarantee!) but when it comes to actually getting back your refund, they made it so difficult for you that you might even think that they are not honest in taking money out of their pockets.

With most ClickBank tutorials out there being outdated, I learned to discover the hidden trick to quickly getting your money back without you needing to go to

[Update] Clickbank has recently updated its system so I took up the initiative to do a newer guide on getting a refund from Clickbank for June 2015 here.


What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is an Internet Marketing platform for digital products such as ebooks and memberships.

It is the biggest affiliate marketing network and has been around for many many years. Vendors can add their products to the ClickBank marketplace whereas affiliates can look up for whatever products that interest them so that they can promote in exchange for a commission.

ClickBank has a huge reputation in the Internet Marketing world not to mention being highly established so because of that, you can bet on Zeus’s golden balls that they would not do anything to jeopardize their image.


How to Get a ClickBank Refund?

One thing about ClickBank that you might not know is that it has a surprisingly high refund rate from the vendors so because of that, the ClickBank team made it particularly difficult for anyone to get a refund in order to hide that flaw.

Still, it’s not impossible and you can still get your money back so here’s a quick video on that…

Alternatively, I’ve outlined the steps for you to read here…

 1) Check your email for the order number

You only need 2 things in order to get your refund on a particular ClickBank product and those are…

  • Your email
  • Your order number

To get the order number, you need to scour through email to look for the invoice that you first received when you first bought that particular ClickBank product of yours.

Here’s how the invoice will look like…

ClickBank Order Number

So from that picture, my ClickBank product would be Google Sniper 3.0 and my order number would be on the top right which is “Order # FLPQ8VEX”.

Once you have your order number, you need to…

2) Go to

Caution! That’s WITHOUT the ‘IC’!

This is a clever trick Clickbank uses to make the process of getting that refund even harder than it’s supposed to be.

I mean come on, all we want is to get our money back!

Once you typed in the URL, it will lead you straight to the back-end of and from there…

 3) Key in your email and order number in the “Order Look Up” section

email and order number in clickbank

The purpose of this is so that ClickBank can retrieve the product that you have paid for to make the rest of the refund steps easier.

 4) Click on “Get Support”

Click on get support

After retrieving the order, click on “Get Support” and that will bring you to another section.

I know what you mean, “Why would anyone click on Get Support??”

I was thinking the same thing!

ClickBank doesn’t want you to get a refund which is why they made this steps really difficult.

 5) Click on “More Options”

click on more options

After clicking on “Get Support”, you will be brought to the support ticket page and with a dropdown.

Don’t rush! If you click on that dropdown, you will notice that there are NO REFUND CHOICES! The closest to a refund there is the “I would like to cancel my subscription”.

Would you believe that even when you’re SO close, ClickBank still makes it even harder for you? Click on “more options” instead.

 6) Click on “Refund Request” and finish it up!

click on refund request

Who ever thought that requesting a refund will be located in “More Options”?

It took me half an hour of clicking to figure this out and I hope you managed to settle this faster than me.

Last but not least is to simply click on “Refund Request”, type whatever it is you want to say in that comment box and click submit and you’re done!

It will take about 2-3 working days for them to reply you.


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ClickBank sure makes it difficult for you to get a refund but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a refund.

Just be sure to scour your email for your previous ClickBank invoice, get that order number and the rest of the process will be smooth like butter.

If you’re interested in learning more on how to build your own online business, check out my #1 recommended program here.

Do share your thoughts below as I’ll be more than glad to reply you.


Riaz Shah

22 comments to “How to Get a ClickBank Refund? –For 2015!”
  1. I feel like with the amount of evidence I have at the moment, I could sue their company for neglegence.. But I’d rather solve this peacefully. If I go to Mcdonalds, order a big mac, and they give me some half eaten burger from the garbage, I would have the right to either get a new burger, my money back, or drag them to court right? Or am I wrong in thinking this? Im just so angry about this I cant help but feel the urge to do something about this.

    • Hey Renegade,
      I know exactly what you mean. I got tricked so many times that I built this blog to expose these scammers of their plot. It’s the only way for me to control my anger but if you’re up for it, you can definitely sue them.

      These people trick you into believing that you can make money overnight, but you don’t. Or even saying that you only pay once but bombard you with upsells the moment you paid. We can’t let these scammers run around in broad daylight. At least that’s what I think 😉

      So sorry for the super late reply, my system somehow isn’t informing me wheneverI have comments on my blog so I have to check them manually.

  2. I need help on this badly. I got scammed buying a false product through clickbank but I could not find the refund option so I entered the ticket as a tech request. I still have not recieved a single reply other than an automated mesage saying I would get an answer in 48 hours. Its been over a week. I’ve left comment after comment but to no avail. The automated mesage I recieved states I would be able to change the ticket into a refund request. But how?? the only option that there are to print out the receipt or access download. I’m being completely ignored by the scammers and by clickbank now as well. If you have any way to help me that would be great

      • But as soon as I look up the orders I get the tickets I already have. And should I close these, I will no longer be able to fill in another ticket (or so I’ve read). I feel like my hands are tied and Im in Angry panic mode about this every time it crosses my mind. They are still ignoring me completely and I get automated mesages about the lack of activity on my tickets. Leaving 25 seperate comments on my own ticket doesnt even get a response. I am afraid to take the risk of closing the ticket and kissing my money goodbye… I do not want to give up and I feel that 60 day dealine crawling near..

      • Hello,

        We have purchased a product through Clickbank and submitted for a refund, as the product didn’t meet the expectations and got no answer from them.
        This happened yesterday and normally, we should have an answer by now.
        Also, the vendor doesn’t answer either at our emails and i’m afraid we will not get refunded…
        We have put our last money from the month into this soft(120Eur) and now we are in red and in plus it’s not what it was supposed to be.
        I have also read all the bad reviews about Clickbank throughout the internet, as they have your credit card and they charged people more than once, without buying anything…
        Can you please help us and tell us what can be done?
        Thanks a lot!

        • Hey Gloria,
          I’m sorry to hear to hear of your troubles with ClickBank but as far as refunding goes, ClickBank is true to their words and have refunded all of my products. You first need to check if the product you bought has got a money-back guarantee or not. After that, you need to submit the request for the refund which I guess you already have. The last part is that you need to wait for it to come. Refunding takes a long time and might take up to a week so don’t expect get your money back on the spot.

          They are reluctant in giving and we just have to bear with it. After a week, you either get or do not get a refund so if you don’t, you’ll need to submit the entire request again stating that you haven’t heard any replies from them. The entire process might take about 2 weeks more or less. Hope this helps.

          • Hello,

            I’ve got a response from them and they’ve refunded the entire amount. they’ve told me that it will be on the account in the 1 to 5 days frame. Hope the money will arrive and not have to wait 2 weekes..

            Thanks a lot for your answers!

          • One more question. As i’ve stated in the first email, i heard about people who were charged for no reason with Clickbank. Does this thing really happens?

            Thank you

            • Hey Gloria,
              The incident where people got charged is mostly happening with scammers which disguise themselves as sellers.

              Clickbank tries their best to curb the situation but you know how devious they can be. Happened to me once but after I complained to Clickbank, they handle it perfectly and paid my money back.

              So yes, it does happen from time to time so I would advise you to not use your credit card if you can. Glad to hear the good news on getting back the refund! Tedious process but doable 😉

  3. Dear RiazShah! I made a mistake about get a clickbank refunds due selected to other content on the More Options in stead of choosing refund request. You tried to help me the way clickbank refund request! I try to do more so that money for my son because I am a poor single mom! But this is the case, I was very sad and did not sleep for few day of the payment date undesirable ( for 2 products take surveys for cash and take surveys twice as fast, total 76 USD). Hope to receive help from you as soon as possible, thank you very much! Good things to happen to us, the workers main chan!

    • Hello Tu,
      Don’t worry, you can actually still go back to the page and go through the process again and click “Refund Request”. When you go through the process again, you might be asked to re-open the ticket. If that’s the case, simply re-open and from there, you would have to go through the same process from the start but its easier that way since you can finally click on “Refund Request”.

      I’m very much familiar with those 2 products you mentioned and they also come with a money-back guarantee. If you have just recently bought it, then you would have more than ample time to get a refund so don’t worry, just get to the refund thing and all you need to do is wait. I’ve written the steps for you on my post and there’s even a video of me walking you through it but if you still need help with anything, you know where to find me. Good luck!

  4. would like for you to refund me 37.00 for a book I ordered from fat buster Wes don’t know his last name Have emaile dthem several times to no avail can you please help me

    • Hey there Kathleen,
      Emailing the vendors themselves is rather hard because most of them do not even want to release their money even though they’ve put their ‘money-back guarantee’ sign there. What you need to do is to deal with Clickbank directly by following the steps I’ve laid out because Clickbank will definitely refund you back.

  5. Thank you so much for so generously sharing this information. I tried getting help from the Vendor to show me how to get the Clickbank refund. It was a useless effort. I was desperate until I found your site. I cannot thank you enough. Keep up the good work, Riaz!

    • Your welcome Susan, I know how hard it is to get a refund and vendors aren’t really willing to make your life easy when it comes to that issue since it’ll be from their own pockets that they have to fork out. Because of that, I try to help out as many people as I can and this guide is one way on how I can reach many people at once. I’m glad my page helped you out, hope you get back you refund!

  6. Thank you a lot. This was extremely helpful. Every instruction was perfect. You were right in everything you said about Clickbank. I would never had figured this out on my own. Thanks again.

    • I’ve been buying ClickBank products for a while now for my reviews and I was not satisfied with most of them so refunding my money back is quite a common thing for me to do. So far, ClickBank has never missed refunding my money so you’ll have nothing to worry about Barner. Thanks for dropping by!

  7. This is some invaluable information! Thanks for sharing it. I learned from past experience to always save any emails to and from any company I’ve made a purchase from. It’s come in handy more than once and I encourage everyone to do so. I usually save them at least until the money back guarantee has expired and most times, even longer.
    Thanks again!

    • Right on Margot! We’ll never know when we will need invoices or receipts so it’s wise to keep it just in case. I’ve had experiences of not being able to get my refund which is something I’ll try to avoid doing again lol. Thanks for dropping by!

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