How I Boost My Website Traffic in 14 Days

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When first starting out, any website will not have that many natural visitors unless you are renowned.

The most amount of visitors that you would probably have will only be about 0-15 per day but do not panic when that happens because that is normal.

There are millions of websites being made every day so of course your website won’t shoot through the ranks immediately.

But worry not, because the longer you keep your website in the game, the more people will start to realize its potential and before you know it, you are going to get more visitors than you could possibly handle on your own.

To reach that extent will usually take a website a minimum of 3 months for Google to start noticing but that process can actually be made faster if you follow these few steps:

1)   Content is King

Google loves new content.

When you first created your website, it won’t get as much recognition because Google hasn’t properly recognized it yet.

No matter how awesome your website looks, it does not matter if you don’t have anything to attract Google with and the solution?

Write more content of course!

By writing content, you are basically yelling to Google “Hey look at me! I am new but I’m much updated and have huge potential!”

Google will drop by your website at a very slow pace maybe once a week or so but supposing you create new content every day, you are basically giving Google a signal that your website is growing at a fast pace which means Google will HAVE to check your website more often which helps in the ranking process.

Sure creating content regularly is tiring but you don’t necessarily have to spend hours writing one post.

5 normal blog posts are always better than 1 quality because you save more time and have a wider effect on your website too.

2)   SEO optimization

SEO is one of the most important things to consider when creating a website.

How much traffic you get everyday throughout the entire lifetime of your website depends on how easily it is found in search engines, particularly Google.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which just means how well your website appears in search engines.

Will it appear in the first page of Google? Will it appear in the last page?

All of those depends on how well you understand the mechanics of what to do to get your website ranked very high.

A very good platform which I would recommend that will teach you everything you know about SEO and website optimization for free is Wealthy Affiliate.

In fact, this very website blog that you’re reading is also actually through that.

I could tell you here but to fully understand SEO requires a whole different blog post because the too wide to covered here.

Some examples of SEO would be keyword optimization and website optimization to make it Google-friendly.

3)   Guest post on blogs

Yup, you heard it right. Write a blog post FOR someone else’s website.

I know, I know, WHY would I waste time writing for someone else when I can write for myself?

And more importantly, what makes people want to accept me to write on their established blog when I myself am still new?

Well writing on someone else’s blog has actually many benefits.

Their blogs have been around for a while which means that they are definitely more renowned than your website and they would probably have about 10,000 monthly visitors or so.

Which means that when you are able to write a blog post and put your name there “By Riaz Shah” for example, people will start to notice the name because it is someone new and different than the owner of the blog that they know.

The visitors of that blog also would understand that for the owner to let you be a guest means that you are trustworthy and they would want to click on your name and go check out your blog as well because of course, not only will have that honor of being a guest author.

See the game?

And as for the blog post permission, don’t be afraid because blogging is a tough job so of course anyone would appreciate a helping hand.

Just drop a message to the owner and he’ll be happy to create a guest account for you.



There are plenty of ways on how to get traffic to your website but 3 of the most important which has the most effect is to play around with SEO, posting on guest blogs and of course, regularly creating your content.

Google likes a website that is active, the more frequent the better because that gives a signal to Google to come over to your website more often which helps hasten the ranking process even more.

For more information on traffic generation through SEO, check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.


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