How can I make money from a blog?

How to make money from a blog

You must have heard somewhere that people get rich from blogs and that caught your attention.

According to my predictions, questions that you must be wondering right now are:

I)        Is this true?

II)      Can I make money from a blog too?

III)   Are there people making more than $100,000 per month?

I’m no psychic but those are 3 of the most common questions I often get from most people.

And my answer to all of those, is YES!

You can in fact make money from a blog and if you’ve heard of The Huffington Post, would you believe that they make more than $2 mil a month?

Okay, maybe comparing you to an established company doesn’t sound fair.

But did you know that Jeremy Shoemaker earns $30,000 from his blog alone each month? That’s someone you can relate to.

So you know now that making money from blogs is in fact, possible.

But the question now is, HOW?

Here’s 5 steps in which people make money off their blogs:

1)   Making your own e-book

One of the most effective ways of monetizing your blog is by making your own e-book and selling them on your blog.

As a blogger, you get thousands of people visiting your site every month.

And he reason they follow you is because they trust you and your content which means you have a relationship with them so imagine how much money you can make if you sell them something of your own making?

Too lazy to make an e-book?

Fret not! You can always become an affiliate by selling other people’s e-books and getting some commission at that.

Although I have to warn you, your commission won’t be as much though.

2)   Private advertising

Bloggers are like online celebrities.

People pay thousands to use a celebrity’s fame to promote their event or products in the real world, and it’s no different in the online world too.

But somehow, this is where it is also different because in the online world, you don’t get people coming up to you for this.

Instead, you need to approach companies yourself and tell them that your blog has a certain amount of visitors a month.

From there, you can promote their banners at your blog and make some decent cash from there.

3)   Public appearances

When your blog gets popular, you get the fame as well which will attract people.

When people are attracted, other companies get attracted too and they will come to you with an opportunity to give a speech at a conference or seminar in the real life.

How does this make money you ask? It won’t.

At least not for the first time though, because people need time to know who you are.

But after that, loads of offers will come after you and you will be surprised when they are desperate enough to pay you for your appearance.


There are many ways for you to earn money today but one thing you have to bear in mind, is that blogging is not a get rich quick scheme.

It takes time to build up your blog, probably a month or 2 but after that, it will grow fast and so will your money.

For more information on monetizing your blog, check out the Wealthy Affiliate program. I did a review about it here.


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