How to Increase Website Conversion Rate

Riaz explains how to increase website conversion rate

When you have a website, the most important thing that you would want to do next is to monetize it.

But how do you do that?

There’s a specific term that all internet marketers know of and that is called conversion optimization.

What is Conversion Optimization?

It is those things that you do for your website to optimize the money making process.

Companies pay thousands for people with the correct skills to help them but lucky for you, those companies didn’t know that it is not very hard to implement this yourself.

Steps to Increase Conversions:

1)   Improve Call-To-Action Buttons

Colours play a role in every human being because whenever we see a picture or visuals that stand out, we tend to look at that and completely lose focus of what we were doing before that.

Similarly, we can use that to improve the rate of which people click your Call-To-Action buttons.

What are those you ask?

Call-To-Action buttons are those buttons at the end of every promotion or review where you can prompt the viewer to buy.

They can go around by the name “Click here to buy” or “Buy Now” or anything similar.

It is highly important to make your Call-To-Action stand out to attract your visitors because when they click on that button, the money comes to you, thus the conversion.

NEVER choose red because naturally, that colour has a bad omen which repels visitors from clicking. People just don’t like that colour when buying things.

Remember in school where the teacher marks you wrong with red pen? Yeah that affects most of us till we grow up (I used to get that a lot).

According to a research made by Crazy Egg, their conversions dropped by 10% because they thought that red could be attractive to buyers. They were wrong.

So what colours should you choose then?

Anything that contrasts with your website colour but personally, I find orange, green, yellow and blue to have great conversions.

2)   Story-telling

People love hearing touching stories because they can remember better and when it comes to products, they will have a higher probability of buying because they can relate to that.

For example, while working at KAMIRA Event Management, our initial conversions was only 5%.

But after I added a website and told stories of the company’s journey and how everything and everyone affects us, we began to get more sales than we expected as it increased to 23%!

The same can apply to our everyday lives.

If you see 2 skinny men selling lose weight products, you probably wouldn’t buy from any of them, nor can you differentiate both of them apart from each other.

But supposing you found out that one of them had a terrible journey and had pictures of himself struggling when he was fat, you would probably buy his product instead right?

3)   Eye-catching headlines

Have you ever read the newspaper and felt like reading ALL sections?

You’d probably want to read the sections that interests you the most, or sections that are out of the ordinary.

The same applies to your website.

You will have tons of content inside your website, surely you don’t expect your visitors to read all of your posts do you?

According to, a human’s attention is ONLY 8 seconds. That’s even lesser than that of a goldfish’s!

Goldfishes only have 9 seconds worth of attention before they forget everything by the way.

People are always on the go today and time is something they do not have so even though they won’t read ALL of your content, they will still skim through.

Make use of that and write something out of the ordinary, enough for him to look twice because when that happens, BINGO! You’ve got his attention.


There are many ways to increase your website conversion besides improving the headlines, besides the story-telling, and besides the tweaking of Call-To-Action buttons.

But in a broader picture, the basics of website conversion in the end comes down to what humans are attracted to the most usually.

So instead of paying people to do it for you next time, you can always ask yourself what do you like most when you go to a website.

For more information on optimizing your website conversion, check out the Wealthy Affiliate program. I did a review about it here.


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