Blogging Consistently – Apparently The Hardest Challenge of Them All

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Blogging can reap great rewards if you do it right.

ANd if you do it regularly.

But unlike traditional get rich quick schemes which requires a huge capital to start, blogging requires an extremely low capital.

If it’s that easy, then what’s the catch?

The catch is, you need to blog often.

And believe it or not, this is the biggest challenge for every blogger.

Bloggers are humans of course.

And as humans, we have the tendency to get demoralized when doing something at certain point of times or how you might call it – laziness.

So here’s some tips you can take to help you think of blogging of less than a chore:

1)  Save up your ideas

One common problem common problem that a writer faces is the writer’s block.

It’s those days where you just can’t seem to get any ideas on what to write.

So you end up searching all over the internet or spending about 2, 3 hours JUST to get an idea.

So the next time an idea struck your mind, save it quickly so that you can use it next time.

2)  Set up a limit

Most bloggers actually believe that it is a MUST to write blogs every day.

Admit it, you believe that too right?

Admittedly, most bloggers got too caught up with blogging that they believe that they NEED to write every day.

In a way, this does help boost up your rankings faster BUT it will also take over your life.

You have to post often, yes, but it doesn’t mean every day.

Writing about 3-5 times a week is also good enough to let Google recognize your blog at a steady pace.

3)  Reward yourself

Take a day off and enjoy what the world has to offer.

Hang out with your friends, have a walk at the park or meet someone special.

Trust me, you need this.

Because not only will this take up the stress on your brain and body, it will also help broaden your mind and give you more ideas for your next blog.

In conclusion, you don’t necessarily have to post every day in order for your blog to survive. The most minimum should be once in 2 weeks but to boost your blog ranking faster, writing about 3-5 times a week should be just enough for Google to notice you.

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