5 Reasons Why You Should Start your own blog

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Blogs are fun and they can reap many benefits.

But if you’re still at a crossroad and considering on whether you should start a blog or not, here’s some benefits to help persuade you:

1)  Great way to make a name for yourself

Even if you are camera-shy, writing blogs can make also make you famous.

Sure you get less popularity than that of a movie star, but people will know you because of your hard work and knowledge on a certain topic, not because you can act in dramas.

This is a great boost for your profile because you will also appear in the web more often.

If you’re planning to get a job, believe it or not, having a blog can increase the likelihood of getting hired.

The manager who checks your background will be impressed at your knowledge from what you portray through your blog, ESPECIALLY your ability to be appear in Google as you wish.

They would also have a great desire to hire you because they can tap into your popularity which can bring business to their work as well.

So it’s a win-win situation for the both of you and which company wouldn’t want that?

2)  Great way to make money

You don’t want to work?

Well fret not because you don’t have to!

Did you know that you can earn from a blog?

If you’ve heard of The Huffington Post, they earn about $2mil per month.

Not wanting to start a huge corporation business?

Follow in the footsteps of Jeremy Shoemaker which makes about $30,000 monthly from his personal blogs.

3)  You will become a thinker

Maintaining a blog is hard not just because you need to write, but because you need ideas.

You will occasionally come across the writer’s block syndrome which just simply means a bad day where you’re out of ideas on what to write.

To avoid that, you will suddenly have the need to have a broader mind at one point in your life.

You then indirectly become a reporter or investigator to find ideas to write on your blog.

If that isn’t exciting, I don’t know what is.

4)  You will have a legacy

Have you ever thought of how people will remember you when you die?

Doing things offline are great but not everyone will remember everything that you do.

But if you keep blogging, you whole entire journey ARE and WILL be saved online forever.

Well, as long as your blog still exists that is.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if skalds can sing EVERY one of your brave journeys when you die?

“And the fiercest foes rout, when they hear triumph’s shout, Dragonborn for your blessings we pray!”

That was a song from Skyrim by the way. (I’m a gamer)

Think of how inspired your family will be of your legacy.

You’ll be in the hall of fame!

5)  A chance to be heard

Since you have an online presence, you will automatically be heard by thousands of people every month or even day.

If your conscience gets the better of you, what better way to share it online?

Whether it is for animal abuse or human rights, you will have a great enough reach to influence people.

There are countless more benefits of having a blog, but these are some of the awesome ones that kept me going about writing my own. Now go and write your journey, you have my blessing, Dragonborn!

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