Ad Swaps – Simply an Awesome Form of Traffic Exchange

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If you’re eager to know ad swaps, then you’re eager to know about traffic generation.

Well lucky you, because it seems you’ve come to the right place!

Ad Swaps is as the name implies, swapping ads, but with an agreement of course. For example, you and Alfred has a list of 1000 subscribers. Both of you DON’T want to spend $500 to buy high quality ads so what do you do?

You propose an agreement with Alfred to help each other out mutually.

You agree to advertise Alfred’s ad with your list of 1000 subscribers and in return, Alfred does the same to his list of subscribers.

This way, you not only save money, but also managed to get lots of leads for free.

So you can see now that Ad Swapping is not only great money-wise, but also an excellent tool to create a list of subscribers in a very short amount of time.

Easy yes? Yes… BUT due to its popularity, many people are getting tricked by this with the rise of scammers (good-for-nothing internet parasites).

For example, after you finished advertising professionally to you highest quality leads, Alfred disappears without a trace leaving you extremely annoyed.

That’s why you need to take extra measures.

And how do you that?

By joining a community of course! There are a LOT of communities in Facebook for Ad Swaps. But don’t be scared though, they are mostly a nice bunch.

To get more information on list-building, you can always join a list-building training program.

Confused on which ones to choose from? Start by going after this Wealthy Affiliate. I did a review about it here.


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