3 Nonsense Goals Everyone Should Stop Chasing

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Having goals in life is important because it gives you a clear path for you to work to but often times, those goals are never achieved.

Take your last year’s resolution for example, did you manage to do all?

According to research, 92% of people failed their New Year’s resolutions which means only 8% actually managed to reach their goals.

Everyone wants something big hence the huge expectations but if it’s too unrealistic or too high to achieve, the path becomes unclear to you, so much so that it’s depressing for most people.

I once dreamt of having a Mercedes at the age of 20 but never achieved it because as a student, I can see no way of achieving it unless a miracle appears.

BUT if your goal is just right, it will act as a benchmark for you to achieve higher next time.

Here’s 3 of the most impossible goals everyone need to stop chasing:

1)   Getting on everyone’s good sides

Nobody likes conflict, sure, but you can’t spend all your time trying to please everybody too.

It will get you to your goals much slower because you have so many things to think about.

I used to think that I too can please everyone and at the same time achieve my goals.

I wasn’t wrong, but the consequences weren’t a nice one.

After finishing my matriculations, I had a choice to choose which course to take which then led to the worst argument of my life.

My father wants me to become a doctor, my mom wants me to become a lawyer and my grandfather who is the one paying for my studies, wanted me to become a psychiatrist.

I spent a very long time deciding and I was at a crossroad so I wasted 1 year because I did not follow my own dreams.

The moral of the story – don’t follow what other people want, follow what you want.

2)   Achieving perfection in everything

Stop being perfect!

Nobody is perfect in this world, NOT EVEN tangible and intangible things.

When doing work, it is natural for everyone to want to achieve perfection so much so that we sometimes spend hours trying to make something look perfect.

You have to stop doing this because perfect is the enemy of progress.

You may spend hours making your work look perfect but without progress, it will not bring you anywhere.

Same like making a blog for example.

You can spend hours making your blog look nice, or you can use that hours to create new and attracting blog content instead.

As hard as the temptation to perfect your work may be, try to finish up your progress first because when your main work is done, everything else follows after.

3)   “I cannot afford mistakes”

Mistakes are also a way of life because without mistakes, you can never learn.

As perfect as your plans may be, there will always be a flaw and sooner or later everyone makes mistakes and when that happens, it’s either you learn to get up from the mistake, or you give up.

Believe it or not, most perfectionists who don’t take failing into consideration will fall into deep depression when their plans didn’t go the way they expect.

So be sure to embrace failure and use that opportunity to learn a thing or two from it so that it may never happen again.



Goals are important yes, but only as real as they may be.

Without unrealistic goals, you cannot see your hand grasping into that achievement because it seems too good to be true so when planning, it is imperative to make sure your goal starts from the bottom because from there you can slowly build up bigger goals.

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