3 Signs that you are Overly-Hooked to Social Media

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Social Media is a great place for interaction because you get to mingle with another human being at the comfort of your own home.

But when making social media your day-to-day business, you will have a hard time differentiating your virtual friends, with your real live friends.

Here’s 5 signs you need to look out for when using social media:

1)   You spend more time with friends virtually than outside

Believe it or not, some people can actually stay on computers for extremely long hours.

Gamers for example, can stay up to 3 days solely on computer (Trust me, I tried and I’m not very proud of it).

But according to research, a human should not spend more than 2 hours straight on a computer as that will create a long-term spine problem in the long run.

So are you spending more time virtually than outside?

If so, try to get some fresh air every once in a while and hang out with your real friends because if not, they might think negatively of you and would want to stop hanging out with you altogether.

2)   Stalking your crush

If you’re a girl, that’s okay but if you’re a dude, be a man and talk to her!

You can look at her profile all you like but without action, every second is a threat that another man might approach your crush instead of you.

It is okay for girls to stalk guys in Facebook because as girls, they EXPECT guys to approach them anyway.

It’s human nature.

Here’s a quick dating advice that I know you’ll thank me for one day – Don’t be afraid to approach her and ask her out because even if she rejects you, she would still appreciate getting hit on.

Besides, there’s plenty of fishes in the sea and your crush might one day regret ever rejecting such as fine man such as yourself.

3)   Trying your best to constantly improve your image

In the World of social media, image and popularity are all the rage as people strive to make themselves look perfect for others to see.

Stop trying to be perfect!

Nobody’s perfect and you should not waste all of your time trying to be one because as much effort as you put in to make yourself look good, in the end it is only temporary.

Put in more effort for your future career instead because once you have achieved certain milestones, the rest of the fame and recognition will come naturally after.



Social Media is a great tool for business but people seem to take it too seriously to the fact that it takes over their very lives.

It shouldn’t be this way because focusing too much on it can also be detrimental to your life and career in the long run.

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