Why You Should Trust Your Instincts

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Instincts are our natural feeling towards something.

But lately, we humans have learned to ignore it due to certain problems that it causes for example, the inability to think straight. We are taught to control our emotions so that we can make decisions according to our brains, NOT our heart.

But that doesn’t apply for all situations.

For example, sure you need to concentrate on your mind when in a race instead of submitting to your adrenaline rush (in order to survive) but does that apply to relationships as well?

If instincts are wrong, then why are they given to you in the first place?

Having an instinct means that you are gifted with an attribution towards something which is triggered by your experiences so NOT everyone has this.

You can say that they are like a talent that you developed instead of having it in-born. So the next time your instincts are triggered, you’d be well to trust them.

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