talent vs. hard work


Aren’t you just jealous of those people with talent?

I know I am.

Especially if they’re wasting them away and not using that God-given potential of theirs.

Truth be told, I am always jealous with people who don’t HAVE to work hard to get to where they are.

But let me tell you one thing – business comes to those who are quick on their feet.

Means that you NEED to work hard in order to bring your business up because talent DOESN’T help you in business.

Throughout my experience, I came to realize a few things that a talent can never cover.

In business, we compete against each other.

In business, we compete against other candidates.

In business, its either we fight or we die (money-wise)

We need to always be on our toes to make sure the business grows smoothly and to the point where it doesn’t need you to look over it anymore.

Sure others might argue with me that talents are always better and that may be true.

But I stand with my point to be one of those beacons of hope for the talentless little guys like myself to look up for.

So if you’re like me – a person without talent and you believe that 99% of success comes from hard work and not luck, then you should definitely check this out: Wealthy Affiliate

As Tim Notke would say, “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”


Riaz Shah

Riaz 88kb

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