What is a Newbie?

Newbies looking up the sky full of hope

Have you ever played a game and being called a newbie before?

Well that’s because a Newbie is a person who are very new at something, or have no knowledge about a particular thing.

But don’t’ get confused with “Noobs” because that is actually a term for spammy and rude people.

It is not just a word in the gaming world, you can be a Newbie in just about anything – Newbie in cooking, newbie in Basketball or even newbie in internet marketing.

Being new at something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing, there are some perks to it too.

What I like about newbies

Being a newbie isn’t all that bad.

Imagine yourself few years ago when you were a newbie yourself, your dedication to improve is what brought you greatness in the first place.

1)  More open to the World

As a newbie, you are not tied to anything as you have no clear knowledge about what is right and what is wrong.

Therefore when trying to achieve something newbies are able to accept every opportunity they get and analyze them by their experience afterwards.

This skill will disappear once you are good at something because of the arrogance that you think you know enough already.

2)  Dedication for knowledge

When you are fresh and wanting that answer you were seeking, that dedication is what drove you to your success in the first place.

Try to remember how you got to your position today, would you be willing to do the same thing again today?

Probably not because that’s the thing about success, when we’re in our comfort zone we tend to get lazy and well, comfortable a bit tooo much.

But when you’re out of the comfort zone, that’s when you start becoming that heroic knight you never thought you had it in you.

3)  Newbs are innocent

Newbies are new to the World – at least new to the industry.

Because of that, they are untainted by prejudice which means they accept everyone as the same and not many people do that anymore.

Because when you get to high places, your views tend to be corrupt and different considering all that you’ve been through.

For example, after I became the head treasurer for my school’s entrepreneurial club, my friends who found out started asking me about swindling money.

After a while, that pushed me into thinking that those current friends only think about money and I needed to start finding other friends.

And when I wanted to improve my club’s infrastructure, I asked the new joiners for opinions because they are still fresh and are not yet complacent to the surroundings.



Sure newbies are fresh from the oven and not as experienced as what we expect them to be but there are still some good sides to them that we often mistook.

Besides, we were all newbies once so there is nothing wrong in helping others grow as how we did before.

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