What is Instant Payday Network About? Uncover the Secrets.

Instant Payday Network Home Page

Product Name: Instant Payday Network

Website: www.InstantPaydayNetwork.com

Type of business: MLM/ marketing system

Price: Free to join, but with hidden costs inside as well as upsells into Empower Network (Dirty tactic)

Owner: Jeff Buchanan

Overall rank: 11/100 (unethical!)

If you’ve heard of Empower Network, then chances are you must have heard of Instant Payday Network as well because these two scams are connected – at least one of them is.

Instant Payday Network (IPDN) is an online business program that tells you that you can join for free (You can), but when you’re inside you’ll learn to know how terribly scammed you are.

Of all the scams that I put myself into in order to write a review about, I have never tried IPDN before until my review requests were piling up really fast.

I’ve tried Empower Network but I never known how these two programs are interconnected so do read the rest of my review to know how these scams have coitus.


What is Instant Payday Network all about?

Instant Payday Network members area

My screenshot of the Instant Payday Nework members area

Instant Payday Network is supposedly an opportunity for you to earn money by making reviews for big companies, however it seems like you are just needed to “refer” people into joining the program instead which is clearly an MLM pyramid scheme as it’s using hidden tactics.

It’s truly a confusing thing this Instant Payday Network to be honest, because they certainly don’t portray themselves as an online business course like how other scams do.

So in an overview, I would say that IPDN is a marketing system as it has a capture page service, email marketing tool, training that teaches you marketing strategies and sample advert to publish in free ads networks online like Craig list.

I have to admit, these tactics that Instant Payday Network is teaching can in fact make you make some petty cash but all in a very unethical way.

When you’re inside, you will need to hop on from site to site for your promotion activities like signing up with Express My Cash Freebies and Double My Cash Freebies where you can sign up for CPA offers from the fortune 500 companies to access the Instant Payday Network system.


Pros and Cons


  • It’s free to join.
  • The sales pitch video is presented in an honest way. I actually liked how he doesn’t blast you off with tons of money and those Ferraris to attract you.
  • Jeff tells you beforehand you won’t be a success overnight. At least he’s being realistic.


  • VERY confusing as you have little direction on what to do.
  • NOT exactly free because there are hidden costs inside.
  • Easy to get lost and lose track as everything is everywhere.
  • Immense pressure by other senior members who only care about money more than your well-being.
  • NOT meant for beginners because you will need to know certain levels of understanding on how to drive traffic.
  • ZERO support.
  • It is an MLM Pyramid scheme where you have to trick people to join as your referral.
  • Bullying tactic used by other senior members on you if you want to voice out the truth (Their way to “defend” their innocence. Honestly, why fight back if you have nothing to hide right?).
  • A lot of bad reviews everywhere.
  • Tons on unsatisfied customers.
  • Promoting Empower Network which is another type of pyramid scam.

Golly, that’s a lot of cons! Save your time and check out my #1 recommendation here instead.


Tools and training

Like any other products, Instant Payday Network does have its own tools for its users:

  • Classified Sites (Sample headlines, newspaper classifieds and other templates)
  • Training Videos (Craigslist Training, YouTube training, article marketing, and blogging)
  • Image Ads
  • Auto responder
  • Tracking system


Instant Payday Network Red Flags

Here are some dangerous signs for you to ponder on regarding this particular program:

 1) It’s NOT actually free

Instant Payday Network Customer complaints regarding upsells

Instant Payday Network complaint by user

What is even more depressing than joining a free program that tells you it’s free but charges you hidden costs when you’re finally in?

Although this is how certain businesses work even in the offline world, it is VERY unethical in my opinion because you can just simply be honest and say “Hey, it’s free but you may need to spend on a few things”

What Jeff didn’t tell you about this program is that you won’t actually be spending your time doing reviews and testing products.

Instead, you’ll be marketing Instant Payday Network as a “business opportunity” instead which is a very slimy tactic to trick people into promoting Jeff’s product.

How you earn from this program is by referring people until you get them to set up their account and join the My Cash freebies which is another section that you can find within Instant Payday Network.

If you are destined to promote Jeff’s products for him instead, I would advise you to turn back and build your own business instead as you’ll make out of your own efforts than helping someone else get rich.

And speaking of referring people…

 2) It’s affiliated with Empower Network

Unsatisfied Instant Payday Network customer being bullied

Another complaint by an unsatisfied Instant Payday Network user regarding the Empower Network upsell

Again, allow me to remind you that Empower Network is a scam and I’ve even made a full review about it here.

One of the many sly tactics used by Jeff when you join Instant Payday network is convincing you to join Empower Network.

Here’s something to bear in mind – If a program asks you to join another program, that can ONLY mean that it’s either their very own creation that they are giving you access honestly, OR they are promoting someone else’s products.

Empower Network is made by someone else which at this point, means that Jeff is trying to make some money out of you the easy way out.

Honestly, who in the right mind would ask you to join their company so that he might promote you to another?

It’s like you are trying to buy an iPhone but the apple store asks you to buy Samsung.

If you join Instant Payday Network just so that you can join Empower Network, then why go through that trouble and just to go Empower Network instead am I right?

Please forgive for venting out my anger in this review but if you’ve tried so many scams like me, you’ll see many colours that these scammers have and you just feel like putting a stop to this regime of theirs to help other people get on the right path.


Is Instant Payday Network for anyone?

No. It’s not and there are a few reasons as to why I say so:

  • It’s ONLY for UK, US and Canada citizens!

Although I’m from Malaysia (Faraway Asian place), I managed to give Instant Payday Network a shot as I was staying in London with my uncle for several months back a while ago.

I’m glad that other parts of the world won’t get any taste of this scam which somehow makes me feel a bit relieved just knowing that.

  • You need to be organized
Unsatisfied customer not recommending Instant Payday network

A frustrated Instant Payday Network user complaint regarding the hassle he went through

When inside Instant payday Network, you will start to learn how messed up everything is.

Sure the system is simple which is to promote using various tactics but like I said before, there is no clear direction on what to do so you have to start looking for your way around.

Once you forgot, you will definitely be having a hard time finding where you left off.

  • Not for beginners

If you’re new to the world of internet marketing, you won’t understand MANY things that is inside the member’s area.

When I was first discovering this online business world, I felt so pressured as there were SO many confusing jargons like SEO and keyword that you will have NO idea what they mean.

And even if you learn the definitions, you will still have to know what that method is for.

For example, email marketing.

WHY do you need to email?

I guess you know that the reason behind it is that because your subscribers will turn into buyers hence money.

That’s all good to know but then another question arises, HOW are you going to get that many subscribers to even email?

For that you need to PAY for huge advertising and that is where you’ll start to know how scammed you were because you thought that supposedly Instant Payday Network will be free throughout.

If you’re a newbie to the internet marketing business, do heed my advice and check out my #1 recommendation here instead as you’ll learn many things about proper online business without having to pay for it.


What sort of work will you be doing?

Sure Instant Payday Network is free to join but you have to spend money to get money.

This is because in order to get money, you need to refer people to sign up using your link and the only way to do that, is by advertising.

You have to complete trial offers to amount to 1 credit earned:

  • Express My Cash Freebies – (free-$10 offer to reach 1 Credit)
  • Double My Cash Freebies – (free- $20 for 2 offers to reach 1 Credit)
  • Empower Network (optional) (at least $45/month)

So how to do get money when it’s free you ask?

You only get money if the person you referred sign up, sticks to the trial and decides to buy the product which then will result in a percentage of that commission going to you.


Does it offer quality support?

Gary's unsatisfaction on Instant Payday Network

Another complaint made by an unsatisfied user

No it doesn’t.

Jeff is too busy trying to get you inside his program and be his referral to even reply emails.

If you look back and see, Instant Payday Network is so widespread just like almost every other scams out there that promises riches.

Because of that, I can bet my Granma’s fake teeth that there will be AT LEAST a few thousand innocent people being sucked into joining Instant Payday Network every day because the internet is a big thing and has over 2.8 billion users.

It is disheartening to know this and that is why I set up this very website to help other newbies learn how to detect scams and build their own businesses online the proper way – by having a website of their own and learning to monetize their passion.


Instant Payday Network vs Wealthy Affiliate

Instead of spending all your time going through those hassle in promoting other people’s product, why not start your own business instead?

Wealthy Affiliate to date remains my #1 recommendation as you can learn how to start a legitimate internet business for free.

Here’s an overview between these 2 programs:





A complaint on Instant Payday Network by a disheartened mother

Unethical ways of Instant Payday Network which is disappointing a user

If you have the experience, Instant Payday Network can work and actually make you some money.

However due to the unmentioned hidden costs, the hassle that you have to go through in order to get some petty cash and the fact that it’s also a slimy tactic to get you to join Empower Network, Instant Payday Network is a SCAM not worth the trouble and receives a rating of 11 out of 100.

If you’re interested in making money from the internet the legitimate way, I would advise you to check out my #1 Recommendation here instead.

Do share your experiences with Instant payday Network if you have any as every bit of information helps us avoid scams better 🙂



Your friend Riaz


Riaz 88kb



2 comments to “What is Instant Payday Network About? Uncover the Secrets.”
  1. Instant Payday network is indeed a scam! I joined that stupid program just to be a target for them to promote more products which was unbelievable. They methods are also scammy which is completely ridiculous. Thanks for sharing this review, Riaz! I hope more people can avoid this scam.

    • Your welcome Gabriella. It’s these types of people who take advantage of innocent people just to fill in money in their pockets which really upsets me. I too was scammed countless times so I decided to create reviews like this regularly in order to get more people to avoid them and I’m glad you found it helpful. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts Gabriella, really appreciate that.

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