What Is Child’s Play Profits? – It’s A Total RIPOFF! That’s What It Is!

Childs play profits reviewed by my internet quest

Product Name: Child’s Play Profits

Website: www.childsplayprofits.com

Type of business: eBook launching using JVZOO

Price: $7 membership + $97 templates upsell + $197 Child’s Play PRO upsell

Owner: Michael Cheney

Overall Rank: 0 out of 5

I was attracted to give Child’s Play Profits a try mainly because I saw that this program is targeted at newbies and children.

If you’ve read the sales page, you might have noticed that Michael who’s the owner claimed that “Even a 13-year-old girl can do it” so just by reading that, it got my attention enough to buy and give it a go as I was new when I was starting out online and I was eager to learn from successful Online Entrepreneurs on the art of making money online.

After all, if a little girl truly can do it, so can I right? Wrong!

As soon as I got into the program, anger overwhelmed me so much so that I was at a loss of words.

There are so many things missing that it felt like the program was rushed and unfinished – I doubt that even a 13 year old girl could do it.

I wrote everything there is to know about this particular program so do continue reading to find out what Child’s Play Profits really is all about and why it isn’t really as it seems.


Pros and Cons


  • I like the theme, it’s attractive and doesn’t look too overwhelming.
  • They will give a 100% money-back guarantee (NOT 200% as they claimed)


  • Hidden upsells – You have 2 upsells thrown into you after you paid that $7!
  • Fake Money Back Guarantee – Michael advertised that you will get a 200% money-back guarantee no questions asked but when I emailed him, I received only a 100% with an excuse saying “you need to implement” (Read more on this below)
  • No trials – It always smells fishy if a program charges you a low fee rather than giving you a free trial. In the end, I found out that it is fishy.
  • No community – You will be all alone once inside because there is nobody you can talk to or ask help from.
  • Deceptive sales page – You are not informed on what features you will be getting once inside.
  • Not telling you what the program is about – From the sales page alone, you will have no idea on what you will be doing inside and even after getting to the member area, it will take you at least half an hour after reading the eBook to understand.
  • Lack of content – You won’t get much with $7 as the more important lessons such as traffic generation are in those expensive upsells that you need to spend more money on buying.
  • Shallow level of lessons – Michael tells you what you need to do, but not how do you go about achieving it.
  • Not up to expectations – If you don’t pay $7 for the upsells, you won’t get access to the rest of the training, leaving you stuck there without direction.
  • Not meant for newbies as they claimed – Although the lessons are not in-depth, there are many uses of complicated jargons such as affiliate marketing, gurus, analytics and upsells without a glossary to even tell you what it means!
  • No tools provided – Seriously, this program doesn’t have ANYTHING useful!

Golly, that’s a lot of cons! Better check out my #1 recommended program here instead!


What is Child’s Play Profits About?

Child's play profit members area ripoff

Created by Michael Cheney, Child’s Play Profits is a program that teaches you how to make money online by creating eBooks of your own and launching it through an Internet Marketing platform called JVZOO.

There is also another method of earning money taught within this program which is Affiliate Marketing, however it barely scratches the surface of the whole idea.

For example, Michael tells you that you can go to Amazon Affiliate and JVZoo but he didn’t even tell you how do you go about doing that!

I mean like what should you do as an Amazon Affiliate? How much money can you earn? Or more importantly, how do you even earn or promote an Amazon product to begin with?

Child’s Play Profits is lacking in so much information and it looks really unfinished which is why I would not advise anyone to buy and also it is exactly the reason why it can never even come close to my top ranked program which offers a free account with loads more information to learn.


What I don’t like About Child’s Play Profits

If you think there are still some interesting facts about this program, think again as I share some points that triggered me throughout my time using it.

Red Flag #1 – NOT Telling You How You Are Going to Earn.

lack of direction on child's play profits

How would you feel if someone tells you that you can earn money if you join his program but the moment you got in, you have absolutely no idea what to do?

After reaching the Child’s Play Profits members area, I still have no idea on what I was supposed to do believe it or not.

Many programs that I have reviewed have welcome videos to tell you what the program is all about and would you believe it if I tell you that Child’s Play Profits welcome page consists of more upsells?

After paying to join a program, the last thing anyone would want to do if being stuffed with more offers in their faces.

In the eBook that we will be getting, Michael tells you that you need to do research and it covers about 15 pages long but without information on what it is actually that we need to look for, what’s the point of doing all those research?

It took me half an hour to read the eBook just to understand that the purpose of us doing that research is so that we can create our own eBook instead!

launching a product with JVZOO

Okay finally we know that we need to create an eBook, then what?

You still won’t get a grasp of what the whole thing is about until you read page 42 of the eBook where you are supposed to launch it through JVZOO.

So if the whole idea of the program is to launch it in JVZOO, why won’t Michael just tell you that in the first place?

Well that my friend, is because nobody goes to JVZOO just to buy an overly-priced product that teaches you how to launch an eBook on JVZOO itself.

Because that kind of information, can be gotten everywhere for free, even at YouTube!

Red Flag #2 – They Teach You to Rip-Off Other People.

Child's Play Profits Upsells strategy

So you just learned that Child’s Play Profits had ripped you off and now you are being taught how to rip others off?

Are you serious?

One tip that I can give you when detecting scams is that a scam product will always have hidden upsells like the Child’s Play Profits.

How Michael earns money from this program is by tricking you into thinking that you can get everything for just $7 as shown on the first sales page.

However after you get in, you will be bombarded with a lot more upsells that cost more than 3 times the original price and eventually, you will buy that hence giving Michael easy money.

I am okay with upsells as almost every businesses do that, however I completely disagree with hidden upsells because you are cheating the game by forcing people into buying in order to get the full package.

I mean why can’t you just tell that beforehand?

Michael teaches you to trick others too by creating and using hidden upsells of your own and I believe this is a red flag that everyone should not do as it is very unethical.

Red Flag #3 – You Actually Do Not Get Access to Everything.

Locked content in Child's Play Profits

Imagine paying to be a member but not being able to access the features.

That’s what you’ll experience once you’ve paid to join Child’s Play Profits because once you got in, you’ll instantly notice that you can’t access the other sections of the program from the navigation menu just because in order to access those, you’d have to spend more to unlock those features which they didn’t inform you beforehand.

Hidden upsells such as this is a common scam trick used by internet gurus as they use a cheap price in order to clickbait you into buying which in this case is their $7 price and once you’ve paid, you’d be surprised with more things that you’ll need to pay in order to continue which you’ll end up paying $90 more.

Upsells are normal but hidden upsells are not as you are tricked into thinking that you’ll get full access when you’re not but it’s even direr for Make Money courses because the intention of the course is to help people make money in the first place – If you’re joining with just enough cash thinking that it’s enough to earn back, how would feel to find out that you actually had to fork out more money after you’ve paid? It’s devastating for many.

Michael’s way of doing upsells is really unethical because the very idea of upsells is actually to offer bonus additions to the program, not focus on the actual value of the program itself.

Red Flag #4 – Special Offers are Also Scams.

Lying about OTOs

I absolutely despise people who lie just to get money out of your pocket.

When you paid that initial $7 price, you will be bombarded with upsells which Michael claims as being a One Time Offer (OTO).

However when you click away and continue to the members area without buying any of those offers, you can still see the same offer from the members area.

This is a clever trick Michael used to persuade you into buying by making you think that you will never see that offer again but in reality, it will be there forever and it is definitely something you should be concerned with.

 Red Flag #5 – You Become a Target of Spam Bombardments.

Child's play profits special offers

We know now that there are 2 upsells made by Michael which are part of Child’s Play Profits which are already unethical.

But what if I tell you that you will get more offers stuffed into your face which are not even a part of Child’s Play Profits?

The moment you get into the member’s area, you will notice that there are 2 more offers which are “Where the money is on Facebook” and “60 minute reseller” which are of course, not even a part of Child’s Play Profits.

I got a headache seeing that many ridiculous upsells which made me so upset I felt like punching the guy in the face.

Seriously, does he only think about money?

Red Flag #6 – Their 200% Money-Back Guarantee Isn’t True.

Fake money back guarantee

Another thing that I really despise when it comes to scammers is that they are not honest in giving your money back.

Child’s Play Profits claimed that we can get a 200% money-back guarantee no questions asked but when I sent an email for my refund, I only received the original $7 instead of $14.

bullshit refund

I then sent an email asking that “Shouldn’t I be getting $14 instead?” Because they did put up the 200% Money Back Guarantee in the first place.

Here’s the reply I received…

reply refund


This is one trick scam gurus like to tell people when we ask for refunds, they will always say something like “If you don’t implement, you won’t get results” instead of properly addressing the issue.

How on earth are we going to get results by implementing something that is not properly covered in the training??


When I asked for my 200% money-back guarantee, I received a reply saying that “It is only for people who implement”

Since when did you say that in the first place???

Or how did you even know whether I’ve implemented that or not?

Moreover, they even mentioned that they will refund with no questions asked which is of course, another total lie.

Just to let you know, I actually have implemented and created my own ebook called “Guide to Getting a Girlfriend” which you can see on the right.

I sent a reply email demanding the full money-back guarantee as I have in fact, followed the program but received no reply.

These scammers sicken me and if they can lie about giving your money back, just imagine what other lies they have in mind which is why you need to stay away from Child’s Play Profits.


Does Child’s Play Profits Even Have a Community?

Not at all.

The moment you get inside Child’s Play Profits, you will be left alone.

Although the lessons are not that in-depth, every training course should have a community for you to mingle with the people and ask advice whenever you’re stuck because you can’t just rely on support tickets alone.

Not only are support tickets biased, they also take very long to reply, sometimes up to several days or even a week.

Having a community also shows how powerful the program is because when you see a lot of people interacting with each other openly within the program, that shows how honest that particular program is as it has got nothing to hide!

Child’s Play Profits tried to hide any trace of having a community because if the programs allow the members to interact with each other, it is going to fail miserably as everyone knows how big of a scam this program is.

Want a Program With an Active Community Which You Could Learn and Get Help Easily? Find Out More Here!


Pricing Strategy – How Much Does it Cost?

The price, ohhh the price.

Even the price really ticked me off because on the sales page, Michael showed that the price is only $7 (I might have said this a few times already).

BUT as soon as you get into the program, you will be bombarded with expensive upsells of $97 and $197 so with price gaps THAT huge, you can bet on Zeus’s balls that I didn’t buy the upsells.

There are 2 upsells altogether which are part of the program…

Upsell #1 – Done-For-You Templates ($97)

  • 7 figure swipe file
  • The $7 sales letter template
  • My personal power selling template
  • 60 megaton graphics pack
  • Childs play profits videos

Upsell #2 – Child’s Play Profits PRO ($197)

  • $1 Million in 7 days
  • The $1 Million Sales Letter
  • The $20,000 secret seminar
  • $185k in 14 days
  • $250k in 7 days

The numbers for that second upsell are unachievable in my opinion because unless you’re good at forex, getting $1 million in 7 days is not possible.

As we all know, getting that much money takes time and effort but those who are gullible, they would surely believe in Michael’s lies which further shows how evil he is.


Do I recommend Child’s Play Profits?

Absolutely not.

Child’s Play Profit is a clear scam that doesn’t provide real value for the money that you’ve spent.

Good Internet Marketing programs that aim to help you will succeed will usually provide detailed lessons with clear directions on how to execute them not to mention some of them having online trials which are the norm today because they have nothing to hide as their intentions are clear if people like what they see, they’d decide to become a member on their own free will.

Child’s Play Profits, on the other hand, charges you $7 beforehand because they know that once you get inside, you will quickly regret it as everyone can see that it doesn’t provide any value unless you spend more on upsells.

But if you’ve been tricked with hidden upsells once, what makes you so sure that you won’t be tricked into buying more of Michael’s upsells after you’ve actually spent your money on one of his upsells?

Instead of continuously paying for hidden upsells which you cannot estimate the amount of money you’ll be spending, I would suggest you try out another program instead.

Wealthy Affiliate Home Page 2

One good program I can recommend, is Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s an Online Business platform also within the same niche but you’ll more control as you’ll be creating your own income by blogging the things you love about and from there, monetize.

You will also have the freedom to choose whatever niche that you love which what I like most about it since you have the advantage o choosing what you’re familiar with.

Want to start a cooking blog? Go for it.

Love to play golf? Definitely doable.

Are you a fan of fishing? Guess what, that’s one of the most lucrative niches to go for.

Whatever the niche, there are boundless possibilities and the best part of it is that we don’t need to sell anything but rather recommend other people’s products like through Amazon or Walmart where we’ll get a commission easily without worrying about the items.

The lessons within Wealthy Affiliate there are so much more useful and packed with great SEO tips, the community of bloggers there will help you a lot as they’ve been in the industry longer and monetizing more, and most important of all, it is free to start with no time constraints.

You’ll get as much time to get used to it which I think is one of the key attraction points as that’s how I got started too.

Child’s Play Profits doesn’t come to what an Internet Marketing program should offer and here’s an overview to help you gauge…


Final Word

Child’s Play Profit is one of the worst rip-offs I have ever encountered on the internet.

Due to the ridiculously pricey hidden upsells, the shallow generic lessons and the outrageous claims which are obviously lies meant to clickbait us into spending more money and don’t get me started on how the customer service treated me, Child’s Play Profits is definitely a scam and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

They’re very rude and we may never know how many more people have been scammed and had to go through their rude support team which is a very unpleasant experience especially for those who are new and are just starting out with the program, it would definitely crush them.

If you’re interested in finding a real way to start a viable business online ethically, I would advise you to check out my #1 recommended program here instead.

Thanks so much for reading, do share you thought below as I’ll be more than happy reply you.

Riaz Shah

14 comments to “What Is Child’s Play Profits? – It’s A Total RIPOFF! That’s What It Is!”
  1. Riaz, I’m so impressed with your candor and courage as it’s not easy to go against a super affiliate, like Mike Cheney.

    One way these affiliates maximize dollars is to have other affiliates, especially the big names in the industry, legitimize their mediocre (using a euphemism) products.

    My inbox has been hit about this “life-changing product” several times already. It’s ridiculous and opportunistic.

    Your points are all valid,

    Telling folks to implement a strategy that you can only learn if you purchase an expensive OTO is tantamount to a ripoff.

    Sorry about the insults that you will continue to receive about your honest, forthright stance.

    It’s not always about failure to implement.
    Here, it’s about failure to disclose.

    Even a 15-year-old could recognize such greed!

    At the risk of engendering criticism from this “product creator” and others, like him, I’m using a pseudonym and fictitious email address.

    i wish I had your courage.
    You still have my support!

    • Great to hear that Lesley, I wasn’t too keen on posting this and exposing him too but I guess it was anger that pushed me into exposing the truth about him so that others who come across Mike Cheney could be wary enough to not fall into the same trap as I did. Appreciate the kind feedback, Happy New Year!

  2. Funny you took the time to detail how much of a loser you are.

    If I hadn’t bought any of Cheney’s products before, I’d say you were telling the truth.

    But obviously you’re the occasional anal-retentive, fault-finding scamp who will rather find fault than implement.

    I feel sorry for the people who follow your advise. Sad indeed.

  3. Hi, I am so glad I found this post I saved some of my hard earned money and its a shame because I thought this guy was legit now I will have to start watching him with his products what a shame these vendors need to screening these products to make sure they are legit, but thanks so much I will be looking at more of your reviews.

  4. Brilliant, informative article. I’d always recommend being weary of someone offering to show you their “secret to riches for $7 and this is exactly why!

    • Exactly! It is better to just give it for free rather than selling it at an alarmingly low price because what’s the point of doing that if you will eventually be spending more money on upsells right? Some people are just heartless which is why I’m exposing their schemes as often times as I can. Thanks for dropping by Richard.

  5. Hey,

    thank you for the great and very comprehensive post on this total scam!

    Well I guess the only thing they have going is you get a free website – but wait, they are free anyway!

    Sounds like this one is to be avoided at all costs. Thanks again and great website.

    Lovane & Jade

    • I know right? Absolutely terrible way of doing business. These people have no conscious and I have no clue how they sleep at night without feeling guilty. Thanks for dropping by David, cheers!

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