What is Bubblews About? Let’s Pop That Bubble.

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Product Name: Bubblews

Website: www.Bubblews.com

Type of business: Blogging platform

Price: Free

Owner: Arvind Dixit

Overall rank: 57 out of 100 (Money cheating scam!)

Bubblews was the first ever platform online that actually helped me make money online.

I tried Bubblews in January 2014 until May 2014 because I was desperate to make some side income and also due to the fact that my English teacher was recommending it to me.

Although it wasn’t much, I managed to make about $10 a day which I guess is good enough for a student because if I keep a regular schedule and blog every day, I can earn about $300 a month.

And since the currency is in USD, that means I can earn 3.3 MORE when I change it to my country’s currency which is in the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).

However after my third month, Bubblews started applying some changes which resulted in many of its members NOT being able to cash out their hard earned money that has been accumulating in their account, including me.

After 1 month of emailing and trying to contact support, in the end Bubblews deleted my account WITHOUT giving me back my extra $435.

You know now that my review is not going to be a good one so do bear with me and continue reading the rest of my review as I share with you my story on Bubblews.


What is Bubblews all about?

The member's bank account in Bubblews

member’s bank account in Bubblews

Bubblews is a sort of a blogging platform but with a twist of money to be earned.

How it can earn you money is through your views and likes that you will be getting from your Bubblews blog post.

So you see, there is a community inside and you are of course not the only one who will be blogging all day long.

You can only post a maximum of 10 blog posts a day and that being said, each of your blog contents needs to have at least 400 words.

400 may seem like a lot but after a while, trust me you can write that much in less than 10 minutes!

After writing your contents and getting your cash accumulated within your bank account, you can withdraw through Paypal after you’ve collected a minimum of $50 and this process is called Redemption.

Looking for a way to start your own viable online business? Read my #1 recommended program here!


Pros and Cons

Bubblews home page

Bubblews user interface


  • It is free to start.
  • You can write about anything you want and nobody knows who you really are.
  • Doesn’t matter if your English sucks because nobody really reads them besides skimming just for the sake of getting some credits.
  • Attractive website and easy to understand.
  • People are friendly and do not condemn you compared to those who are in MLM programs.


  • All your blog content belongs to Bubblews and not you!
  • If you delete your Bubblews blog post, your bank account will be in negative as a sign that you are owing Bubblews money (Really, what kind of mentality is that?).
  • Takes up TOO much of your time (Some people spend time on Bubblews up to 10 hours a day)
  • Bubblews will NOT give you redemption every time you click on it, resulting in loss of your money.
  • Very unregulated content management which Google doesn’t like. (Noticed how there’s very little Bubblews blog posts coming out in Google search compared to Hub Pages?)
  • Website is extremely unstable and keeps crashing.
  • Loads of server error.
  • Lots of bad reviews all over the internet.
  • Bubblews will attempt to delete your account of you are starting to earn at a fast pace.
  • You will NEVER know if you’ve broken a rule or not. And Bubblews will never inform you because that way they can always use it as an excuse to take your hard-earned money for themselves.

Gosh, that’s a lot of Cons! Better check my #1 recommendation here instead!


Bubblews Red Flags

Before you decide to try Bubblews out, you should learn these few dangerous signs regarding this particular platform:

1) Bubblews will NOT give you your money back willingly

complaint by an unsatisfied Bubblews user

A complaint by an unsatisfied Bubblews user

What is even more frustrating than NOT being able to withdraw your own hard-earned money until a point that it is lost?

You see, every time you want to withdraw your accumulated cash within bubblews, the bank will clear it back to zero.

But supposing Bubblews do not give you your redemption, all of those hard-earned money will disappear (Disappear for you, but appear in Bubblews pocket).

Bubblews is famous for not replying and everyone tries to understand that there is insufficient staff within that company but really, why not just hire more staff when they are already making so much money?

When starting Bubblews, you earn at a very slow pace of about $1 a day but after a month of blogging there, you will earn your Bubblews money at a very fast pace ($10-$20 a day) and that is a threat to them because they will have to pay you more and more.

So when that happens, Bubblews will start making your redemption process more hectic to a point that they just won’t give you back your money.

So what happens when you don’t get your redemptions?

Of course as unsatisfied users, we would contact support endlessly and demand our money back but when this happens, Bubblews will try to protect its reputation the easy way out – by kicking you.


2) Takes up too much of your time and energy for such little return

Bubblews not keeping its promis

A user dissapointed with Bubblews’s service

In Bubblews, you need to write at least 400 words worth of content for it to qualify as a blog post.

I know, I know, 400 is piece of cake.

But remember, the way you earn most of your money is only through the likes, views and comments which means you have to work hard to build your relationship else the community won’t want to come to your blog.

Because of this, many veteran users spend about 4 to 10 hours a day JUST to mingle around the Bubblews community to like and comment in hopes that you can attract more people to visit your blog and return the favour.

I remember I was juggling my time between studies and doing Bubblews every day, it was very hectic for me and I was under a lot of pressure and stress, especially when exams are near.

However I had no choice because I needed the extra cash to help support myself as I don’t have time to work what with my busy schedule.

In the end, I don’t have the freedom for myself at all because I spent all my free time on Bubblews until midnight for very little earning so you can imagine my devastation when Bubblews deleted my account along with my remaining redemption.

After that I decided to start my own online business so that I can have more time for myself to spend with my family because my website is making more money without me having to spend half day on it.


3) VERY low site trust rating

scam advisor rates Bubblews zero

Scam Advisor rates Bubblews as having a VERY high risk!

Besides my own perception and low rating for Bubblews, there are other people giving bad reviews as well, including ScamAdvisor.com.

Scam Advisor is a website which evaluates the trust and safety of all the websites on the World Wide Web and according to them, Bubblews has ZERO trust rating.

How weird is that?

If the World’s most reliable website safety detection system doesn’t trust Bubblews, then I wouldn’t advise you to join.


4) Very unstable website

Bubblews server is always down

A lot of user complaints regarding Bubblews’s unstable server on isitdownrightnow.com

One of the most annoying part of Bubblews that really ticks me off is the fact that the server is EXTREMELY slow!

It is so unstable that it crashes so often like nobody’s business.

According to IsItDownRightNow.com which is a website server-checking service, Bubblews seems to be rated as fine.

There is something DEFINITELY wrong about this because I have friends within Bubblews who were also having the same issues as me.

So I decided to take up the initiative and dig in further and from there, I noticed that other members are also saying the same thing about Bubblews.

Some websites become unstable from time to time but Bubblews’s rate of website instability is at least 2 or 3 times a week which can get really annoying because that will further extend the amount of time you will be spending in Bubblews because you want to make up for your loss!


Is Bubblews reliable?

Bubblews complaint regarding a redemption

A complaint by an unsatisfied Bubblews user regarding a redemption that hasn’t been returned to her

If you’ve been reading until this part, you know just how “reliable” Bubblews’s support team really is.

They have a terrible support system which doesn’t even reply you when it’s regarding your redemption.

Every day a lot of members got cheated out of their redemption because whenever they try to withdraw, Bubblews won’t reply them hence the money being lost…to the pocket of Bubblews!

However the Bubblews team is clever because they still give redemptions to some members to protect their image in return they get some sort of positive reviews.


Bubblews vs Wealthy Affiliate

After being cheated in Bubblews, I roam from program to program until I finally settle to the best one so far – Wealthy Affiliate.

To date it’s still my #1 recommendation because it has a great community and updated lessons to help you build your own viable business online which compared to Bubblews, has way more benefits as well as earnings:




A very unsatisfied Bubblews user compalined to FBI Internet Crime Complaint Centre

A very unsatisfied user reported Bubblews to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center

Don’t get me wrong, Bubblews can still make you some extra cash as I used to make about $10 a day.

However due to the ridiculous amount of time you have to invest in order to accumulate your points, due to the extremely little money that you earn in comparison to the hard labour you’ll be doing, as well as the uncertainty of Bubblews to give back your money no matter how many times you tried clicking for support, it is definitely SCAM and receives a rating of 57 out of 100.

If you’re interested in making money online, I would really recommend you to start your own business by checking out my #1 recommended program here instead as you can earn more and grow it according to your own pace not to mention being a lot safer.

Also, do feel free to share your experiences on Bubblews below as every bit of information helps us decide better.



You friend Riaz


Riaz 88kb

6 comments to “What is Bubblews About? Let’s Pop That Bubble.”
  1. I’m so glad I found a real confession on Bubblews! I saw your account when in Bubblews too though, and I was wondering why you never posted anything else. Bubblews is already so rich, they shouldn’t trick people like that. We work hard but not all redemption can be gotten which is bloody annoying, Bubblews should be sued and the owner should be jailed. I’m supporting you on this one, Riaz. See you in Wealthy Affiliate :).

    • That’s awesome Kassandra! I’ll help you out every step of the way, will send you my list of tricks and tips for growth-hacking too :D. A lot of people do not want to accept that Bubblews is cheating them so that’s why I write this review -To show them Bubblews’ true colours. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I’m admiring the persistence you put into your site and detailed information you offer, Riaz. I’ve heard of Bubblews and after reading a few reviews, I can say that yours is the best one so far. It does pay but there are just too many people not getting their redemption which is really disturbing. Some people wouldn’t mind but when it’s involving money, I like to see my payments coming in regularly for the amount of effort I put in instead of having it at risk at the palm of their hands. Great read! I’ve even bookmarked your site to check your other cool reviews :D, keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Angeline, I try to post my reviews at least once a week. I want to share with the world what i’ve experience in hopes that other people can avoid these scams and not go through rough pitfalls as how I did when I first started. These is my drive every morning when I wake up, glad that you find it useful! Thanks for dropping by and I hope to see you here again soon Angeline 🙂

  3. Why Bubblews.com is not being pulled out for being dishonest in releasing the share of amount in respect of online writers who have worked hard to post many posts on Bubblews and some them have become really popular as well?.

    I have not received my two payments despite requesting Bubblews a lot of times. The first redemption was for more than $35 (when the amount was fixed to $25) and the last redemption for more than $50 which was made by me in Sept 2014.

    I am hopeful that the agency concerned will mount pressure on Mr Arvind Dixit, the CEO of Bubblews to clear the share of the writers else shut the door and stop making us fool in the name of a good earning site online. Thanks

    • Hello Padmendara, I understand completely your concern but when i started my Bubblews account, the minimum amount for redemption was already $50. It was okay initially as I did get to withdraw my money but suddenly, all my other redemption wasn’t returned to me. I was still having high hopes on Bubblews thinking that one day they would pay me back my Bubblews cash but all of those became disappointments because they never returned my redemption, nor even replied to my message. I was so frustrated that decided to share my review in hopes that anyone else can avoid what I went through – complete waste of time and energy.Thanks for dropping by Padmendra!

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