Surprising Things Teens Share on Facebook and Twitter [Infographic]

Teenagers on the prowl

Image by Ed Yourdon

Have you ever wondered as to what actually do teens share on their Facebook and Twitter profile?

Like how many of them really share their phone numbers? And are those numbers actually real?

As responsible parents (or concerned civillians), we want to do our best to protect their privacy so it’s best to know what they are up to.

Marketers can also take advantage of this knowledge to adjust their strategy to cater to teen activities.

They’re NOT that different than us after all!

According to studies made by Pew Research Center, things that teens tend to share in Facebook and Twitter are fairly similar to what WE tend to share as adults.

As adults, we tend to share more things on social media to brand ourselves due to work and business.

Competition is getting tight with the advancements of the technology today and so to get an edge, we tend to share more things to make ourselves stand out.

Everyone knows that employers today do check your social media account and because of that, we tend to spend more time making ourselves look good with a nice background.

We start changing our funky nicknames to our real names so that employers can find us better, we start filling up our past experiences to brand ourselves, and we also tend to share more appropriate and nicer pictures in hopes that employers of the opposite sex get attracted to us (scandals can give us benefit of the doubt).

I still remember back in 2010 Facebook was filled with crazy funky teenagers not having a care in the world as to what they post because their profiles are private.

All we cared about was how good people looked so we can get to know them.

Ahh, good times…

Have a look at the infographic made by Pew Reseach Center:

Teen Facebook and Twitter sharing study

(Click here for link)


Seeing the level of activity teens tend to share in their Facebook and Twitter account, they are becoming more like adults in their younger age.

They tend to share more about their profile, even their address and although it is considered okay to do so for adults, teens are still new to the World so it is best to keep an eye on them because making their profiles profile visible will attract all sort of people, even the bad ones.

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