November 2015 Monthly Report – Trying to Regain my Momentum

my internet quest november 2015 monthly report

November is when I finally started to pick up my keyboard and start writing again after the 3 months hiatus previously.

However, that happened only at the end of the month as my event finally ended around the 3rd week of November – more on that later.

I was too exhausted after the event that I literally slept for 3 days – Of course I did wake up on intervals to eat and refresh but just so that I could continue sleeping.

I had time only at the end of the month so how does that fare for my blog? Let’s have look at…


My November 2015 Stats

my internet quest November 2015 stats

My stats definitely looks like its increasing steadily

This definitely looked healthier than the previous months!

Before I took a 3 months leave, my website visitor rate had already begun dropping every month starting from August. Imagine how many months it took me to bring it back up!

I had 3,337 visitors in August but now in November, I managed to bring it back up 3,236.

It’s still not high enough as I haven’t surpassed my initial momentum but I’m slowly getting there, I just need to work harder.

I only had some free time at the end of November so I only managed to write one post:

As for social media, it’s not looking pretty good either since I haven’t posted much. Here’s a brief look…

Facebook – 129 likes (13 followers left me!)

Blog Twitter account – 82 followers (+2 followers)

Personal Twitter account – 677 followers (+36 followers)

Google+ – 26 followers (Same as before!)

Instagram – 255 followers

In terms of social media, there wasn’t any much improvement which was understandable as I still didn’t have any new posts to talk about until the end of the month.

Social media stats aside, I’m sure you’re very curious on how much earnings I made on this particular month…


How did my Sales Fare in November 2015?

Bringing back up my momentum after months of falling really costed me not only my traffic but also sales because it keeps dropping and dropping…

My Internet Quest November 2015 earnings

I only made $124 this month!

As you can see, I only earned $124.00 for November which really made me regret leaving my blog for that long because by this month if I were to keep my momentum, it would have reached a lot higher, perhaps to a thousand dollars.

Here’s a brief look on how my blog keeps dropping…

  • September 2015 – $165.50
  • October 2015 – $136.50
  • November 2015 – $124.00

Knowing that, I quickly took action and made time for me to work on my blog every day to bring it back to the momentum it used to have.

I did a lot of content promotion on LinkedIn and Google+ as well as Twitter and managed to rank my other pages on the first page of Google through Jaaxy.

The result?

December sneak peek

Sneak peek on my December earnings

That’s a sneak peek on what I will be expecting on December!

Although November has ended, I aim to put in all of my energy and time to write and promote my blog so that I can bring back my blog on the fast growth path that it initially had.


What kept me from Working this Month?

Last month I mentioned about the event I was working on for an organization called Simply Cookies which is a social enterprise committed to helping single mothers around Malaysia by selling cookies.

Christmas Fund Bake ended

You have to admit, that is a beautiful poster made by yours truly 🙂

The Christmas Fund Bake event was aimed at raising funds for single mothers and it was held at Taylor’s University in Malaysia on the 18th of November.

We had no manpower and very little time so I was extremely occupied till the end of the month which explains why I only had time to create one post.

The event was a success and we even have a video to show it here…

We plan to make this event a yearly thing so it will definitely be happening again next Christmas and I suspect that I’ll be even more busier by then too.



There wasn’t much that I can update on for November but it did make me learn that you should never leave your blog alone even for one month because if you do, you are going to spend more time trying to recover your lost momentum than to continue growing it.

My sales were also gradually dropping but December seems bright as I have already made more sales than I did the previous months.

Things might be looking well, I just need to keep that momentum and hopefully I can regain my lost momentum as well as boost my traffic from where I left off before the hiatus.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you learned a thing or two if you ever decide to go for blogging and like always, I’ll see you next month!


Riaz Shah

6 comments to “November 2015 Monthly Report – Trying to Regain my Momentum”
  1. Your post has really helped me, I also need to regain some momentum since this last month was my worst since I took off the last 2 weeks and haven’t been writing anything. This month I started off okay and I will continue my quest and find your post very encouraging and helpful. Thanks for they information you post since it has helped me a lot build my audience and website.

    • Glad you find my report insightful, 2 weeks off is okay still though at least its not the whole month. You still have time to catch up, all the best!

  2. Hi! I enjoyed reading about your website progress and about what you learned during your hiatus. It’s a good reminder for me to keep my site as a priority and build on the momentum. You’re right about playing catch-up being much harder than keeping the work steady. I also liked the pictures and charts you used in the post, easy to read and understand. Thank you again!

    • Thanks Jackie, that momentum is very important to maintain because once you lose them, you’ll waste time trying to get back that old traffic which is very time-consuming. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. This is a good lesson in sticking to this and setting time aside to work on your website. It’s very easy to let time get away from us, especially with multiple projects going on. Personally, I have never been very good at time management, but when it’s your bread and butter there is some extra incentive! Lol. Thanks again for letting us glimpse your progress. Good luck for December!

    • Time is definitely hard to find when you’re starting to get busy, Jackie. But that’s the upside too, you start to cherish your free time more. Thanks for the feedback, hope you have a great day 😀

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