How to Get People to Follow Your Blog Easily

How to Get People to Follow Your Blog Easily

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So you have a blog, Yaay! You start to feel happy and accomplished.

But then you realized, nobody’s following you.

So you start asking yourself, what seems to be the problem? Why isn’t anyone noticing me?

That my friend, is because when having a blog, the most attractive part for people is what you have to offer.

Here’s my 5 excellent strategies to help get you more followers:

1)  The ethical bribe

The ethical bribe is a fancy way to ask someone to give you their email in exchange for something beneficial, usually an eBook.

For example, if your website is about gaming, you could provide and eBook about “10 simple ways to make gold in Guild Wars 2”.

If your blog is about losing weight, you could provide an eBook about “15 ways to reduce carbohydrate almost instantly with bell peppers”

Your eBook needs to have a very interesting and specific topic, enough to spark curiosity so that people would want to get that eBook of yours.

2)  Guest blogging

Ever seen a website where the blog posts are written by different authors?

Usually those authors are from another website and the reason they are on another person’s website is to promote themselves by sharing a quality blog post or two.

A good example would be the Levo League, a website where different authors write about business tips.

When guest blogging, bear in mind that your article needs to be of the highest quality to attract the readers there.

It also needs to be original, and not something that you pick off from your blog.

3)  Interviewing other bloggers

Have you wondered why David Letterman and Opera Winfrey are so famous?

Interviewing of course!

You might have come across certain websites where people interview others.

This is actually a great way to gain recognition mutually because having an interview with another influential people will drive both readers from each other’s blog to check out each other.

A great example would be how Income Society interviews Igor Khefeits through a podcast. For those of you who don’t know Igor, he’s one the of the famous and trustworthy solo ad sellers to date.

You don’t necessarily need to do a video interview though, voice recordings work just as well.

4)  Posting in forums

In the olden days, there are no cool modern tricks you can use to help bring people to your blog so what do we usually do?

Why post in forums of course!

Forums always have people asking things. In fact, the reason forums are there is because of questions.

So be active in forums and always lend a helping hand because when people like you and see how active you are, they will click on your name to find out more about you and eventually, drop by your website.

The best thing about involving yourself in forums is that your comment will ALWAYS be there which would be like a long-term investment for you.

It will keep attracting new people who would randomly stumble upon your blog.

5)  Personal touch

Good ole fashion Networking is often under-looked as it doesn’t get you tons of visitors instantly.

Networking marketing is the art of communicating with people one-on-one, it is slow yes, but it yields high return.

People will have a higher percentage of trust when someone personally takes time to communicate and guide them, which in layman’s term is known as – Personal Touch.

Sure it is slow at first but after that, word will spread pretty fast as those people you communicated with will spread the good news to others and this my friend, is what is known as word-of-mouth.

And to date, word-of-mouth has always been the BEST form of marketing there is!


No matter how beautiful your blog is, without content is it but an empty husk, or an empty seashell – beautiful from the outside, but empty on the inside.

Therefore the top priority for a blog should always be content because as ugly as your website may be, people would still bear the ugliness for the treasure it contains.

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Riaz Shah

Riaz 88kb

4 comments to “How to Get People to Follow Your Blog Easily”
  1. Great article Riaz, especially about the ethical bribe. You can find reseller ebooks for your blog, to resell to the readers.

  2. Hey Riaz! Your website is very informative! How would one come by one of these ebooks? Better yet, how would you apply it as an award?

    • Hey Sean!
      Great question there! Usually blog owners would write their own ebooks but some prefer to save time and hire others to do.
      There are also others however, who uses Private Label Rights(PLR) which are eBooks sold at a cheap price or sometimes given free and they afterwards simply add their names to put on their website.
      Cheating, yes, but still effective nonetheless.
      Hope that helps Sean!

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