First Blog Post Ideas For Beginners

First Blog Post Ideas For Beginners

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So you’ve made your very own blog, YAAY! But then comes the next challenge, what should you blog about?

Blogging is a simple thing really, it doesn’t have to be long and there are no specifics as to what format you need to use.

Here’s 3 great blog post ideas that has helped me build my blog and will definitely help yours too:

1)   Write about your mission

Anyone can make a blog sure, but not everyone actually states their purpose.

Letting your readers know of your purpose will create more impact for your blog because those readers can relate to you more.

Imagine this, if you see two bakery stores which sell pretty much the same thing, you would probably have a hard time choosing, won’t you?

And because of that, you would probably go to the one nearest to you.

But suppose you learned about how Bakery A struggled to create organic healthy breads to help more people lead a healthy lifestyle in the city, wouldn’t you feel like going to bakery A instead?

Even if Bakery A is 5 minutes away from Bakery B, you wouldn’t mind the walk because you trust Bakery A more.

That’s the very same idea that you would want to give your readers on your blog too!

2)   What makes you different?

So your readers started to notice you which then prompts them to ask another question, “Why should we go to you?”

Always remember, your readers are your customers, they need to be informed of everything about you so attention to detail!

So your next step would be telling them why you are different than others.

For example, Bakery A sells organic breads for city folks (which already sounds superb), but some people still have no knowledge about this, they might ask you “SO?”

To counter this, you need to convince them even more by telling them that there are not many bakeries who does this.

A great example would be “Our bakery is the ONLY bakery who uses hand-picked ingredients in the whole of Japan”.

Or even, “Our breads are SO healthy that we are the chosen bakery for 3 of the best lose-weight programs in the world.”

You could also use percentages, “Our breads are proven to reduce 67% of your total body weight in 3 weeks”

Wouldn’t you feel excited to go to that bakery now? 😉

3)   Creating “How-To” tips for your blog

“How-To” tips are simple to make and very fun to do.

In fact, people will come to your blog more if you share these tips regularly every week and if possible, every day.

But be sure to make these tips relating to you niche because if it’s not related, people won’t be interested (It rhymes).

If your blog is about losing weight, you can make blog posts like “How to lose 10kg in 2 weeks with bell peppers” or “20 ways on how to diet the whole day with carrots”

If your blog is about business, you could try things like “10 ways to manage your finances and cut budgets in less than a week” or “5 crazy ways to get people to follow your Facebook page”


When you create a new blog, it will take a week or two for Google to notice you so do relax and don’t spend hours to write a single blog post.

Be sure though, to always update your blog the very minimum at least 3 times per week as that will help your blog appear in Google faster.

There are endless ways on how to create content for your blog but one great idea that you should always bear in mind is to make your blog posts specific because the more specific it is, the more easily you get people, which can also help Google rank your blog faster.

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Riaz Shah

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14 comments to “First Blog Post Ideas For Beginners”
  1. That was very helpful thank you. The blog part is still very new to me and kind of scary because I really want my site to make it. Best wishes.

    • It’s a bit hard at first but after blogging a few days, you’ll start to get the hang of it and from then on, its all smooth sailing Melva :). Wishing you great success ahead!

  2. Great post Riaz,

    I do face problems with my posts from time to time , writer’s block I am sure you have those too 🙂

    Thanks to you I will not have them as often now 😀

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