How to Become an Affiliate Marketer Without a Website? –5 Ways For the Unwary.

how to become an affliate marketer without a website

Did you know there are over 3 billion internet users by the end of 2014?

And in 2013, there were only 1.1 billion users which means that every year, the number of global internet users keeps increasing by around 2 BILLION in number!

This shows that the market is really huge for internet-based products which is why we need to get into it while it’s not too crowded.

Affiliate Marketing is perhaps the simplest form of making money online as we basically leverage other people’s fame and hard work to make money by selling their products.

What do websites have to do with Affiliate Marketing?

Do continue reading to find out.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is basically the art of selling other people’s products in exchange for a sweet commission which is usually more than what you get in the offline world (Commissions are usually 50-70%).

Think of it like being a salesman, but online… and in your pajamas.

When you help sell a car for example, you will get commissions so similarly, you will get commissions for selling products online as well.

Affiliate Marketing is becoming ever so popular and many people are beginning to realize its potential and if there’s ever a good time to give it a try, now’s a good time as any.


Why do Affiliate Marketing?

People have been doing affiliate marketing for over a decade because the idea was to simplify offline marketing.

For example, a Honda marketer can choose to also sell his car ‘online’ while also working offline for an extra profit boost.

Turns out, there are more people willing to buy stuff online as much as offline (Maybe more) so here are some other benefits of Affiliate Marketing you should be concerned with…

  • Save time –Since everything is online, you don’t need to go out and meet clients.
  • Huge scaling opportunities – Sure you might start small but after getting sales, you will have more courage to start going big with your marketing efforts. This can make you more money than online!
  • Tracking opportunities – One of the best benefits of doing Affiliate Marketing is that you are able to track your campaigns which we Internet Marketers know as Split-testing. You can experiment which methods that people prefer and which ones have less respond to and from there, you can alter your campaigns to make more money by spending less! Oh and speaking of spending…
  • Save more money! – Since you’ll be doing everything online, you won’t need to buy suits and you won’t even need to spend money easting outside for business lunches. Instead, all you need is a computer and an internet connection!
  • You are your own boss – It’s up to you whether you want to go to “work” or not because you control when you want your money to come in!


Do I need a website for Affiliate Marketing?

You certainly do, but it is optional.

Many Affiliate Marketers have websites because it helps increase sales as people will want to know who you are and why are you selling that product.

People today are internet savvy, they are the types of people who would Google a review before buying an iPhone.

And having a website showing yourself helps increase trust because you are not hiding behind a computer screen and people love that.

Apart from that, Google is also trying to reduce the use of links as many people are starting to paste it everywhere and it is not nice to see, unless it comes from your own website.

However, it is not compulsory because you can still make money without it which is why I’m guessing you are interested in learning more on…


Ways on How to do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

It is still possible to make money from Affiliate Marketing even without a website and here are my famous 5 that I still use up to today…

1) Creating your story through YouTube

Angry Joe's YouTube video

How Angry Joe uses videos to make his reviews

YouTube is the 2nd most visited site on the web after Google and they are the most visited site for education.

Creating your brand through a series of YouTube videos is one of the best ways to get you traffic without a website.

Are you a game affiliate?

There are plenty of people making a living by creating game reviews such as Angry Joe, Total Biscuits, as well as IGN.

In fact Angry Joe made thousands off his YouTube videos BEFORE he even decided to build a website!

And this isn’t restricted to games, you could also promote other niches like cooking guides by making cooking channels, promote blog guides or do just about anything!

You can start by doing reviews as those are the ones people are attracted to click on.

 2) Solo Ad Email Marketing

Patric chan great solo ad

An example of a great solo ad

I have to warn you, solo ads cost money because it costs roughly around $40-$100 for a 100 clicks which is something you need to think twice on.

If you don’t know what a solo ad is, it is basically email marketing, but more personalized as you will send your email copy to a solo ad vendor which are website owners.

This means that your ad will be sent to a list of website subscribers which means they are more likely to buy what you are offering.

For that, you need to learn how to write impactful emails because this will affect your conversion rate.

Click here to check out my blog post on solo ads.

3) The power of Pinterest

Pinterest affiliate marketing

How I Promote my link on Pinterest

Pinterest is new but it is quickly growing to be on par with the huge social media boys like Facebook and Twitter.

You could promote on Facebook but after the new updates, they won’t accept affiliate links anymore unless those links are from your own website (Which further shows how important websites are for Affiliate Marketing).

Did you know that Pinterest has a high buyer rate?

This is because Pinterest relates more to people mainly due to the fact that they focus more on visuals.

Adding photos as well as writing a caption with your affiliate link is a great way to get traffic.

 4) Forums Frenzy!

Answering forums

Proper use of links in forums

Ah, the most classic way people promote their products.

Forums are a great way to promote your link by helping people solve their problems.

However this must be down cautiously by not making yourself look like a spammer because if you do, people will report you.

The best way is to just be yourself and answer like a ‘human’ and in the end, add an affiliate link as your source.

Here’s some possible choices of forums you could check out…

  • Yahoo Answers – Great for any niche!
  • Warrior Forum – For Internet Marketing.
  • Digital Point Forum – One of the BIGGEST forums for Internet Marketing. Really, there’s SEO, business, design, you name it!
  • Wicked Fire – For Affiliate Marketing and PPC.
  • Pro Blogger – For blogs!

 5) Community marketing

Joining communities are great for marketing but unless you have a website, it works better offline rather online.

This is because if you join communities in Facebook, chances are you won’t be able to promote your link because Facebook might not like the use of Affiliate links.

Although not all Affiliate Links are blocked, you are more than welcome to try at your risk because people might label you as a spammer if they see you promoting something else and not your website.

For example, how does “Make $100 a day! Click on this link!” sound compared to “Hey guys, are you interested in making a few hundred bucks on the internet? I just finished writing a quick blog post on that here”

Definitely the second one, right?

Regardless, there are still communities you can promote to and if you are active in offline groups, you can promote your affiliate product to the people there as well.


Become a Pro Affiliate Marketer! –Build a Website!

Wealthy Affiliate Home Page

Building a website or blog is optional but every Affiliate Marketer knows that having a website helps in increasing sales because people will trust you more when they find out who you are.

If you want to create a website, you need to do it right and the best program for that, is Wealthy Affiliate.

The biggest obstacle when it comes to creating a website is the cost as well as the amount of effort you need to put in to make Google recognize your site.

Wealthy Affiliate provides Affiliate Marketers with the tools to build a website for free which is one of the reasons why I recommend you to give it a try.

The lessons are also aimed at helping you rank on Google in less than a day to help you maximize your Affiliate Marketing efforts, take a look at this…

Google Search results for Niche Revealer Review

Google search results for Niche Revealer Review

As you can see, one of my reviews managed to hit on the first page of Google in less than a day!

And if you’re wondering as to why getting your website up there has to do with Affiliate Marketing, it is because people will be more likely to click on your site hence giving you free never-ending traffic.



It is true that you can in fact do Affiliate Marketing without a website.

There are many methods on how to do that but in the end, it all comes down building a website and promoting that because times are hard and Google are trying to reduce the use of affiliate links unless they come from your website.

If you’re interested in learning how to build quality website for reviews, check out my #1 recommended program here.

Do share your thoughts and opinions below as I’ll be more than happy to reply.


Riaz Shah



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6 comments to “How to Become an Affiliate Marketer Without a Website? –5 Ways For the Unwary.”
  1. Youtube? That’s actually a brilliant idea! Right under our noses lol, gonna give it a try! I know Angry Joe and I just finished watching a video of that, what a coincidence!

    • There’s an apparently little known YouTube method not mentioned here. Basically, it goes like this:

      1. Search for videos in your niche with LOTS of views (1,000,000+) and check if there are any links in their descriptions

      2. Once the description of a video has no links, contact the owner (via PM) and make a proposal that if they put a link to your offer (or web page or whatever) in the video’s description, you’ll give them a percentage of whatever revenue comes via the link

      The beauty with this method is twofold: It requires no money up front, and you don’t have to create any videos of your own.

      There’s well known ClickBank vendor/affiliate (a multi-millionaire) who claims that within just his first few months as an affiliate marketer he racked up several thousand dollars in sales using this method.

      • This is a great idea Wayne, thanks for the suggestion! I have never thought of leveraging popular YouTube videos this way before but it’s a great way to make some sales by collaborating with someone. The marketer’s brain can work wonders sometimes, definitely going to give that a try. Hope you have a pleasant day!

  2. That’s a great recommendation of forums to go to! Thanks a lot Riaz! A lot of blogs tell you to go to forums but never tell you WHICH ones to go to. Your blog tells AND shows which is why I love you man!

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