Does SEO Mean Social Media?

Does SEO Mean Social Media

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Social Media helps SEO in various ways but one thing for sure, it is NOT SEO.

We can easily get confused between the two because it is often related, especially in terms of business and marketing.

SEO which stands for search engine optimization, is a way for our websites to get visible within Google search engine and people want this because there are millions of people surfing the web every single day.

I mean who wouldn’t want millions people online to be your potential customers?

Social media on the other hand, is a site where people mingle and communicate like Facebook and Twitter which is sure isn’t an SEO is it?

So here’s an overview to understand how these two are interrelated.

How SEO can boost your business online?

Sure SEO sounds like a cool thing but there are a few steps that you need to take into account in order to make SEO work for your business because if not, every Tom, Dick and Harry would be doing the same thing:

1) SEO applies the rule of keyword research.

Keyword research implies that it is necessary to identify keywords that are relevant and accurate with respect to the internet users’ inputs in the search engines.

Identifying keywords also reflects to the common keywords received and monitored by the search engines monthly.

The key point is to have keywords with high searches but with low or medium competition level.


 2) Content!

I would say it is the MOST important aspect on getting your site ranked easily.

Search engines try to match the entered keyword with the content of websites.

For example, if your keyword is “golf player”, the search engine will search for articles having the term “golf player”.

However, there will be millions of articles having the term “golf player” in them so the search engine will rank these articles according to the “keyword density” of the articles.

Keyword density is calculated by dividing the number of keywords in the article by the total number of words and then multiplying the result by 100.

For example, if a hundred-worded article has the keyword “golf player” repeated twice in it, the article has a keyword density of 2%.

Articles having a keyword density of 0.5-2% are generally given the highest ranking and that my friend, is how we get our page above your competitors!

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 3) SEO uses social media in its spectrum of enhancing promotional mechanisms with respect to products and services.

The social media, i.e. Facebook and Twitter, are used in optimization by way of establishing numerous potential consumers.

In SEO concept, the fan pages are the channels that can be used to generate more relevant links going to the main website.


4) SEO executes effective strategies in link building.

When you visit a website, you will usually see several hyperlinks linking that website to other websites.

These links are known as back-links.

Wikipedia is a good example for back-links as all the reference websites are listed at the bottom of a Wikipedia article.

These hyperlinks (at the bottom of an article) are back-links of the respective reference websites which helps to increase the ranking of a website.

Generally, the more back-links a website has, the higher its ranking.

This is a core point in relation to traffics production as the main determinant in the search engine ranking of the websites.

There are various SEO link building methods such as link wheel, blog commenting, site submission services and social bookmarking to name a few.

All of them are moored on one thing – to have quality and natural links going to the main website.



SEO is a legitimate way that many people actually know of but they don’t really apply due to the perception that it is hard so if you ever want to get your site up and running in the first page of Google, learn how to do SEO and you’ll see your website profit in no time!

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  1. This is a great simple article which is nicely done. I know it takes time to write even one blog post but you’re updating it every day, I’m impressed, Riaz. All the best to you!

    • Thank you Isika, that means a lot to me. And yes, it does take a lot of time to write even one and I personally take about 3 hours just to write something as simple as this. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  2. Hello, Riaz

    Thanks for clearing this up for me. SEO is a fairly easy method to implement once we have the know how.

    I have found that social media has helped to drive more traffic to my website which is great. But SEO also needs to be applied along side it for better results.


    • Hello there Neil, two is indeed always better than one. We can get good traffic from SEO and we can get good traffic social media, why not just add up both for double effect 😉

  3. Nowadays, SEO uses Social Media signals as part of the determinant to rankings on Search Engines. Although it is not the only determinant and there are hundreds of them, Search Engines give a heavy weightage on rankings.

    Like you have said, relevant articles and keyword research are important factor for SEO as well. Great post on this.

    If you want to learn more about Internet Marketing, you can learn more from Riaz’s recommendation.

    Nice Riaz! Keep up the good work!

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    • Hey there Jack, thank you for the recommendation! keyword research and article writing do have an impact on SEO and its doable by just about anyone. Thanks for dropping by and best of luck on your online business journey!

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