Define Keyword Search

Keywords are the most powerful tool for any website to get quick rankings within Google.

However until today not many understand that and because of that, not many implement keywords properly for their articles.

So what is a keyword?

Simple, a key-word that is MOST sought after within the Google search bar.

For example, lose weight, dating and make money are 3 of the hottest things people tend to type when looking for answers in that Google search bar.

Why keywords are so important?

When first creating a website, your site will be hard to find in Google search.

So how do you get people to click on your link if it won’t appear in Google search?

That’s where keywords come in.

With keywords, you can include in your article contents some of these special words that people are targeting so that you’ll score more visibility, thus increasing your visitor rate.

It may be easy when you hit a nice sweet keyword with loads of searches because that would bring in lots of visitors to your site.

However, you’re not the only one who will be looking at those keywords.

Always remember that keywords are hidden treasures and when there’s treasures, there are also pirates (competitors) who will want to have their share of those riches.

This means that you will be competing with millions other websites all over the world who are looking at the same thing as you.

That is why when choosing keywords, you would want to choose the one with less competition.

How to know which keywords to choose?

Choosing the right keywords doesn’t just fall to the ones with huge amounts of visitor clicks, it falls also to how much competition does it actually have.

If the competition is low, then you’ll have a very high probability of people clicking on your website links.

But if the keyword competition is very high, even with huge amounts of visitors looking for that keyword, you will have a very small chance of 1% or even lesser to get even a chunk of that gold.

Here’s an example of a keyword search I did…

Jaaxy search results

As you can see, the results for “Get your ex girlfriend back” is much lower than that of “Get your girlfriend back”.

So you see that just by adding that one word “ex”, I literally reduced the competition by 50.

Give it a try, find a keyword yourself here!

I have personally been using Jaaxy for quite some time and I would advise anyone who’s interested in leveraging the power of keywords to your command to have a go at it.



Keywords are your secret to unlocking endless potential visitors to your site so do make sure to learn and properly leverage them using a keyword tool so that you can get the most with less.

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