Can You Block Someone in Twitter?

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Sometimes we often get spams from people promoting or spamming stuff on your twitter page which can be really annoying.

So can we really block someone on Twitter then?

What a silly qustion, of course you can.

Like any other social media, Twitter is also aware that not all users are genuine users.

Some would take advantage of the massive market to promote products or just spam you to follow them.

So here’s a few steps on how to block those people:

1)  Click on the person’s name

A person spamming on Twitter

Notice the Spammer in the picture.

I did not notice that he is actually a spammer until I replied to him and he kept asking me to report or share.

Although for most people, that is an obvious sign of spam, I know that I am pretty nice at heart to give people a chance that probably would be useless.

So the first step is to click on the person’s name, which will then bring you to his Twitter profile.

2)  Click on the Gear icon

Block and report abuse a spammer in Twitter

Notice that you actually have a choice to either block or report him as abuse.

Blocking will just nicely prevent him from appearing on your account but reporting abuse is a much stronger action which could lead to his or her banning of account.

So unless you really hate the person, I wouldn’t advise clicking on report abuse.

But supposing you accidentally click on that, do not worry because it takes several other users to report abuse in order for the Twitter management to notice.

Will the person know if you block him?

When you block a person, Twitter will not give him a notification or anything to let the person know that he is blocked.

You will not be able to see the offending person’s tweet and neither will he of yours.

However if that person is really a stalker, he might look up your name in Twitter to find out about you and if he cannot find your name, he will know you blocked him.

But really, there’s nothing for you to worry about because remember, he cannot threaten you at all after that!



Twitter is an exciting social media which is considered more open than Facebook so because of that, other random people who have never heard of your name, will be able to look you up (Like Instagram).

Because of that, you will get many stalkers or spammers so therefore it’s important to know when to block and when to report abuse on someone so that you may enjoy Twitter without feeling annoyed.

If you have anything to share on your Twitter experience with spammers, do comment them below and I’ll be more than happy to reply.

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