34 Successful Bloggers Share How They Spend Their Weekends

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Ever wondered how bloggers spend their weekends?

Despite what people say, blogging is a serious work that requires commitment and once you’re in that line, there isn’t a day that pass by when you can just sit back idly without thinking of what your next article should be about.

We are more or less like writers – Everywhere we go, we’ll end up searching for ideas and planning ahead.

It’s how some blogs can become huge such as GrowMap and BuzzNitrous but behind all those fame, bloggers are simply humans like you and me, and this is what they have to say…

Angel Shama Sharon

Name: Angel Shama Sharon

Blog: Above and Beyond the Horizon

I mostly read spiritual books or go around and look for people who are severely depressed and try to encourage them or give them a piece of advice and if possible, books that can help get them out of depression or eating disorders faster. I went through those challenges myself and it was a tough journey so I decided to help people as many people as I can.

Name: Derek Marshal

Derek Marshal

Blog: Cure My Erectile Dysfunction

Mostly, I work during the weekends – Usually, a little bit of light work to revise what went well during the week and to plan the forthcoming week doing such activities like keyword research and most importantly dedicating a few moments on a Friday evening to make sure my outsourced workers are happy.

One is currently on a family trip to Bombay in India and shared some fantastic photos!

Creating a deep connection with and making sure your outsourced workers are happy is vital to them producing their best work for you and of course keeping them long term. Great workers, be they outsourced writers are an asset to your site and your success, it is important to dedicate some time to them being happy!

gail garder featuredName: Gail Gardner

Blog: GrowMap

While it isn’t totally necessary, many serious bloggers are online 7 days a week.

You could schedule your social media activities and blog post publishing in advance but in my case, I do keep up with Twitter, check Facebook and LinkedIn, and often manually publish content over the weekends.

What I recommend everyone do is automate what is possible so that they can free up time to interact on a personal level as time allows. Pinterest users are very active on Saturday in the early morning. Sunday evening is one of the most popular times on Twitter and Facebook. So show up live at those times if those networks are important to you.

Megan JohnsonName: Megan Johnson

Blog: Tipsy Writer

Maybe I’m a little different, but I reserve my weekends for things like relaxing and exploring.

To me, these are just as important when it comes to creating a good blog as sitting in front of your computer screen. Getting out and experiencing new things never fails to give me a different perspective on which to write, and I always come back to my desk feeling more inspired than before.

Name: Michelle Phua

Blog: Alexandra Luella

My weekend always swings between the ends of extremely relaxing and frantically (but somehow) productive!

The weekend is a time when I get to take my mind off legal work, go to farmers’ markets, galleries and see my friends.

But having a blog also means I get to indulge in a bit of my own creative sessions – lose track of time writing, painting and fumbling with cameras as well as editing photographs. Either way, these little activities always ensure that I get back to Monday recharged, focus and fresh!

Louise Oliver featuredName: Louise Oliver

Blog: Curious Footsteps

On a weekend when I’m not away (which is fairly regularly as I’m a travel blogger) I would usually do some yoga or go for a bike ride/long country walk, meet some friends for brunch or coffee, go out for dinner with my family, watch a film or go and see some live music 🙂

Name: Ryan BiddulphRyan Biddulph featured

Blog: Blogging From Paradise

On weekends I do as I do every day because I love blogging. I create helpful content.

I make friends with top bloggers by promoting them and commenting on their blogs. I also tend to take more breaks during the week as I am often circling the globe and enjoying my time offline so the weekends are not really a rest and recuperation thing for me.

Zac Johnson featuredName: Zac Johnson

Blog: Zac Johnson

To make the most out of my weekends, I try to make sure automation is in play as much as possible.

For example, if you are running a website or blog, this is easy enough with WordPress and content scheduling.

To maximize these efforts, be sure to use a social media scheduling tool and also have weekly newsletters or autoresponders in place as well. It’s a simple tip, but the more you can automate, the more you can scale your business and reach while not actually working.

Heidi Cohen featuredName: Heidi Cohen

Blog: Heidi Cohen

To support successful blogging, Saturdays are my day off. I unplug from my computer and other work for the entire day.
Any Saturday blog posts or social shares are scheduled in advance. This time is critical to allow my creative muse to rest.


Kyle WA featuredName: Kyle Loudoun

Blog: Ways to Avoid Scams Online

There is no one consistent answer for this. Some weekends are pure relaxation with family and friends, whereas others are a time to get work done.

That is the life of a full-time online business owner – You are in control and any day can be a “weekend” for you if you want it to be that, whether that is a Monday, Wednesday or a Saturday.

Nathaniell Brenes featuredName: Nathaniell Brenes

Blog: One More Cup of Coffee

Honestly, I work most weekends. It’s crazy – I got into internet marketing for more freedom, but I tend to work more.

Partly because I enjoy it, but partly because growing a business is addicting! There’s always the next goal, the next income achievement, that next #1 ranking spots. But when I’m not obsessing over work I try to get out on my motorcycle, and go to a local brewery when it’s sunny outside!

Louie Luc featuredName: Louie Luc

Blog: Buzz Nitrous

As a professional blogger, I find weekends to be very important for several reasons.

I exercise, rest and relax. This should be a part of everyone’s work calendar. You need to see leisure activities as something crucial for your performance throughout your career.

If you’re too tired, either physically or psychologically, you won’t be at your absolute best which will prevent you from excelling at your blogging tasks. I also take some time to read other blogs and update my knowledge on the latest niche topics that I write about.

Finally, I make sure to check and organize my content calendar to understand what I need to work on in the week ahead.

brandon featuredName: Brandon Arnold

Blog: How to Become a Uber Driver

Overall, I enjoy hanging with friends on the weekend.

However, in the moments that I do have personal time, I utilize the time to read other blogs in my niches, brainstorm topics to write about, and do a little bit of keyword research.

In order to be successful, it’s important to constantly work on your goals, and learn more about the market you are in. Even a little bit of extra time spent working on your business can and will go long way down the road and have ripple effects on what your success may look like.

Raihan Jasmine featuredName: Raihan Jasmine

Blog: Organic Touch

Of course, I start my Saturday morning with the family breakfast and grocery shopping.

All of this tend to end by noon and by then, I’d start editing some photos for the upcoming promotions that I’ll do on my website or Instagram. At night, dinner with the family, and then I’ll play some games until midnight to relax and unwind.

On Sunday morning, the first thing I’ll do is go to the market and then come back home to serve breakfast for my family. And then I’ll help mama with some lunch preps. In the evening, I’ll update my website with some short blogging and after dinner, the usual games to relax my mind.

Comes weekday though, is when I go full force work mode to maximize productivity.

Vanessa Szopski featuredName: Vanessa Szopski

Blog: Trendy Yoga Clothing

I like to maximize my productivity and efficiency so every Saturday I do one full day of cooking and then meal prep. I actually cook extra food and freeze it so that I have always something on hand in case I accidentally run out during the week or I want something “fresh”.

On Sundays, I like to review my tracking sheet where I have all my goals are written down and the summary of the tasks and hours that I accomplished the week before. I then create new goals and tasks that I want to accomplish for the week ahead.

Anil Agarwal featuredName: Anil Agarwal

Blog: Bloggers Passion

I would normally spend my weekends with my family, but work is my top priority.

There’s no weekend for bloggers if you know how busy we are.

I usually spend my time scheduling my weekly blog posts, checking traffic stats and thinking about how to improve more search traffic and my blog earnings. If you have a clear agenda about what your blog’s top priorities are, spending weekends is easy.

Anh Nguyen featuredName: Anh Nguyen

Blog: Blogging Thing

As a blogger, I usually use my weekends to brainstorm posts for the whole week. Since I’m still working a full-time job, I found the days off to be especially helpful for refreshing my brain and coming up with new ideas.

That being said, if you are working on your own blog, it’s easy to overwork yourself and forget to rest altogether. So from time to time, I’ll just unplug and go somewhere just to relax!

Alex Sol featuredName: Alex Sol

Blog: Extra Paycheck Blog

I usually try to keep my weekends free for activities and seeing friends. I became an online marketer specifically so that I could manage my time the way I want to. However, there is always some work that needs to be done…

  1. I catch up to all the unanswered emails, YouTube comments, and blog comments during the weekend.
  2. On Sunday evening, I usually sit down for an hour or two and plan out the next week. There is so much to do when running an online business that it can quickly become overwhelming. So I review the week that just past, cross out the actions that I took and re-evaluate the things I have not completed. Did I not finish the tasks because I didn’t have time? Or maybe because they are insignificant? Then I decide if I should move these tasks to the next week, outsource them or simply abandon them.
  3. Of course, the weekend is great to also catch up on Jay’s live training videos if I couldn’t be there on Friday evening. Socializing and helping people within WA happens throughout the week but I do have more time for this on weekends.
  4. On weekends when I don’t have many activities planned I might write an article or make a video for Extra Paycheck YouTube channel or for my new niche website.

Neil Clues featuredName: Neil Clues

Blog: Zero to Affiliate Hero

I spend Mon – Fri writing content and generally replying to comments on my blog. So for me, the weekend (mainly Saturdays) is more about chillaxing and spending quality time with the family as a reward for working hard during the week.

However, I do prefer to use Sundays as my “tweaking” days for editing content and improving the overall user-experience of my blog for visitors. In addition, I research topics and keywords for the next 5 new posts because as a blogger, it’s important to plan your week in advance and stay focused.

Edy Chandra featuredName: Edy Chandra

Blog: My Success Online Marketing

On the weekend, I do TWO things – I visit 1-2 competitors’ websites and see how they market things to their audience, and  I look back on the activities that I have done and try to improve the overall performance.

Most of the time, from spying Competitor’s website, I get the “A-ha” moment on what’s the next thing to focus on. Finally, I simply schedule the action I wanted to take on my calendar. Then, repeat the process.

Rufat Ammar featuredName: Rufat Ammar

Blog: Your Income Advisor

Most of the time I spend my time with my family on weekends and I believe it’s very important. Making money is an endless process and you can’t earn all the money in the world. Blogging is an endless process too.

In fact, if I blog every day to the rest of my life this process will never end.

That’s why I believe spending time with my family on weekends is my #1 priority but sometimes when I need to reply to comments on my website or help someone, I do so even on weekends. Finally, it’s you who decides how often to blog and when to blog.

Vitaliy G featuredName: Vitaliy G

Blog: How to Make Honest Money Online

Honestly man, I’m very lazy on weekends lol, they don’t really differ that much from my weekdays because the work is from home.


moritz steck featuredName: Moritz Steck

Blog: Online Jedis

As an online entrepreneur, my business never really sleeps.

However, I try to dedicate my weekends mostly to my family. So we are usually on the road, having a nice dinner, or are doing some shopping.

I publish posts every day from Monday to Friday and rest on the weekend. That doesn’t mean that I do nothing for my business on weekends. My mind is always working.

Wherever I go, I look for new opportunities and topics I can write about and take notes. I also answer the comments on my blogs and social media channels that come in on Saturday and Sunday. I really think that it is important to rest at least a bit on the weekend.

Cathy LingName: Cathy Ling

Blog: Time Rich Worry Free

On weekends, I try to get a few hours away from the computer to refresh my body. The shoulder back tends to stiffen when you sit for a long time and the mind tends to set into writer’s block when you blog for hours.

I love doing Yoga in the morning, make my favorite juice for lunch and get a good rest (like sleep) in the evening.

Occasionally, I would take a stroll at the downtown market, just to see what people are doing for their local businesses that I can implement for my blog. The realization that there are countless of niches that one can monetize from is truly inspiring.

Brok Webb featuredName: Brok Webb

Blog: Full Time Job From Home

Although my blog has become decently successful income wise, I still work full-time through the week for an offline business that I own. So most of my blogging work happens a few hours a night and during the days on the weekend.

Most of my time is dedicated to writing new posts on the weekend. Since I’m able to devote more than a few hours I like to take the time to sit down and write several posts at a time. During the week, the few hours I spend usually are devoted to responding to emails, comments, and members at Wealthy Affiliate.

Leo Emery featuredName: Leo Emery

Blog: Net Wise Profits

How do  I spend my weekend? That’s easy! I don’t go anywhere near my online business and I kick back and relax.


Name: Loes KnetschLoes Knetsch featured

Blog: Work at Home Future

When I do not have social obligations in the weekend, I am spending my 2 days researching, finding great pictures, (sometimes I need to go outside to shoot them myself), and writing new blogs.

In the meanwhile, I hang around on the Wealthy Affiliate forum also, reading blogs and helping people with questions. So most, if not all the time, I’m behind my computer and I do love every minute of it 🙂

Roope Kiuttu featuredName: Roope Kiuttu

Blog: Your Online Revenue

For me, weekends are the most productive time for blogging. Usually, I start by setting goals for the day. What do I want to achieve today? How will I schedule my day? Then I write down a plan.

With clear goals and plans, things will be much more effectively. When you set goals for blogging remember this: “Most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss, but because they aim too low and hit.” => Set ambitious goals. I use the most of my time on content creation because it’s the most important part of blogging.

Then it’s also good to think about new ideas how you could improve your blog: update old content, make creative social media marketing, launch massive PPC-campaign, create YouTube videos and embed them into your blog, outreach to other bloggers in your niche and so on. Decide what your goals are and start working your butt off.

Chris Lee featuredName: Chris Lee

Blog: A Blog on Blogging

My weekend is when I usually do the bulk of my work with the week-days being just catching up on email, social media etc. Ideally, I also pre-schedule my posts on the weekend so that means I do a lot of writing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I may not be able to pull this off every weekend, but this method I have been using seems to be working fine up till now helping me streamline my content and my workload.

Grace Cheung featuredName: Grace Cheung Izquierdo

Blog: Work Anywhere Now

As a blogger, I usually have my weekends as catch up days, though most of the weekend should be for my family, I still get some work in. It’s doing little things like checking my writing schedule, check on stats, youtube, etc. It’s great to have a more relaxed view about the work too on the weekends.

Jason Heard featuredName: Jason Heard

Blog: Extra Paycheck Online

As a stay-at-home dad, weekends are the best time to really focus and to get work done. That and late nights, lol.

I find weekends are the best times for me to catch-up on any important ‘bookmarked articles’ or lessons and also a great time to plan the upcoming week.

Whether it’s doing keyword research or writing content – this dad works weekends. And I do so with a smile on my face.

takatomo homma featuredName: Takatomo Homma

Blog: Seeds for Your Future

On most weekends I go swimming and spend the rest of the afternoon developing ideas for my blog, researching or writing posts. I have little time to write on weekdays, so I have to do it on weekends, but I enjoy it and that’s what’s important.

Stephanie Green featuredName: Stephanie Green

Blog: Your Virtual Career

The weekend is when I find myself being the most productive for my blog. It’s when I write my blog posts, I create my social media schedule and weekly target, as well as reading books, articles, or blog posts, to keep me up-to-date with the most current trends or changes in my niche.

Arief WibowoName: Arief Wibowo

Blog: The Online Business Now

I always attend Webinars provided by Wealthy Affiliate in the morning.

In my timezone, it is always Saturday morning. I wake up an hour early before the webinar, edit my blog a little bit, and watch the webinar for 1.5 hours. The rest of the weekend, I spend it with my family. Love to play with my wife and daughter. We either stay at home or go to the mall.


Final Word

As you can see, every blogger has their own ways of utilizing their weekends respective to their niches.

Serious ones prefer to work and plan ahead while others who are more carefree, tend to relax and go out to replenish their energy as well as finding more ideas on what to write about.

Regardless of their approaches, you can definitely see that these bloggers don’t usually waste their weekends by doing nothing or by idling by as even on holidays, they have something planned. As they say – Work hard, but play harder, wouldn’t you agree?

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  2. amazing article Riaz , thanks for sharing. I’ve always loved checking out progress from young blogs to mature level, it gives me an idea on what I have to go through.

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    It is the most exciting blog post. It is always good to learn about other successful people’s stories and what they do in their life. Thank you so much for sharing all these great ideas and insights. Great information!


  4. That was a really interesting read. I was expecting everyone to say they spend most of their weekend working on their blog so it was cool to see people actually able to take time out from them as well! I’ve recently started a new website and basically every moment my kids are in bed (every nap time, every evening) I’m working on building up my site. I’m looking forward to ironing out the site and getting in a better routine with posting content so I can enjoy taking a little time out from it. Important to avoid burnout!

    • Awesome to hear that Emily, I love seeing the energy bloggers put into making their site a reality, that fuels me up to work harder on weekends too 😀

  5. Hi Riaz, this is a great post, it is clear and motivating. You really got me going here. I love the chance to see what other bloggers are doing in their lives. I am myself a new comer to the blogging world, I love it so far and I am really committed to do my best to write articles as often as I can. I appreciate this post, I really do it was clear and well written, I hope to see more posts from you, thank you. 

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  8. Wow, great list!

    I found the descriptions of each bloggers life to be quite inspiring to someone such as myself who is currently working towards a better lifestyle in the future.

    I do also recognize most of them from WA which is what I have been using over the past few months and I think this is definitely the place to be when learning about creating a brand!

    My question is, what is your weekend routine? Do you take any specific days off and if so, how do you prefer to spend that free time?

    • Depends Arie, my weekend is filled with work but I’m planning to get some time off and relax a little once in a while. What about yours?

  9. I love this post!

    Having just started blogging and trying to fit my hobby around my work and personal life, it is great to read about what other, more established bloggers do in their spare time. It’s especially reassuring to find that they seem to fit in work around their site with their personal life and are not chained to the laptop 24/7. I’m looking to find that perfect balance right now, and reading these posts has really helped – thank you!

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    I really hope you reach your goal and make a livings with your website/blog, but i guess it’s just a matter of time now.

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    Well i wish you all the best

    • Glad you see it that way Raimana, being transparent and letting people see the real thing despite the hype is what gives people hope in troubled especially in difficult times like this. Appreciate the feedback, thanks and I hope you have a great day !

  11. Great post for up and coming bloggers Riaz!

    I see a occurring theme mentioned by most of the bloggers on your list: The majority of them seem to spend the weekend relaxing and many of them also use automation tools as well so they have the extra time to relax.

    Obviously these bloggers have found success through hard work that has allowed them to be able to pretty much do as they wish with their weekends.

    That’s the level I want to get to. Great insight on what successful bloggers do!

    • That’s the level I want to get to too Eric! I’m working everyday and I hope to achieve their level of automation too before I can take my weekend off and rejuvenate 🙂

  12. You site is very inspiring. I have just recently started my own site. I had never in my life blogged before and have never really written anything. I am finding that I love it and not only is it fun but I learn a lot. I already have a great idea for my second site once I get the first one up and running. I really like your The Ligits and The Scams sections. I came very close to falling for a couple of the scams before I landed at WA.

    Thank you

  13. Really nice article Riaz! I have always wanted to know how successful people, actually just people who work from home, spend their weekends, is it working or spending time with their families and friends?
    I can see many of them take a break in weekends which is great because before reading this, I thought most work 24/7 through the year and with your article, it shed light into my understanding on bloggers and people who worked from home.
    This is truly awesome and will checking out your articles too!

    • Glad you liked the article Fern, I was wondering of the same thing thus the idea for the write-up lol. Appreciate the feedback, cheers

  14. Hi there – This was great insight into what other successful bloggers do. Weekends, for me, are known for relaxing and spending time with family or doing chores around the house.

    It seems like these people are divided – some work 7 days a week and use their weekends to work on their website, draft posts, or brainstorm ideas. Others use the weekend to relax and unplug from blogging and social media.

    I guess it just shows us that you can do what works for you. No one is the same, and you should be able to choose the path that makes you happy and helps you feel successful. Thank you so much for sharing all these great ideas and insights into how bloggers spend their weekends! Great information!

    • Agreed with you on that one Jen, I guess I’m more in the middle because I don’t feel comfortable if I take a day off for more than 1 day. 

  15. Thanks for a very interesting article.
    I think we all wonder what the successful folks do on weekends and even during the week.
    There was such a wide variety of answers and approaches to their businesses. And there doesn’t seem to be anyone consistent thing that any of them attribute to their success, except maybe, hard work.

    • Hard work is the only way to success Tucker, shortcuts will only bring you to your downfall. I experienced that many times in my life, glad to know you liked my review. Cheers

  16. There are some great tips here for balancing your life and your business. I spend all weekend cooking and taking photos!!!! But my family love the outcomes.
    I am only just starting my site so it is good to know what others do as I am balancing a full time job as well.

    • The life and business balance are what many people strive to achieve Katy, spending the weekend with your family taking photos is a perfect way to refresh your ideas and vigour to start writing again. Best of luck on your site growth!

  17. Hey Riaz,

    Thanks a lot for this interesting article. It’s been useful to me to learn how other bloggers and entrepreneurs spend their weekends. I’ve bookmarked it to note some habits and implement them. It’s curious how many of us are on a similar path and have different habits. You could ask the same question to 1000 bloggers and would get different answes lol.

    Have a great day =)

    • Awesome Miren!  Definitely, but a thousand is too many but one thing for certain, they all have their own ways to spend their weekend than just sitting idly. 

  18. Hi Riaz, many thanks for this article. I actually found it very helpful given that I have just set up my own website over the past month. It’s always useful to get a perspective from the ‘pros’. As you note in your conclusion, no one blogger is the same, so I guess it is simply about finding out what works best for you as an individual.

    Best, al

  19. Loved this article! So interesting to see the differences between what all these successful bloggers do on the weekends. Some just play and have family time which is certainly great. But others use the time in a very productive way for their business which undoubtedly allows them to get more done during the week.

  20. Hi Riaz,
    Bloggers weekend, what a unique and fascinating blog post. I saw quite a few Wealthy Affiliate friends in the article and was very interested in how they spend their weekends.
    As for me, “what’s a weekend?”
    As a retiree, I am on my own schedule, that is to say, my family’s schedule. My wife determines the priorities on any given day, but she knows I have to devote time to blogging and ensures that I have it. My grandchildren who are often around, don’t know that but I always make time for them.
    This happens every day of the week with no difference. When it is time to take a rest any day works for me, although they are few and far between.
    I love blogging and spend as much time as possible working on my 2 websites.

  21. Very informative! As a part time blogger I find it challenging to get articles done during the weekdays, so my entire weekend is normally devoted to that, however I can hope to one day be a full time blogger and have the luxury of a normal weekend like many here have discussed, just more motivation! Excellent read

  22. Nice article, it really let me understand that no matter how good a website may be or how famous someone might be. The truth of the matter is that they are humans that work hard for what they do and achieve. It gives a very good insight on these bloggers/authors on who they are and where they came from. thank you.
    good luck,

    • There’s no shortcut to success Matt, persistence and hard work pays off. Glad we’re on the same view, appreciate the feedback 😀

  23. Hi Riaz. I’m in the work hard on weekends group lol! As I’m still doing my regular 9-5 job, weekends are the only time I can totally focus I doing some serious work on site. But of course, I do ensure some relaxation are there for me to unwind after a hectic week.


    • I know what you mean Isaac, I too am working a 9-5 job and trying to juggle life as well. It’s hard but I’m managing so you can too 😉

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    Nice post. I’ve never seen anything like this, what a great idea to write about what bloggers do on the weekend, incorporating only bloggers. How did you find all these people. I’m really interested in guest blogging… not sure how to get on or go about it. Any advice?

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    Fascinating subject. When one opens a blog sometimes thinks is the easiest way to make money, but reading about all of them gives me the idea that is a 24/7 job.
    It is encouraging to see the experiences of others and having the idea that there is hope for us newbies in this market.
    Like in any other business is better if you invest your time doing something you love. Also, blogging gives you the chance to keep growing.

    • Proves that its not as easy as it looks TG, but then again, nothing comes free in life. We need to earn it and when it comes to blogging, keeping consistent with content is a sure way to skyrocket your online business. Cheers!

  26. That’s great to read that I’m not so different from more experienced bloggers- although I don’t usually refer to myself as one 🙂
    I guess, once a blogger always a blogger. You’re (almost) always thinking of ways to enrich your blog and to get better results…
    Thanks for this Post. It’s awesome to get to read so many people’s opinions and experiences at the same place.

    • Me too Eliane, I can totally relate to that. I guess as content creators, we’re always thinking of fresh ideas to post and connect. Best wishes on your blog!  Hope you have a good day 🙂

  27. I absolutely love the uniqueness of this article. Fabulous. I also like one of the bloggers suggestions on treating their outsoucers well. I totally agree with this. Utilizing great out-sourceing resources is important and so is recognizning them and keeping them happy. Keep up the great work, I will visit often.

  28. It’s very interesting to read differing opinions about blogging and building your online business. But similar themes seem to be common with all of the bloggers. They make sure they create time to relax and unwind, clear their minds to prepare themselves for the week ahead, reading and commenting on other’s blogs which are good networking opportunities. They also have some useful tips about automating publishing which I quite like as I would need some family time too.
    Thank you for this information.

    • Automating publishing is something I’ve been dying to learn too, so far I’m doing everything manually and it’s very time consuming. Thanks for dropping by Connie, cheers!

  29. This is really cool. I am new to the blogging world and I hope one day that I become as successful as they are. I didn’t know that so much goes into blogging though, its a lot of hard work, but i’m going to see it through. The answers that some of the bloggers give shows insight on how they got where they are now. Great article, definitely sharing this on facebook.

    • Great to hear that Garrett, blogging is not hard, but it requires effort and consistency. With the right mindset, you can definitely rank your way up easy.

  30. Riaz; Very good post. Thanks a lot.

    I have noticed that in a unique way your post teaches the importance of time. Everyone in the post write something that can be applied to the online business that will boost success.
    You had energized a wise thought when you get all these confessing ideas together.

    I am a crazy writer when it comes to time. I work when I am inspired to. Be it weekend, weekdays or in the middle of the night, awaking out of sleep, once I am inspired I write.
    I am saying many thanks to you for allowing your post to accommodate that kind of behavior.

    • Hey Dorcas! 

      I love hearing stories of people getting inspired as it inspires me to work hard too. I tend to be affected with people so when I see someone grinding it day and night, the motivation and persistence kinda rub it on me too. Awesome to hear from you again, thanks for the amazing feedback! 

  31. Great idea for an article. I always enjoy hearing about people’s process, a behind the scenes look into their mindset if you will. As someone who just started blogging the subject was particularly useful. Interesting to see in that field that it really is open to work on your own time as long as the work is getting done – Some prefer to recharge on the weekend while others feel that’s when they do their best work.

    Keep up with the quality ideas, and I’ll keep following along.

    • You’re not the only one, Bill. I also love reading success stories and progresses, it inspires me to work harder and reach the same success as they do too. If they can, then we can eh? Cheers 

  32. This really opened my eyes to the career of being a blogger. I’m a new blogger, so I really appreciate this kind of post. Helps to put things into perspective for me. Would you say that your weekends are similar to the bloggers mentioned above? I wonder if bloggers ever give themselves a holiday as well 🙂

    • Same here Ade, my weekends are definitely like most of them. I use it to work and keep up with news and generate new ideas. What about yours?

  33. This was such an interesting read! It seems to be a misconception that if you work for yourself and create your own working hours that you will work less. This is so not true! I am one of those overachiever types and have ended up working far more than my old part-time job. Granted, I love it and wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. But still! It seems like most people think its leisurely to run your own business. I work every weekend! As well as attend college as a full-time student.

    I totally agree that time to unplug from the computer and follow your creative impulses is very important. I love spending time with friends and taking time to stay fit.

    It’s super easy to lose track of priorities when you get so excited about work. I constantly have to remind myself that my health comes first, studies second, and blog third. It’s not always easy!

    Thanks for this really interesting article.



    • Hey Helen!

      Over-achievers work really hard and they grind day and night to get to where they are, I really look up to these kind of people as I too strive to reach my goal. I remember how high-spirited I was back then when I was studying too, all the best in you work, study, and life !

  34. It’s eye opening to see what possibilities there are out there in the world. Let alone the people that take advantage of them.
    Thanks for the interesting read. I really enjoyed seeing the diversity in the world of the internet blogging.
    I just might have to try and take a stab at it myself!

  35. This is a great read! I think it’s important for bloggers to make time for themselves so that they don’t get burnt out. I make sure that I at least have one day off a week away from the screen and go outside or take the day to read a book, etc. Thank you for sharing!

  36. What a great post to show us, bloggers, what other bloggers do on the weekend. I so enjoyed reading about all those folks and it inspired me to get out more and it also inspired me to think more about the aspect of automation and outsourcing
    Sometimes, we get buried in the trenches and forget to look up and think about what’s next.
    Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable piece.

    • That’s exactly what happened to me Tucker, I never thought about what comes next until its already there. Better be prepared with good planning then wasting figuring out what to do, eh?

  37. Wow thats crazy! I read only a few but my surprise was that almost everyone work harder on weekends, that is insane and make me think I need to work harder even when I should be resting, do the opposite from 90% of the people and get results that 90% Of people do not get, thank you for sharing

    • Right on Ibhar! 

      We work when people rest, so that that we can rest when they work. Simple words like this motivate me to work harder too, awesome to know it motivated you too. Cheers!

  38. This is so cool! It’s nice to see what these highly accomplished individuals like to do in their down time. Blogging can be hard work so it’s important to enjoy that bit of time off and spend it doing something you love, that makes you happy.

    This is just such a creative idea for a post. I’m so impressed! Keep up the good work.

  39. I am a new blogger too! And I wish I can become successful like one of them! It is an amazing idea to write a blog about successful WA stories. It is more convincing to others that WA is really a legit place to learn and develop your online marketing business.

  40. Wow, I’m amazed! Bloggers do spend their weekdays and weekends differently. By the way, it’s so nice to see familiar faces on your blog post.

    I am new to blogging and I’d say I still have a lot to learn. And since I am working a full time job I really have to balance my time between my job and managing my 2 websites. I found that writing content to be the real challenge. Most of the time even at work my mind is always actively thinking about what article i’m gonna tackle next.

    Weekend for me is no different from weekdays. I still work on my websites but as a Christian I make sure I give one day for the Lord. I go to Church to serve and worship God and be in fellowship with other believers.

    • Having a break for spiritual is also a good way to replenish your ideas for new content too Alice, glad you liked the article! You’re halfway to becoming a fulltime blogger 😉

  41. Great article! I found it very interesting what other successful bloggers do with what is supposed to be their down time. It was not surprising that a lot of weekends were spent working or preparing for work. Although I am new to blogging I am finding that any time that I am not at my day job I am working on my blog or thinking about it. It seems like a lot of the bloggers mentioned need at least a small amount of time somewhere within the week to refresh their minds.

    • True that Shwana, I too think of my blog constantly when I’m away and it worries me a lot so I end up not resting. It’s important to rest and relax so that you replenish your creative side. Appreciate the awesome feedback, thanks for dropping by!

  42. Great article! I found it very interesting what other successful bloggers do with what is supposed to be their down time. It was not surprising that a lot of weekends were spent working or preparing for work. Although I am new to blogging I am finding that any time that I am not at my day job I am working on my blog or thinking about it. It seems like a lot of the bloggers mentioned need at least a small amount of time somewhere within the week to refresh their minds.

  43. This is so inspiring! It’s nice to see so many successful bloggers that have actually made something for themselves in the online blogging world.

    This was exciting and a fun read! I hope to be able to add myself to the ‘successful blogger’ list someday!

    Are you on this list? Have you had much success as a blogger and do you have any tips for beginners?


  44. Hi Riaz, good idea and awesome post. Really enjoyed for individual of successful bloggers weekends routing.

    However, during reading all of 34 individuals’ plan and their work, I have missed out comment platform in WA.
    That’s where I am writing here for your good work.

    For me as a newbie blogger, my weekends are very straight forward as I am still in my way along the learning journey to become successful one. So that, I still need to do some home work, updating my contents, reading others’ blog posts as well as checking fb updates and new emails. At the same time explore the features / tools to enhance with my blog post for reader friendly.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Keep up with this and looking forward for your next great post.

    • Hey William,
      You’ll definitely do well in your online journey, it’s gonna be fun and full of surprises. If these bloggers can make it, you can too. Good luck and thanks for the awesome feedback!

  45. Hi Riaz

    Thank you so much for sharing such a fresh, interesting research about so many Great Bloggers, for me is a great source of inspiration, I am glad that I came across your blog.

    I am completely new to the business I have my own blog, about Anxiety, and I create as much content as I can but because English is not my first language becomes kind of a challenge. I would like to ask: Do you have any suggestions for me to improve or find an easier way to create content.

    Thanks again Riaz, looking forward to hearing from you soon



    • Hey Roberto, 

      I know exactly what you mean, English is not my mother tongue and so is writing but after writing a few contents, everything comes naturally to me. All you need to do is start and as they say, the hardest part is always the beginning; the rest will follow through.

  46. Creating a post like this has several attractive features. First it is an innovative idea for a post. It also provides insights for you and the reader. The actual interviews show that bloggers are diverse and even though their approaches differ, they still experience success in their own way and pace.
    I am a new blogger, so I appreciate the opportunity to take a peek into the lives of other bloggers, to get ideas on time management especially.
    Do you have any key actions that a new blogger should turn into a routine?

    • Glad you liked the article Judith, it was my aim to give insight for the new bloggers because I too start with very a very blurry view on how things are in the Online Business world. Appreciate the feedback, cheers

  47. Hi there!

    It is so interesting to see how each individual chooses to spend their weekends. Everyone is doing his own thing and yet all of them are successful. I liked the idea of this article and i like your overall work and writing. I’m into blogging too and i’m definitely coming back for more of your articles!

  48. Hi, Riaz.

    Hey, being a member of WA I recognized a lot of these individuals, lol!

    It is quite interesting to read of various attitudes that these individuals have within their beings regarding what they do on their weekends. Some people choose to just kick back and just relax, enjoying life without dealing with their online businesses. The people who go at it full-bore 7 days per week while 100% committed, I also wonder if at some point they’re going to burn themselves out?

    At the same time other individuals still work on their businesses, although in some cases not as seriously as they would during the normal M – F work week.

    I find myself mostly not focusing as much on my business during the weekend. Although if I have an idea bouncing around in my head involving writing a compelling content article for my website, instead of waiting until Monday I will spend at least some of Saturday in all cases completing it. Sunday I never work on my business, nor in many cases even go to the WA site itself. The “and on the 7th day. He rested” analogy from the Bible.

    A very interesting and certainly different article that I enjoyed reading. It says a lot about WA and how so many members in the community were willing to share their regular work routine with you, Riaz!


    • Hey Jeff!

      Being transparent by sharing your experiences is definitely going to make people believe you more. There are so many internet scammers and keyboard warriors today that people are trusting us less and less. But if they see you as one of them, then you are definitely going to grow really fast. 

  49. Hi there

    Great post! It was a really interesting read!

    I am new to blogging and just to read others stories about how they spend their time is really good. I usually plan my posts out and plan which ones are to be shared on social media.

    Things that come up on the weekend that could possibly be articles or posts in the future I jot down in a effort to keep ideas flowing!

    It’s really good to put faces to names to. I have read some of these people’s posts and your article gives a more personal connection to these people.

    Thanks again
    Regards Hailey

    • I jot down all those ideas too Hailey, you’re definitely on the right track! Be consistent when writing your posts and you’ll grow well. Cheers

  50. I started my blog back in May. Maybe I’m just crazy for keeping it going right now but I’ve got a lot of projects going on that are competing with it for time.

    We decided it was time to finish our landscaping, so I’ve got two paver projects, installing a sprinkler system, planting shrubs, laying sod, and trying to do my blog. I’ve found that trying to blog and landscape on the same day is completely worthless. So I end up blogging at night after work and then spend my weekend in the hellish heat digging ditches for sprinkler pipe.

    I can’t wait until winter when I can just be lazy and binge watch Neflix again, but then again now that I’ve got a blog I probably won’t be doing too much of that either.

    • Sure you can Dustin,

      Relaxing and binge watching Netflix is what I do too to keep up to date with the trends and use that as marketing. Just be careful so as to not overdo it, you need to have a work life balance too 😉

  51. This website is extremely good as far as I can see. It really helps people finding their way in the online business world and it also brings fun things to read about, when one needs to chill out a bit, like the article about what bloggers do on their weekends. I really enjoyed the experience I had with this website and I guess I will be visiting it more often.

    • Great to know you liked the article, Mia. Following what they do will help you gt a better insight on their lives. Thanks for dropping by!

  52. I think that your site is great! I am a new blogger and I really like to be able to put a face to the names of other bloggers especially when I have read their work.

    Your page really humanizes them which helps me have a stronger connection to them. Thank you for that!

  53. I like the website as it has good content and info. I enjoyed going through it and the layout is good. It could be a game changer for someone that accidentally comes across it who hasn’t even thought about doing business online..they would learn a good bit 🙂 I learned a little just navigating it.

  54. Amazing idea of writing a blog adding about successful stories of WA collages have succeeded in the internet market place and creating a big photo for them . it really confirms that WA is the first place you can grow at and build a business that can cover your bills for the rest of your life… i was very happy to come over this blog , read forward and receive positive energy to keep on working. thank you very much

    • That positive energy will definitely help you grow your blog Feras, awesome to know I was able to affect your mood with this simple post! 

  55. Thanks for your excellent article. You are right, we need to put effort when we want to achieve something great. The bloggers you mentioned in your article share the same view too. Please keep up your good work and you can become a successful blogger in the coming future too!

  56. Hey man I just wanna say your site is awesome! I’m a new blogger and I’m having a hard time balancing out my time because I’m working like 60 hours a week!
    But I really like seeing somewhat of a guideline, it’s just a. bit easier to be discipline when it’s all organized. Great article!

    • Totally Gabe, things tend to be much easier when you’re halfway in the environment. Once you see where you need to go, everything is smooth sailing and you’ll grow your blog faster too. Thanks for dropping by!

  57. Excellent post. This is something that people should really know. I don’t think there is a difference between being an author and a blogger. They are both witters. I consider myself an author. Always have since I was eight. It becomes a gift, talent and skill. This topic is really god. Congrats.
    I spend time with my family on my free time.

    • Hey Linda,

      That’s great! Being an author is a plus for any blog or website you handle because words come out before you even start writing. Awesome to hear from you, cheers

  58. So, I’m pretty new to this online business thing. My goal is to have my online business be my MAIN source of income. I’ve always wondered what others do on the weekends when they’re trying to build something similar. So, this was very helpful.

    I like that there’s a good mix of what people do. In reading your post, there are some that actually work doing more posts on their site and there are others that may plan for the next week on what to do for that week or may do something small like keyword research. Also, I’ve never heard of outsourced workers before, but from reading the post, I believe I’ve grasped the concept and will keep that in mind to keep them happy.

    Also, since Facebook is a network that’s important to me, learning that doing live streams on Sunday evenings was very helpful. This will help me to capitalize on the market I want to reach.

    Lastly, I also like the idea of making friends with top bloggers and promoting them. That’s genius! Thanks for the helpful info!

    • Hey there Andre!

      Believe it or not, getting to know the big shots help you grow faster too not because of your popularity that tends to rise when their followers notice you, but because of the aura that they resonate. Glad you liked the post, thank you for the awesome feedback!

  59. Hi Riaz. This is a really interesting and very different post. This is a question I would never think of asking. It was fun reading what everyone does on a weekend. It just shows how different we all are.

    One thing is clear, blogging and building your online business is not child’s play, but it is a lot of fun.

    What do you think is a good balance when it comes to spending time with your online business and everything else?

    • Hey Rika,

      For me, a good balance is when you can know that having fun is part of the job because by then, you will start to see things differently and won’t get pressured by the thought of going back to work. 

      I tend to get really stressed when I waste time because when I wasted a day doing just about anything other than work, I’m one day closer to going back to work and it drives me nuts. Not much but that’s how I see things when it comes to work-life balance, hope it answered your question!

  60. Hi Riaz! Really interesting summary on these successful bloggers!
    Just wondering though, how do you get hold of all of them and what made you want to know what they did during the weekends? Also, i noticed that you did not include yourself, don’t you think you are successful too? haha
    Also, really enjoyed the summary and looking forward to your next posts!

    • I’d say that I have more experience than before but I wouldn’t say that I’m a pro just yet Fern. Weekends are a time when normal people rest but what about bloggers? It’s curious to know, that’s why I asked 🙂

  61. This is a great post! Often times the perception is that bloggers just lay in the sun a type away when it’s really up to the individual. As someone interested in becoming a full time blogger, its great to see such a diverse community in how people spend their time.

    • Agreed Alewishes, I used to spend so much time relaxing during the weekend and I often ask myself, why aren’t things picking up as fast as it should be. That’s when I decided to do some research to find out what successful people do on their free time.

  62. Riaz: I do love this round-up post. It’s a reminder that the best thing of all is the freedom we have to choose how we use our time.

  63. Hi, Riaz.
    Thanks for another great article.
    It’s interesting to see what others get up to on the weekends and I can see how, for some, five days just isn’t enough and they need to keep the ball rolling on the weekends.
    I myself get at least one new article up on the weekends and so far I have managed just fine, but freeing up some more time seems like the next step for me.

    • Hey Ryan,

      When you’re just starting out, you need to put your heart and soul everyday to monitor your business growth my friend, it worked for all of my businesses as well. Only when it’s stable should you be able to take a breather.

  64. Hey, Riaz, great post! I’m just getting started in the online/affiliate marketing areas, having been a brick-and-mortar store owner/technician for 35 years. That routine is finish one task, start the next. It’s serial output in a parallel world. So here I am attempting to put all that experience to work. Thanks for the insights into how this business works, at least for your responders. The human routines remain the same, at least as far as planning and organizing one’s work. Where would I get even more information along these lines?

    • Hey Bobby,

      If you’d like more information on the online business world, you could check out huge blogs like HubSpot and Quicksprout. Wealthy Affiliate is really great when it comes to bringing up your blogging game even further as it helps establish your brand even further by enhancing your SEO and content creation skills.

  65. Great one here man.. Its feel good to know that other bloggers spend there weekend almost like i do.

    I spend my weekend doing a lot of proofreading, updating my social networks, seo researchs and basically updating my site.

    Its a job i find joy doing and it doesnt come off as a job but like any other thing i do for fun.

    Im having fun doing this.

    Thanks for pointing this out and sharing. Looking forward to the next.

  66. Thanks for sharing this! It’s always fun to get a glimpse into other’s lives, like being invited over to their home for the first time. And it’s nice to see that no matter how I spend my weekend, there is someone out there who’s successful and spends their weekend the same way!

    • True that Laura, everyone has their own tastes and preferences there’s always a someone who does the exact same thing as us. At least it doesn’t make me feel so alone 😀

  67. Very different people, with very different backgrounds, from very different parts of world, with very different answers..

    Loving it!

    As an online entrepreneur myself, I can relate to each & every one of them in a certain way.
    There are no weekends, the whole year is a big weekend for entrepreneurs.
    We don’t work, what we do is a passion, we do what we love to do.

    Not necessarily everyone..
    But that’s the goal anyways, I believe, most of us wants to achieve it & have it that way.

    Will it be easy? No!
    Will it be worth it? Absolutely!

    • I can totally relate to that Henry,

      there’s a reason why we need to love what we do. Being an entrepreneur takes a whole lot of our time and it’s why we cannot afford to do it just for the money because if we were to do that, we can quit anytime when we’re under pressure.

      Appreciate the feedback man, thanks or dropping by and I do hope you have a great day ahead

  68. Thank you very much for that post. It was very helpful to see where those who have succeeded are and to use that as a comparison for where I am at now and where to go. It’s awesome to see how so many people have truly come to love their job even if it means doing a bit of work on the weekend. It is nice to see that I am on the right path, but I do need to tweak some things and do more of others. Again, thank you very much for the post that turned out to be very inspirational

  69. Since I joined WA I’ve written more than ever, thus the sore fingers.

    I’m not sure where ideas to write about come actually. I listen to a lot of news shows and read a great deal of online news as well. Many good ideas will come out of that.

    I’ve had a lot of free time lately and spent too much time with my thoughts frankly. In attempting to re-invent myself I have evinced some desperation and attitude. But writing always gets me up mentally.

    So I work in the evenings on each day of the week and tend to take off weekends as much as I can.

    Funny thing is – I love to write so I do it every chance I can. My plan is to write every day.

    • It’s better to spend more of your time creating new content and at least producing as it will also increase productivity, Rick. Glad you liked the post!

  70. Hey Riaz, thanks for this post it was a good read. I was surprised to see how many of the bloggers said that they work on the weekends.

    I guess when you work from home, your weekends can be any day of the week that you choose.


  71. So great to see how other bloggers spend their weekends. I’m in the stage right now that I’m getting there, but I realize it takes a while.

    Right now my weekend is full of writing content that people find useful. I like what Kyle said, once you create an online world your weekend is when you want as well as your week.

    Thanks for this!

    • It doesn’t take a while Brian, you can start today by building a blog yourself and writing something. The first step is always the hardest. All the best in your online journey!

  72. This is a really interesting and inspiring insight to the life of a successful blogger.

    As someone who is currently trying to make the grade it is great to see how those who are full time have conducted themselves and how they go about their business.

    It is clear to see that although they all have different strategies they all share one thing, dedication.

    Well done guys

  73. Hey Riaz! Great post and thanks for featuring me in this post. It’s fascinating to read what other bloggers do.

    I really like Gail Gardner’s and Zac Johnson’s points about automation. If we work on scaling our businesses and automate tasks then we have more time to do things that really matter to us.

    I also really like Edy Chandra’s tip: examine how your competitors are doing and see how you can apply their tactics on to your site.

    I guess I really liked reading the productivity tips here. I would love to see a post about how to scale your affiliating marketing business. Do you already have one? I don’t see the search bar on your site as I wanted to check.

    I was also going to ask you how you spend your weekends but Anh Nguyen beat me to it :p

    • Hey Vanessa!
      I got so caught up sharing other people’s opinions that I totally forgot mine, it’s very interesting to read about how others are doing 😉

      Zac Johnson and Gail Garder are two of the awesome people I look up to, and I totally agree on the automation part too! Sometimes I tend to waste more time than doing meaningless tasks. How to scale your affiliate marketing business is actually a pretty good idea, thanks for the suggestion, would definitely do that on my next roundup post 🙂

      So awesome to feature you Vanessa, looking forward to having you on my next roundup post!

  74. YAY, I’m famous!!!!

    Thanks for the feature, Riaz! 🙂

    It’s quite an eye opener when learning about how other bloggers spend their weekends.

    I guess there’s no right or wrong answer, since every blogger has different goals, hobbies, and circumstances, etc.

    We are all different in our own unique ways.

    But what we all have in common is that we share the same goals – to steer our lives in the direction we want to instead of being dictated to by society’s “status quo”.

    Looking forward to your next article.

    Neil 🙂

    • Ha Ha…

      I think I kinda contradicted myself with that first comment.

      I was meant to say that bloggers have different goals, but there’s one that we do have in common.

  75. First thing I noticed was the call to action to sign up on the top right, well done, sign ups are what we’re after !!

    34 comments was a bit too many for me, maybe 20 would of done but I found those I read very interesting. Thanks for doing the research


  76. Hey Riaz, This is an awesome article, featuring the success of bloggers just like you and me who are making a change in their lives. Your article shows that it can be achievable if you have the commitment to make it happen. As you mentioned, we all are writers and this is where we spend our weekend. Thanks again.

  77. Hi Riaz,

    thank you very much for creating this roundup post. It gives lots of creative and helpful ideas.

    I think that one key to succeed online is always be willing to learn more.

    It also seems that people are using different kind of strategies to succeed.

  78. I think it’s great that you spotlight all of these wonderful individuals that engage with the masses and enjoy doing it. Hearing their perspectives is insightful and needs to be heard. People can relate to this and put their self in their shoes which makes each blogger an individual. I like it!

    Cheers to the Quest

  79. Thanks for featuring me on your blog. It’s a good balance to see some people take it easy while others (quite a number of them) keep pushing forth.

    It inspires me to work harder towards achieving my time freedom 🙂

  80. Hey,
    This is very interesting. Thanks for the post. I am a blogger and I want to insert mines here if you don’t mind lol.

    On my weekends I tend to rise early and do more work in my niche. I find new ideas and implement them. Also I spend more time on social media. I comment on blog post that I am interested in. I write, read, and everything else. It is like a normal day for me.

  81. Hey what an interesting blog – you can actually feel there is real flesh and blood behind these profile images.

    And I liked the fact that for most of them time with the family was still very important and they did not sink into online world.

    Also, I like Kyle’s answer – blogging gives you independence and flexibility. Sometimes it’s like this and sometimes the other way.

    As for me then I am a father of four and also a conservative christian so I try to keep my weekends free. And clearly I don’t work on Sundays. This is a day for God and recharging my batteries.

    Thank you again for great article, sir. I was blessed 🙂
    God bless you too!


    • Great to know that Egon, spirituality is part of the main factors of productivity and it’ll help you produce better results when working. Thanks for dropping by!

  82. Really interesting post. As I’m new to blogging gave me insight into how people manage their time and priorities. Made me think I really need to factor automation into my plan too! I’d appreciate any recommendations on what automation software everyone is using and why? I have used Buffer myself, which is great and tried Hootsuite but never really liked it.

    • Hey that’s a great idea Natalie, thanks for suggesting! Automation idea, definitely writing that on my next roundup 🙂

  83. Hi Riaz,

    It is really a great post to interview so many successful bloggers. It seems on the weekend most of them are still working out even they are not composing their blogs. As a blogger, you can choose whatever style you like to make the success.

    Personally, I agree with Roope, the weekend is the most productive period for blogging because of fewer things outside to distract your attention. As a blogger, the most important is still to create valuable contents by making plans and setting the goals. I think everyone can become a successful blogger.

    • Indeed everyone can George, there are no right ways to do that as what’s important is reaching the destination and embracing the journey. Appreciate the feedback , cheers!

  84. I love this compilation! Being an upstart blogger myself it was nice to read about what some more established bloggers’ lives look like. With such a broad span of career choices and much more flexible time management within blogging, one can only wonder what people are up to in their spare time.

    I’ve definitely found a few new blogs to stalk now! 🙂 Thanks for the good read!

    • Right on Katie! It’s hard to set a time for bloggers because freedom of choosing doesn’t mean that we actually have a lot of free time lol. Thanks for dropping by, cheers!

  85. Hey Riaz,

    Thanks for putting this post together. Great job. Obviously everybody’s different and it’s interesting to read about how they spend time on weekends.

  86. Riaz,

    Great post! I agree with HT, this is one of the most interesting post I’ve read in a while. 😉

    And great conclusion you have there too. I’ve never really though about my weekend plans until you ask. But as you said, it does seem that we bloggers are not idle folks.

    How about you? How do you spend your weekends?

    Keep up the great work, my friend!


    • I usually spend my weekends blogging as well Anh, as my weekdays are meant for drafting and marketing as I can’t really write when I’m distracted 😉

      So on weekends, I sit on my computer and write for hours non-stop to get things done. Thanks for the kind words, always a pleasure to have you here 😀

      • Sounds like a neat plan, Riaz. I see that you work really hard.

        I’m on the same boat. I have a huge problem writing while I’m distracted, multitasking just isn’t my thing.

        Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  87. Hi Riaz!,
    Great site!
    I especially liked how you included Bloggers Weekend on your site! You provide a realistic approach to starting your own on-line business and setting appropriate but driven goals. “Getting Started” was also very enlightening for me… in that I share many of your same thoughts. Just wish I had found your site sooner!
    Best Regards!
    – Pam

  88. Dear Riaz,

    Thank you so much for a very interesting blog post. 🙂 Thanks for showcasing us and what we all think about blogging and having our own personal online business regime about helping people achieve their goals by how we set a time for blogging and relaxing being key to coming up with new ideas to write future blog posts on. 🙂

    I simply loved blogging based on the social interaction aspect, answering questions that people have, and being highly devoted enough to break down the concept of how to build a website that is user-friendly for a wide variety of people. 😀

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


    • Anytime, Angel,
      It’s definitely a pleasure to have you here sharing your thoughts and experiences. I too try my best to answer questions from my readers, they fuel me up and some of my ideas come from them 😉

      Wishing you the best of luck on your blog and I do hope you have a great day!

  89. Hi Riaz!

    Great to see how everybody is spending their weekends 🙂 Lots of inspiring people on here!

    Thanks for a really refreshing post 🙂


  90. Wow this is really cool, I know alot of those faces 🙂 in fact Jason, Kyle and a few others have been my mentors during my time at wealthy affiliate. it’s really interesting to hear about everyones weekend schedule and its not surpruding that so many of us are incredibly busy very often – Jason I knew you have a lot of late nights just like me lol.

    Thanks so much for sharing this riaz, it really made me smile 🙂

    • Glad you liked the compilation Marley and yes, definitely more busy on the weekends. Many of these bloggers are also my mentors as well 🙂

  91. Great post Riaz!

    I enjoyed it. It was really interesting to know how other bloggers spend their time. Everyone’s approach is different. And results are different. But one thing is common to all of us – We love it and we enjoy what we do!

    • Right on Rufat!
      So awesome to learn from different bloggers, I get inspired to work harder by just reading how they spend their weekends. Appreciate your feedback too man, cheers!

  92. Every blogger has their own unique way to spend on the weekend, be it spent quality time with the family, doing some research for the next topic or even riding a motorcycle to have a cup of coffee during the sunny morning. Not all the bloggers are the same, just like our ten fingers are not the same too.

    • Hahaha I see you read Nathaniell’s way of spending the weekends there and yes, definitely agreed on all bloggers being different. Glad you liked the roundup post, cheers!

  93. This is the most interesting blog post I’ve read the whole week. Thanks for compiling this. It is inspiring to know what other successful bloggers do during their weekend. Maybe you can do one on what they do in the heat of the action during the weekdays. I’m sure many of us are interested to know this.

    • What they do on weekdays? I think that’s an even more interesting thing to find out and I’ll definitely write about that on my second roundup post, thanks for the suggestion! Hope you have a great day.

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