50 Bloggers Share Common Blogging Mistakes Made by Newbies


When starting a blog, one cannot avoid coming across mistakes.

Even pro bloggers make many mistakes before they finally found the correct techniques and for some people, that may even take years as some of the biggest problems when it comes to blogging are right under our noses.

I struggled for 2 years before finally ending up with the right mentors, the correct SEO techniques, and an amazing blogging community filled with friendly people who understand exactly what you’re going through and are willing to share their secrets.

I asked a number of bloggers on what common mistake do they newbie bloggers make and here are they have to say…

Zac Johnson featured

Name: Zac Johnson

Blog: Blogging.org

One of the most common problems that I see with new (and veteran) bloggers, is that they are focusing too much on the content creation aspect, and not the actual promotion of that content.

With more than a billion sites on the internet today, there is more than enough content out there already. So, if you are going to focus on content creation – keep it minimal, and the best possible. THEN, after your best content is out there, promote the heck out of it.

You don’t need 100+ articles to have a successful blog. Just five to ten will do fine. Make sure each is at least 1,500+ and super high quality. And as I mentioned, focus on the content promotion aspect and keep promoting those same handfuls of articles for the life of your site.

Adam Blogging Wizard

Name: Adam Connell

Blog: Blogging Wizard

One of the biggest mistakes I see is not doing enough content promotion.

And given how much effort goes into simply creating content – it’s easy to understand why. Here’s the truth:

Clicking publish is just the beginning. It’s what you do afterwards that can make or break the success of your content.

You need a documented process for promoting your content, and you need to devote enough time to get it done. This doesn’t mean simply sharing your content on popular social networks. You need to do a lot more.

And if you want to really step up your game – build content promotion into your planning & writing process too. For example, inviting influencers to provide quotes.

You’ll need to let them know once you’ve published the post. But, chances are they’ll share it. Why? Because they’ve contributed to the post, they’re now invested in its success. And it’ll make them look cool when they share it with their followers.

Name: Brok FTJFH

Blog: Full-Time Job From Home

Don’t be afraid to publish your content immediately, the look of your website isn’t that important. Choose a free theme and click publish.

So many new bloggers worry too much about the look of their website and forget about the most important part, great content. Content is what brings in visitors and what will keep readers returning to your site.

It really doesn’t matter what your site looks like if no readers are there to see it. Keep at it, no one fails at making money with a website they just give up before they do.

Srish Agrawal roundup post

Name: Srish Agrawal

Blog: Infographic Design Team

Blogging is great, but without the right visuals and social sharing in place, you aren’t going to see the results you’ve been hoping for.

A great way to bring boring text content to life, is through the use of visuals like custom graphics and charts within your blog content. Another great method is to create an infographic to compliment your content, then spend some time on your infographic/article outreach and getting other sites to link back to your sites.

In short, understand that people are now more interested in visual content and reading content on their mobile devices. SEO and written content are still important, but make sure you are covering all of your bases at the same time.

lauren kinghorn roundup post pic

Name: Lauren Kinghorn

Blog: Inspiring Mompreneurs

New bloggers are often disappointed because they aren’t making money fast enough.

They start out with unrealistic expectations. They might be dazzled by success stories about internet millionaires and see their website as a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s not.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is an online empire.

You can create a viable, long-term business and even generate passive income with a blog but it’s going to take some time. And it may not be your first blog. You may have to learn by trial and error, like the rest of us.

It might take a while to find your perfect niche or the best way for you to monetize your site because they are so many, many possible ways to generate income online.

It also takes a while to build authority online, build up a following on social media and become an influencer. Authority and Influence cannot be rushed or bought. You become an Authority over time as you gain skills, experience and expertise.

You become popular and influential over time as you find your unique voice and tribe. And you really start rocking the (internet) world once you know exactly what problem you solve better than anyone else and show others how to solve it.

zarina Laptop Lifestyle beauty roundup pic

Name: Zarina Kasotty

Blog: Laptop Lifestyle Beauty

I will be honest, there will be a lot of mistakes along the way. It will be annoying but those will help you learn. However, there are ones that you can and should avoid…

Without a doubt, I’d say the most common mistakes new bloggers are these:

1) Not having the proper training to build a solid foundation.

2) Not taking their blogs/websites seriously… as a BUSINESS.

3) Getting distracted by the shiny objects (known as “Shiny Object Syndrome”). When you know you have found proper education, just stick with it and work your butt off on your business.

This being said, if you avoid these common mistakes, you will see success a lot faster than probably 90% of beginner bloggers.

Kyle WA featured

Name: Kyle Loudoun

Blog: Ways to Avoid Scams Online

People forget they are speaking to real people when they create content online.

There is a tendency to get lost in the process and trying to appease search engines through your content creation, that even experienced bloggers often times fail to humanize their content.

That is the biggest mistakes I see. Google and other search engines are after the highest quality, engaging content. They are getting better and better at finding this and those bloggers writing for people versus algorithms are those that are going to truly benefit from search rankings as time goes on.

Name: Nathaniell BrenesNathaniell Brenes featured

Blog: One More Cup of Coffee

I think the biggest mistake newbies make is that they try to make everything too technical. They want to know how to code WordPress, or they want to know detailed SEO techniques. Most of that is either garbage people leverage to sell products, or the last 10% of the stuff you should be doing to your website.

80-90% of success out there is having something important to say, and actually, physically punching the keys on your keyboard and hitting publish.

Lynne Kaboutjie roundup pic

Name: Lynn Huysamen

Blog: Kaboutjie

I would say that the biggest mistake that bloggers make is to not figure out how to write content that ranks and converts. I know a lot of bloggers that have been doing it for a long time as a hobby and they get hardly any traffic or income from their blogs. If you want to make money from blogging you need to look at it as a business and at the very least learn the basics of SEO and online marketing.

Louie Luc featured

Name: Louie Luc

Blog: Income Prodigy

One of the most common mistakes I see beginner bloggers make is that they often start by publishing tons and tons of very short posts — most of which don’t even have 300 words in length.

What these newbie bloggers don’t know (or haven’t realized yet) is that it is not the amount of blog posts you publish but the level of quality that is at stake in the blogging “game” here. And you’d hardly come up with something of quality in just a few words. This is a crucial blogging factor to consider and keep in mind.

(I’m sure not everyone will agree, because we all have different visions and strategies but…) Instead of going live with lots of short posts, I prefer to publish fewer albeit longer articles with a higher level of quality. Content that is helpful and useful for my readers that will, at the same time, receive some love from the search engines (i.e.: higher rankings and more organic traffic) because quality, helpfulness and usefulness are what Google, Bing and other search engines want to offer their users, as well.

Roope Kiuttu featured

Name: Roope Kiuttu

Blog: Your Online Revenue

The most common mistake that I see beginner bloggers making is that they lack consistency.

Building a successful blog takes consistent effort for a long time. Many beginners write a few blog posts every now and then but when they don’t see immediate results, they give up.

A better approach would be writing consistently, for example, 2-3 high-quality blog posts every week for at least 6 months while all the time learning new skills and tips regarding blogging. With a consistent 6 months of blogging, one WILL see results.

Ryan Biddulph featured

Name: Ryan Biddulph

Blog: Blogging From Paradise

Chasing profits versus passion is the big mistake. Focus on having fun; not finances. This makes the work the reward. When profits do not show up for 3-6 months or longer you won’t lose your motivation.

Anil Agarwal featured

Name: Anil Agarwal

Blog: Bloggers Passion

There are a ton of mistakes most new bloggers make but following are the top 3 most common mistakes I’ve been observing for a few years.

  1. Not creating an editorial calendar: If you want to build a profitable blog, you need to be consistent. The best way to be consistent is to create an editorial calendar, come up with post ideas in advance and batch your posts in advance.
  2. Not doing any keyword research: This is the biggest reason why most people don’t get any traffic to their sites. Make sure to use tools like SEMrush for finding better and low search volume keywords before you publish another blog post.
  3. Focusing on quick results: Blogging isn’t a get rich quick scheme and you can never make money overnight. It takes years if not months to be able to get a better idea about how you can actually monetize your site. So don’t give up and focus on long-term goals.

Tim Bourquin roundup post pic

Name: Tim Bourquin

Blog: After Offers

Not starting an email list from day one is a big problem. Even if you are only getting 10-20 people to your site per day, you could be converting a few of these into mailing list subscribers.

For this to happen, all you need to do is create something to give away on your site (such as an ebook or PDF) and you can start building your list from day one. Jump forward a year from now and your mailing list could easily have over 1,000 subscribers if you are adding just three per day!

Jerry Smart Affiliate Success

Name: Jerry Huang

Blog: Smart Affiliate Success

The most common mistake I see for starting bloggers is being too concerned about the look of their blog.

Many spend A LOT of time trying to choose the ‘perfect’ theme, designing and customizing anything possible on their site.

But they fail to realize that nobody will appreciate their effort until they’re able to drive enough traffic to their blog. So, my advice for bloggers who are just starting out is to focus on the foundation of your site, the basic content, core structure and of course traffic generation.

Tony Lee Hamilton roundup post pic

Name: Tony Lee Hamilton

Blog: Tony Lee Hamilton

The most common mistake that I see starting bloggers make is that they try to monetize their site right away, feeling that they must earn from it or it’s not a success.

When I mentor Friends, I ask them if they are open to earning an income on the internet.

When their answer is yes, I then know that I am the right mentor for them. The first thing that I have them do is to create an earn money on the internet from home site that we will indeed monetize. That allows the Friend to work on their niche website without worrying and/or concerning themselves with monetizing it.

Because the niche website doesn’t have to produce income, the Friend is more able to write freely and be more creative, bringing much more quality content to their audience. The higher quality, more genuine and not monetary based content leads to not only higher SEO rankings with the search engines, it also grows the targeted audience organically.

Erin My Wealth At Home roundup pic

Name: H. Erin Nelson

Blog: My Wealth at Home

When bloggers first begin creating their brand new blog in hopes of it becoming a smashing success, so many times they are deluded.

In order to be successful, the blogger needs to realize that this doesn’t happen overnight.

It is truly a unique process that takes time. Writing great content, using high-ranking keywords/keyword phrases and developing trust with your audience is a lengthy process.

My advice is to put your heart into gaining interested readers, and in due time you will discover a wonderful home inside the web, full of promising success!

Jeremy ktchndad

Name: Jeremy Hood

Blog: Ktchn Dad

Rookie mistake – Not having the right expectations.

In the beginning, trying to get a handle on everything that goes into a successful online business can be overwhelming. I see so many newbies expecting to hit a home run with their first site.

This can happen but in the beginning, you are likely to make mistakes. Trust in the WA process and eventually you will get to where you want to be.

Jack Bare Naked Scam roundup pic

Name: Jack Cao

Blog: Bare Naked Scam

The most common mistakes beginner bloggers make are (1) not being consistent, (2) targeting keywords that have no “buying intention”, and (3) not utilizing social media platforms efficiently”.

You see, especially when you are just starting out, earning your first dollar online is the key, the fuel for your future success.

And, if you keep creating content that targets the “how to” type of content, you may not get the sales, because there is no “buying intention”. Yes, targeting long tail keywords is the way to go, but you have to understand the psychology, the true meaning behind the keywords (the intention when someone is typing the search term). And, that is the key that most beginners miss.

The “how to” type of articles, or what we call the informational articles, are good for building authority, but it shouldn’t be the main focus at the start.

Also, it probably takes 3 to 4 months before Google rank your content, so during that time, the fastest way to get traffic is to utilize social media platforms to get things going. Most beginners neglected this powerful avenue.

Scott Newkirk roundup post pic

Name: Scott Newkirk

Blog: Honest Ways to Make Money From Home

From my own personal experience, and from helping other newbies who are just getting started in this industry, I would say the most common mistake would be failing to narrow down your niche.

Personally, it took me 3 times before I was able to narrow my niche down and become successful.

The reason why most people fail is that they go too broad and think they can conquer a massive niche like gaming all on 1 site.

Fleur Passion to purpose roundup pic

Name: Fleur Allen

Blog: Passion to Purpose

A common mistake made not only by starting bloggers but others who are starting out in business, is inconsistency.

What new businesses don’t realize that committing to creating consistent, regular content builds trust. Check out the high profile of successful bloggers and YouTubers. They are all creating content consistently and therefore building trust with their followers.

Derek Marshal

Name: Derek Marshal

Blog: BloggersHQ

Great question Riaz!…and a darn easy one to answer… The most common mistake that I see Bloggers make is to not keep on going and to see it through their project and to build a very profitable and sustainable business.

I mean would you invest your time, energy and effort into building a bricks and mortar business and give up after 3 or 4 months?….me neither but sadly many blogger with great niches, excellent keyword research and beautiful and top quality content make that very mistake of giving up far too easily!

Mike Affiliate marketer Training

Name: Mike Rogers

Blog: Affiliate Marketer Training

Well, that depends! People start blogs for different reasons, but I’m going to assume you’re talking about bloggers that want to make money online.

By far, the biggest mistake I see made, is a lack of patience due to incorrect expectations.

Making money online is a BUSINESS, but very few treat it as such. In order to succeed in almost any business, you need to put in months, or even years of work before any profits are made. Most small businesses require large sums of money to start and don’t profit for the first 2 or 3 years.

With a blogging business, you don’t need to put in the financial capital that most businesses require, but you still need to put in the time. The vast majority of bloggers quit before they ever have a chance at actually earning money online as they enter this field with the wrong expectations about how much time and work it really takes.

Steve Suave Yards

Name: Steve Mann

Blog: Suave Yards

A common mistake newbies make when blogging is simply underestimating the time it takes to gain Google’s trust and then giving up too early.

Persistence and patience, along with the ability to write engaging copy, is the key to a successful blog.

“It is hard to beat the person that never gives up” – is an adage worth remembering.

Neil zero to hero affiliate hero

Name: Neil Clues

Blog: Zero to Affiliate Hero

One of the biggest mistakes made by beginners is that they “monetize” their blogs too early, when their core focus should be content creation until they have some level of traffic.

Newbies also overkill it with monetization. They insert affiliate links into almost every post which can negatively impact search engine rankings, thus attracting little traffic and earning minimal income.


Name: Dylan Rieger

Niche selection and keywords are the biggest mistakes I see people make. Either they select keywords they’ll never rank for or choose niches where there’s basically no money to make and that can really affect them in the long run.

Ashley Ash Tree Books

Name: Ashley Te Kare

Blog: Ash Tree Books

I would tell newbies to avoid doing a mistake I did. I didn’t title my images on my computer before uploading it and it is a pain in the butt to remove images, retitle properly and re-upload images.

One thing you cannot do is to retitle it properly once uploaded. Make sure you have given your images proper titles before you upload them to the image gallery in word press.

You have the ability to give the image a title and you put in an alt text (SEO likes you putting alt text in) within word press gallery, HOWEVER SEO will detect whatever name your image was given prior to upload. SEO does not like to see a string of numbers or digits.

For example, even though I gave it a name in WordPress media library, I did not title it on my computer first. SEO will detect the ugly name instead: bb0fb971ab73f86c7e0dd0b5c3ef4640.jpg.

Todd Learn to Grow Wealth Online roundup pic

Name: Todd Maltzahn

Blog: Learn to Grow Wealth Online

The biggest mistake I see beginner bloggers make is not knowing the basic White Hat SEO skills it takes to rank content organically.

It’s really not hard to learn how to do on-site SEO and it can benefit anyone who has any type of online presence.

Videos or written content, bloggers or eCommerce sites can all benefit from some basic SEO training. Do this and focus on helping your niche audience solve a problem and you’ve got a winning solution to online success.

Eric Work From Your Laptop

Name: Eric Cantu

Blog: Work From Your laptop

Bloggers early on make the mistake of not taking full advantage of keyword research. So, many think that their audience will just find their content and don’t realize there is a true science behind it. By using keywords with low competition you can truly build your traffic into something massive, and that’s where the potential for revenue comes in 🙂

Loes work at home future roundup Pic

Name: Loes Knetsch

Blog: Work at Home Future

Well, the biggest mistake I made was starting up multiple websites. I have 8, and it cost me too much time to maintain them all, so they are all average. When you start online, stick to one website and make it an awesome one. It’s too late for me now, I just can’t say goodbye to my babies.

John Start Make Stop Waste

Name: John Miguel

Blog: Start Make Stop Waste

I would say that the #1 mistake I see people make all the time is that they give up, just before they are about to see results many times. The business model works, it requires patience the first 3-6 months though.

Jessica Thriving cats roundup pic

Name: Jessica Miller

Blog: Thriving Cat

Be careful not to focus too much on social media at the beginning.

If you put a ton of time into building up a brand on social media but there isn’t enough content on your site, then you won’t get much repeat traffic.

They will get there, look around and think they have seen what you have to offer and won’t go back. It is better to build up a good content base first. In the meantime, you can get organic traffic with great keywords and SEO skills.

Ilias Make Money bay round up pic

Name: Ilias Kuonelis

Blog: Make Money Bay

Most beginners underestimate the effort it takes to create a blog that gets traffic consistently. When you are a blogger, you must blog. There are no alternatives or shortcuts. Some people ask how much is enough. There is not a standard rule but you must blog more than your competitors.”

Mike make Time Online

Name: Mike Beatty

Blog: Make Time Online

Not connecting with other bloggers! The best thing about blogging is that you are guaranteed to do well with it as long as you are consistent and persistent. Being held accountable by other people on the same journey is so important to keep this up and speed up your learning process.

McKenzie Paint Atrocity

Name: McKenzie Durham

Blog: Paint Atrocity

You see I am still on just my first website, and I am still learning myself.

I don’t think I know of the common mistakes beginners make yet but I do know most of my mistakes have been just getting ahead of myself, and then expecting too much too fast. I have had to learn to take my time, and ask questions when needing help. The biggest mistake I have ever made was trying to start blogging without help.

In the past whenever I attempted a new blog, I had no community to go too when I got stuck. Now that I have WA, I have already gone farther than I ever have in the past.

Raihan Jasmine featured

Name: Raihan Jasmine

Blog: Organic Touch Malaysia

I guess one mistake bloggers do when they are just starting out is to think that the can take on the whole world alone. I too was guilty of doing this because stepping into the online business world, I got very excited and wanted to do everything at once.

It was great at first but after month 6, I quickly got overwhelmed and I was under a lot of pressure.

I realized that I can’t do everything at once unless I have a good flexible team and a solid plan so now, I only focus on one business at a time. My advice, is for beginners to focus one thing at a time.

Chris Internet Marketing Secrets

Name: Chris Chong

Blog: Internet Marketing Secrets

Common mistakes that beginner bloggers make:

#1) They have NO idea on how to monetize their content by leveraging the power of search engines and social media sites.

#2) They are not creative enough while creating content on blogs/sites as they tend to have insufficient unique selling point to stand out from the crowd. The “saturated” making money online blogs that are everywhere on the internet. Every blogger/internet marketer need to have their own set of USP in order to succeed in the long run.

#3) They did not create content that’s thorough & helpful enough that’ll solve problems for its audiences.

#4) Market our content on various web traffic channels instead of just relying on “single traffic-source”. Stick to the “big 5” like Facebook, YouTube, Search Engines, Pinterest, Google plus (great for SEO endeavors).

Eddy Work at home no scams roundup pic

Name: Eddy Salomon

Blog: Work at Home No Scams

The biggest mistakes I see newbie bloggers make is approaching their business with an employee mentality. When you first start out, the hours you put in won’t make much sense financially. But in time it will. But most new bloggers give up before that happens. So that’s the biggest mistake they make.

Angel Shama Sharon

Name: Angel Shama Sharon

Blog: Above and Beyond the Horizon

They get writer’s block when they seem to have too many ideas to branch out from one thing, they make it broad and not specific.

Chris Island of Rhodes roundup pic

Name: Chris Towers

Blog: The Island of Rhodes

In my experiences, people who are new on the scene to blogging naturally make mistakes, we are human after all.

This is where I see most of the errors being made though, people forget they are writing for humans. Just because we sit at a computer, does not mean we are writing for computers.

It is always important to remember, that real people will be visiting your blog, real people will be looking around, and real people will be taking actions on what you are telling them.

While it is important to follow the rules to get your content correctly indexed and ranked, always write quality helpful content for your readers. Be friendly and approachable and always be ready to interact with your visitors.

Nick Japanese Tactics roundup pic

Name: Nick Hoyt

Blog: Japanese Tactics

One common mistake that I see starting bloggers do is that they aren’t consistent in producing new content over a long period of time.

Most of the time a person will have a lot of new posts in the first couple of months, and then they will start to fall behind to the point where they are only posting once or twice a month.

This is killer to your blog, as both Google and your visitors will quickly learn that there isn’t much of a reason to continue coming back.

But if you can create 2-3 new articles per week, then not only do the search engines know that your site is constantly being updated (and should be rewarded for that), but your visitors will also have a reason to check in every day or so to see what’s new.

If you also take a long-term perspective, you can see how as little as 3 posts per week add up to over 150 posts per year, which is when you really begin to gain some authority and traction.

A little bit of work, done consistently, creates a big difference over time!

Joe Affiliate Marketing Free Guide roundup pic

Name: Joe Yee

Blog: Affiliate Marketing Free Guide

One of the common mistakes made by bloggers when they are just starting up was the failure to write content consistently.

As a blogger, we can’t determine which article we write is going to get indexed and ranked by search engines. Writing content regularly is essential to give your blog more opportunities to be seen by search engines.

If you are not producing content on regular basis, your blog will gradually lose its traction. Your credibility in the eyes of your readers and followers will soon have vanished. You will get frustrated as you see your ranking drops over time.

Gary Scam Avengers Roundup pic

Name: Gary Horton

Blog: Scam Avenger

The biggest mistake I see newbies make is failing to commit to their success. They hesitate. It is as if they are thinking I’ll play with this opportunity until I know for sure it will work for me. The problem with this reasoning is you can’t succeed if you only dabble.

Commitment is powerful. Commitment assures your success.

I wish I could take each newbie to the top of the mountain and show them the promise land. I wish they could see for themselves the incredible new life that awaits them if they would commit to their success, do the work, and persevere.

Anis Full Time Home Business

Name: Anis Chitty

Blog: Full Time Home Business

The most common mistake I see newbies do is to come into blogging with the wrong mentality.

I often see newbies excited about blogging but expecting to make thousands of dollars within a few months. But after two months of hard work when they don’t see results they just quit. If they only waited a few more months they could have started seeing their hard work paying off.

I’m not going to lie when I just got started doing this I was expecting to make money in my first or second month, but I was surrounded by a great community of bloggers who explained to me how blogging actually works and that I should be patient and work hard for months. In fact, that’s another mistake newbies make is they start their blog and work on it by themselves without any support or training. As a newbie you need guidance and support in order to succeed, if you want to do blogging all by yourself rest assured that you’re going to get overwhelmed and quit in no time!

sam Smarter Affiliates roundup pic

Name: Sam Ammouri

Blog: Smarter Affiliates

Came to Wealthy Affiliate in April 2013 after I lost my retail store due to Hurricane Sandy on October 29th, 2012.

Even though I wanted to succeed online so badly, I wasn’t applying the information I learned the right way at the beginning.

I guess I took things for granted, and that was my biggest mistake. I struggled for 2 years and thought of quitting this online venture but I decided to give it a last chance, went back To Wealthy affiliate courses again, applied the information right this time. Now I have 20 successful websites. I believe I have more websites than anyone in Wealthy Affiliate.

Trish WA

Name: Trish

The most common mistake that I have witnessed starting bloggers tend to make is they refuse to learn the proper terminology for building a website, and they forget that they can search the internet for virtually ANYTHING they want to know more about.

Suzi WA

Name: Suzi

I guess the biggest mistake I made when I first started out blogging was to focus on a more specific audience, rather than including a more general sect of who my audience could actually be.

My niche is children’s education, and I was mainly trying to target younger parents. However, it seems like so many of my sales have come from grandparents! I figured this out when they started emailing me to tell me that their grandchildren were so happy with their gifts:) I was just thankful that I helped someone! I think this goes to show new writers to never neglect someone who could potentially be their audience!

Brian WA picture

Name: Brian

Blog: PS4 Driving

I think a common mistake that a lot of starting bloggers make, especially those trying to earn income is the expectation that they’ll make money quickly. You have to get established first and show the search engines that you can provide value before people will start trusting you and then be willing to spend their money.

Dione Sui-San HempireSEO

Name: Dione Sui-San

Blog: Hempire SEO

Blog like your business depends on it. Blog as if your business, is a business!

These two simple statements are what many content creators, bloggers, and brands forget. Just because creating content is easy, it doesn’t mean that your blogging efforts and success will be.

Create content that provides value to your audience. Understand what makes your content better than the competition, and also put in the time and effort to gain new backlinks and promotion for your site.

Once all of this is in place, bloggers will then start to see more traffic and SEO rankings in Google for their own site.

nash Kamira Events

Name: Nazsh Fiqqi

Blog: KAMIRA Event Management

Beb, when I was first starting out, I didn’t know just how big the event world is so whenever clients called me, I immediately say yes no matter what type of event it was.

“Nazsh, could you do a fashion event?” Yes!

“Can you organize a birthday part?” Yes!

“Can you organize a seminar?” Yes!

After a while, I got too overwhelmed because although my niche is events, I didn’t specify which section I wanted to cover on. One minute I covered an Annual Dinner event, and another minute I was organising a traditional Malaysian majlis kedondolan.

Of course I can cover a wide area of events within the same niche but I am only human and I can’t split myself into two so at one point, I stopped doing different types of events for a while and got myself an intern who I can divide the task with.

Starting a blog is like starting a business. It can be really fun but make sure you focus on one topic first before delving into other sections.

Boboi Kitamen Shah Alam

Name: Moiz Hamzah

Blog: Kitamen Shah Alam

Aye, when I first started, I got attracted to many things and wanted to cover all of them at once.

That got me in a real pickle because I quickly got overwhelmed by the endless amount of things I need to cover on before I forget and lose momentum so my advice so because of that I learned to focus on one specific niche for a time before delving to the other.


Final Word

Starting a blog can give you mixed feelings – You’ll feel happy and exciting but at the same time, also nervous and overwhelmed with the boundless possibilities.

I’ve been there, and so were the other bloggers I’ve mentioned because as huge as those possibilities of niches we can delve into, we need to stick and focus on one first until we’ve grown accustomed to it before thinking of delving to another.

Do you have any doubts that are going on your mind on your blog? Let me know below, I’d love to hear them out.


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  1. Very good article thanks for the multiple quotes from other bloggers. I think consistency is key, its difficult to do it on a regular basis, especially when you are just getting started and have other obligations. Alot of these tips are going to help me out for sure.

  2. Love this! I’d say the biggest mistakes bloggers make is thinking too much before taking action. I believe in the 80/20 rule. You don’t have to perfect at anything (or possess exceptional language skills). Just get started somehow, and help people with what you’re passionate about.

    • Totally, faith! I couldn’t agree with you more on that one, thinking too much kills progress and I’ve been a victim of that countless times. Progress beats perfection

  3. I agree and can confirm it’s totally spot on. I’ve seen a few of these mistakes myself (getting concerned about the look & feel of the blog etc). It can often cost you money improving your web design. It’s a lot more important to focus on the things that matter (like driving traffic) than things which are not as important (look and feel). Think the latter can be adjusted anytime (once the blog starts to receive traffic).

  4. This is a really helpful post even for intermediate bloggers in my opinion. I personally catch myself not doing enough when it comes to promoting older content I’ve created while it still can be of value to others.

    Great post!

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    Great stuff buddy.
    Great post, I have read this post here I got very useful information. This is a very useful article for online review readers. Keep it up such a nice posting like this. I started a Blog and Hopefully, it will be successful like you.
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  6. Definitely worth bookmarking. There is so much wisdom on this page from so many great minds! Thanks for putting this together. I agree that having a plan for posts is crucial. It’s something that I’m e heard before but never really implemented myself. Seeing it reiterated makes me really want to give this a shot. Sometimes, I feel like it takes me three days to write one simple post. If I just plan ahead of time, I could probably be way more productive.

    • Three days is awesome but if you could finish that in two days, you’re halfway to finishing it on one day already 😀

  7. Hello Riaz! Thanks for this helpful post. I’m also a blogger for more than 3 years already. I can say that blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes time before you can see a profitable result. I think this is the mistake a new blogger made. If they don’t find results in just two months they quit right away and wasted their hard efforts. Also, new bloggers must focus on delivering original and engaging content. This what the readers like. And do not forget to monetize some of the posts. Overall, thanks for this post and I also learned from some of the views of other bloggers.

    All the best,

  8. I think when it comes to wanting to have the perfect content,theme and all what not,perfectionists are the most guilty and I can for see that this might be something that I would struggle with. So, I’m glad to be seeing this now so that I can always have it at the back of my mind while creating and publishing content on my website. We perfectionists just have to realize that these things would get better with time,experience and consistency and just run with it.

  9. Hello Riaz,  you really did a great job by compiling this 50 blogging experience together, I know someone somewhere is gaining insight into your post .many runs into blogging without passion for it, but for making money.blogging requires sweat, energy, good thinking and patience. I will share this post to fellow bloggers. Thanks for the review. It’s really resourceful 

  10. Hello Riaz,

    I think most of the problems with a newbie on on-line business is with creating content and also promoting the content. I learn a lot from this post from the blogger’s suggestions. I think you have done a great job by sharing what you have asked many bloggers regarding these silly mistakes or common mistakes made by newbies like myself. I am pretty much sure that this article will definitely help a new blogger to avoid many mistakes and will help them focus on what will really work for them. This post is indeed a resourceful article.
    Thank you for sharing this helpful article.

    Take care,

  11. Putting this wonderful article in one paragraph ,I would say that new bloggers mistakes are inadequate Content promotion, fear of publishing, not having the right visual and social sharing, impatience, improper training, shiny light syndrome, not making it simple, low-quality content, tiny contents, inconsistency, not putting pleasure for the job first, wrong keyword research, not starting an email list from day one, being overly concerned about blog look, thinking money first, not having high expectations, inefficiency with social media utility, none narrowing down of niche, underestimating google’s sandbox , poor SEO skills, having too much at hand, not connecting with other bloggers, being in a hurry for result, non evaluation of requests, focusing on a particular audience, applying wrong information, insufficient commitment, not putting your online visitors first in mental view, approaching blogging with employment mentally and thinking you can do it alone.

    Great article. Bookmarking right away!

    • Wow those are a lot of points to cover on, I know what to write about next hehe but I think you can write your next piece on those things too 😀

  12. You really did a great job by taking your time to compile the various blogging mistakes made by newbies when starting blogging. This article is really loaded with necessary information and mistakes to watch out for. I agree completely with all that have been said. Trying to start a blog with short post on blog is really one of the numerous mistakes. I will watch out for all posted as I am a newbie as well. This is really helpful. Kudos for sharing this article. 

  13. Thanks for writing this article on mistakes newbies in blogging do make most time. I must commend you for the job well done and also trying to support newbies like me to become a successful online blogger. I really find this article helpful because am presently creating my first website and I will try and guide myself in other to avoid all the mistakes pointed out by all this professional in the field 

  14. This is an informative and educative article. You have thoroughly put everything in perspective for anyone reading this post to understand the points.

    I haven’t started my blog yet but from different articles i have read about blogging,  I  got to know that a continual search for knowledge to improve your niche is very important. 

    Another important thing is originality and perseverance make your style unique .

    Thanks for the eye opener. This is a must read for all newbies into blogging

  15. This should easily be the best post of the year! I do want to earn income through blogging, however I am not going to rush the process. I would take time to grow my audience, and I’ve also learnt to grow my email list from day one. Hopefully, after a couple of months or thereabout, I would be able to earn from my blog. 

    Thanks for this article, so much to learn!

  16. Informative post indeed! Yeah, you mentioned the mistakes are we need to avoid, though most of the beginner’s don’t get to know they are making these mistakes till some time has passed! though never too late to start, but that is essential for anyone who wants to pursue blogging as a profession for sure.
    Very good article particularly for a beginner like me, will surely help me in better writing in future. Keep posting these type of interesting articles.This post is very helpful.I have been examinating out some of your articles and it’s pretty clever stuff.I need to thank you for this wonderful Article and aslo Thanks for this valuable information and all the guidelines you provided.

  17. Hi! some really good advice there! I’ve just been posting the blogs and wasn’t sharing them on social media and promoting my content. I need to promote my content more so more people can see them. I think I’ll also need to create more content each week, right now I’m on one post per week. 

    What do you think is the right amount of content to publish everyweek?

  18. Hello Riaz – There are quite a few golden nuggets in your article.  I enjoyed how you incorporated so many bloggers into your piece – that itself was a great idea – and allowed them to speak about the subject thereby re-inforcing all that you wanted to say.

    The common themes seemed to be – patience, consistency, do the minimal seo necessary and follow your passions in your writing.  If I get nothing else done today this piece alone will make it a profitable day.

    Thank You – Mike

  19. Excellent article, really helpful to see how other people have made mistakes and what mistakes they were!

    I couldn’t help but notice that a handful of problems are content related, more specifically – concentrating too hard on content and not the other marketing aspects. 

    This is a hole I fell into early in my blogging efforts, and now I’ve actually cut down my posting frequency by at least 50%…and there is no change to my rankings (I just have more time to promote!). 

  20. Thank you very much for this great article. It’s true that many of us struggle with being consistent and we tend to give up if we don’t see any results as quickly as we want to. I have been there myself and realized that I need to keep the momentum by keeping writing quality content, be patient and keep learning from people who are already successful.  I know I am on the right track and it will eventually pay off one day. 

  21. Hi Riaz Shah ,

    This is a great article about blogging mistakes . Here are 50 bloggers sharing common mistakes .If i wanted to step by step build content promotion into writing process . such as inviting influencer to provide quotes and it is important for all bloggers to think about these common mistakes . Thanks for share this nice article .

  22. This is one of the best posts I have ever read since I joined this platform. Blogging requires a whole lot of patience and so it is with many other internet business and offline business. Business requires patience. In blogging, one needs to create authority and become influential but all these doesn’t happen overnight. It demands consistency.

  23. Wow thanks for shearing this piece of article, learnt alot already from the experience of successful bloggers. The most important lesson learnt here is that content promotion is key more than anything else. Blogging is a journey in which patients and consistency are its tires, there are no shortcuts the hard work must be done.

  24. I started blogging for about 3 weeks now. It is so helpful to read all the mistakes these experienced bloggers have done in the past so that we new bloggers (or even experienced bloggers) can learn and watch out for. For me, it’s definitely a self check as I have to think if I have done the same mistakes now. Thank you very much for gathering so many blogger’s interview.

  25. I’m new to blogging so it’s awesome to hear from those more experienced on some common mistakes that i can avoid.  I never realized that there are some many people in the blogging community that are really willing to help out each other!

    I think that’s awesome.   One that resonates with me is being afraid to publish my content immediately.

  26. I love blogging. I would say I am pretty average still, but I am inspired by blogs like this. This is an impressive collection too!!!  How did you get it? My gosh, it’s all about networking isn’t it? 

    My personal experience has been to just share a message, just write something.

    Then it went to write something that promotes something.

    It was always with the main focus on providing value and helping people. 

    It was usually about quantity, now it is more about quality.

    Do you think it is really possible to avoid these mistakes though? I think making mistakes helped me understand better and also appreciate why they are mistakes. What are your thoughts?

    • Making these mistakes are what’s teaching us how to improve Eran, I think it’s okay if we still go through them as long as we learn something from it 

  27. Hello,

    I have read  the whole review about this information.This is really a great information with all necessary step by step about “common Blogging mistakes”.It is very helpful for all beginners who want to Bloggers. It helps us in many ways. Thanks for sharing this important information about common Blogging Mistakes.

  28. Thanks for the informative review I recently started blogging this year and I was pleased with myself but I was almost quitting because it wasn’t generating enough income because I was focusing on the wrong niche. Reading this post has motivated  me and made me realize that Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

  29. Hi Riaz.  So many interesting bloggers on your list. The one thing I got out of reading all of them was that it’s important to build up good quality content first, and follow this with building a good social media platform. I’ve been working on my own blog for 7 months now and am yet to see any traffic. But I’m not worried, I realize where I am going wrong. For one thing I was to quick to join Amazon. My writing was to spasmodic, I would write a number of blogs, then nothing for weeks at a time. This year I have new, realistic goals. The first one is all about content. All the best Jim

    • Great to hear that Jim, it’s actually because of the momentum affecting us. If we rest too long, we’ll become lazy and procrastinate longer to finish our work.

  30. Most of this mistakes are really common because most bloggers always focus on unique contents creation neglecting how to channel it to the consumers. It is truly not a bad thing to focus first on quality contents but how to promote it and take it to the readers is quite more important.Some newbies bloggers are mostly disappointed when not making money on their blog simply because they came in with the idea of making fast money not necessarily on passion on building their blog. So they put money first. So when the money is not coming as planned, they quit immediately.Most Bloggers are guilty of these mistakes listed in this articles

  31. Thank you for this amazing post, You really did a good job compiling the list of those bloggers and what they feel about the cons of blogging. In my opinion, I think creating good content should be the basis of blogging, if the contents isn’t good or up-to date, readers will not be interested and generating traffic will be a problem.

  32. Riaz,

    What a marvelously wonderful listing of advice for new bloggers!  This is absolutely fantastic and the number of contributions you received from successful bloggers is unbelievable!

    The big take aways that I got from your posting are:

    1.  Treat your blog like the business it is.

    2.  Provide regular posts with quality content.

    3.  Remember that you are talking with real people and helping them solve their problems.

    4.  Drive traffic through social media and SEO.

    5.  Don’t expect big profits right away.

    6.  Don’t give up too early.



  33. Wow! So useful content here!

    I’m a new blogger, so I really need this kind o information. I’m still doing tests and learning everyday. It is not an easy job, as some people may believe, but it can be beautiful at the same time, especially if you choose the right niche, and don’t discourage when you find out you’re not doing it in the right way. Mistakes and fails are lessons. Sometimes they’re blessings! So, discipline, hard work, learning, testing, sharing and patience…that’s it!

    Thank you for sharing this quality content with us!

  34. Hi Riaz! This is such a great post. Thank you for putting it together. I greatly appreciate you have contacted all these successful bloggers. Their insights into the blogging business are so valuable. Points such us monetizing sites to quickly, expecting immediate results, not using email marketing, not promoting content enough or paying to much attention to the mechanics and not really getting in touch with the people out there seem to be the points that clicked with me! Thank you very much!

  35. Thanks for this educative post. Indeed there are many unsuccessful blogs out there because many don’t know the way out. Hence I am very happy for being lucky to see this kind of blog post that educates and teaches. Yes I totally agree with there is no joy in your post if it does not go viral and gets traffics. So one must balance it. Good contents plus great promotion will lead to success. What else can I say? Your article had encouraged me to work harder to achieve more success in my online hustle.

  36. In regards to Zac Johnson, I’m suprized, because i thought volume would be effective, but even though i have 250 unique articles on my site I only get a few visitors, so definetly agree on the promotin aspect of it.
    To me it always comes back to how to promote the content? 

    I can totally relate to Brok, because I’m a webdesigner and in all the work I’ve done, I’ve seen people so much caught up in creating logos and other designs, that they newer got past that. I love the 80/20 rule, because if I deside to do focus on design first I just get it to be 80%, so it’s just good enough and then I move on to the important partand focus on the content.I feel like asking why Srish Agrawal talks about the visuals, if you can just pick a theme, create content and become successfull? 

    Anyways.. Thanks a lot for gathering such valuable information. I’ve gotten really inspired by the different perspectiveseven though some may contradict eachother a bit.

    My favourite one is from Suzi, who talks about the mistake of an audience that is to wide. For someone to be specific in my opinion, needs to learn who they really are, so they can choose their passion and keep up the motivation in a specific niche.So any advice and technology to find your passion would be great? 



    • Hey E,

      Srish focuses on creating a visual creator as his main business which is why he mentioned about that. He’s not wrong though, because visuals get 70% more attention from your readers. Couple that with great content and you’re well on your way to success!

  37. Some great tips from experts in the blogging industry. By just persevering and bringing out quality content is key. My main obstacle is having faith that my hard work will pay off, and not giving up with blogging as there are so many blogs out there. Perhaps I should come up with another niche website and get started with that, until I have come up with content to write for my present blog, which is also about making money online…

    • The first step is always the hardest Cheriri, start with writing your piece no matter how unprepared you think you are and before you know it, it becomes a familiar feeling.

  38. I have a website and I have like 32 or so really great articles and reviews, but I think I need to work on my home page. I don’t think I have it branded as far as the article goes. 

    The article is a general information article with internal links to product reviews and other information, but there are no real promotions on the page. 

    I am somewhat new to blogging, and was wondering when I should worry about the appearance of my site. I noticed quite a few of the “pro’s” said not to worry so much about appearance versus content. But I also think that appearance is very important, especially if you are trying to make money. 

    Any advice would be helpful.


    • Content always beat design Stacie, you can of course play with your theme and arrangements but I would advise you to finish publishing your article first and use the time after that to freely edit any parts of your site that you wish 🙂

  39.  This is by far the best Post I have ever read on login. I was not able to read the entire article but the parts that I read are as good as gold! Every one of those bloggers had a great point to make. They really make you realize what is important when building your business.  I am bookmarking this post so I can refer to it and continue reading as time allows because it is definitely  the best advice out there!

  40. Riaz, what a great strategic way to generate feedback to newbies on any topic realistically. The concept of experienced bloggers addressing the top mistake everyone makes during startup it’s a great way to look back at where we are now with our current blog and gather all of the feedback acquired on Riaz website and identify the flaws and fix it. Thank you so much!

    • Thanks Julio, that’s the plan! I wanted to give on insights early for bloggers who are just starting out and I’m guessing I’m halfway there 😀

  41. This is really a very interesting article. I am a new blogger, I must be honest to say that I have lost in order to make money quickly. But when I calm down, I realized that I must learn. And write quality article content. Although I still can’t reach an article 1000 words, I still continue to work hard.thanks for sharing!

    • Writing a thousand-word article is easy Yu-Hsien! The hard part is writing your first piece but after that believe me, everything comes in seamlessly and you’ll be able to write a 2k or even 3k word in one day. Good luck on your blog growth!

  42. Hi bro, great information here, I took some time to read all the comments, there so many!!!, I am getting myself into the blogger world so I value the opinion of these people. I am in the process of learning everything I can about the technical aspect of creating web sites and how to write great content articles. The comments here guide me in some of these issues, as one that recommended not to get too much technical and to push the publish bottom as soon as possible. I hope to see more post like this one, thank you.

    • What’s important is that we maintain our consistency Jerry, 

      Because that would signify Google that we are serious so if you’re publishing rate is maybe every Tuesday and Saturday, it’s best if you maintain that momentum every week rather than publishing every day for one week and disappearing the next week. Welcome to the blogging world, here’s to your blog success!

  43. This is the best possible advice and learning experience any blogger could get out there. From reading all the 50 bloggers comments one thing that stood out the most is that not promoting the content well enough. I am going to take all these advice and try to improve my blogging skills.

    Thank you so much for posting

  44. This is one of the best things I have come across in a while. I enjoyed every minute of reading this and I learnt so much. After the first comment by Zac I had to stop and thing about my own blog and my own posts. Then when I continued to the next person I once again had to stop and reflect over my own blog. I have now bookmarked it and I will have to through it several times and take advantage of this useful information. 

    • Awesome to hear that Alexandra, I learned a lot from Zac too. He’s a one of the bloggers I look up to, let’s work towards growing our blog shall we

  45. Wow, glad I visited I am just starting out on my new niche and first website and it has given me a new perspective for doing everything right as I go. Awesome blog! And a brilliant idea 🙂

  46. Wow! What a great resource of information.  Of the 50 tips, I read at least 25 of them taking notes. The article on XML Sitemaps was very instructional and I took notes. I do not have the time right now to go over everything on your site. I have book marked your site for future reference as I am a relative newby and I appreciate all this information.

    • Awesome to hear you found some actionable tips within the site Oneoldtimer, you’re welcome here anytime! Let me know if there’s anything I can help you out with.

  47. This article is really educative to me as a new blogger, it talks more about the mistakes that many bloggers and veterans do such as focusing on content creation other than promoting the content they have already or others are new to blogging and yet they want to earn dollars. I have learned a lot from this article that combines mistakes that are mostly made by bloggers from 50 bloggers. I will succeed because of this great education. Thank you.

  48. Being fairly new at this business, your article is very helpful.  It is powerful coming from so many others that are making money doing what I am learning to do.  There was some really great advise from many of your guests.  I appreciate the information about making sure you are picking a subject to write about that is an area where the reader is actually going to spend some money.  

    I appreciate the keyword research information, but for some reason that seems to be a more difficult area for me.  I currently have 80 articles published, with  about only 8 on the first page of Google.  I think I am getting better at realizing what isn’t going to rank high enough, but I am still struggling with figuring out what I should be using to rank.  I am hoping that with time and more experience I will get better at it.

    I also think being new, that my niche is too broad, but I think I have to live with it now and just create more and more content inorder to get noticed more.

    I firmly believe all new people starting out need to be involved in a program that offers support.  There are so many questions that come up, and having a quick answer from someone else is so beneficially.  It is much better than having to do hours of research just to finish what you are working on.  

    Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate has been such a time saver, and even though I know I have lots a work ahead of me still to be successful, I feel that I can get there with the help of everyone from Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thanks for the boost to keep going.

    • 8 articles out of 80 is actually not that bad Marla,

      If you have 200 articles, 20 often should be ranking fine and when you’ve got some articles on the first page, the momentum follows and so will your followers. When that happens, your next future posts will have a much bigger traction hence it’ll be easier for you to rank any article.

  49. This is a timely article in my blogging career, many thanks for sharing. I have been working really hard to create content and never gave other aspects in play including promotion any thought. This is an eye opener, and a shove in the right direction. It’s one of those publications that I bookmark for reference as I will be getting inspiration from this over and over again. Nonetheless, I am happy at least I have been doing one thing right if Brok’s comment is anything to go by, and this is doing quality content.I am also enlightened by Roope’s advice that I need to be consistent. I know how successful Roope has become so I know I need to heed the advice.I am yet to come across such an article; I must say this is a masterpiece. I will take action on all the advises and I know I will succeed.Just thinking about the amount of work and effort you must have put into compiling this just awe me, and you should be successful for creating such a fantastic article.Thanks again, and best regards

  50. When I saw the title of this blog post, I said to myself “That’s me he’s talking about.” I am definitely one of those 50 bloggers. I have created several blogs in the past and abandoned then halfway. So what did I learn from reading your post? First, I need to take my blogging activity as a real business. Next, I need to be focused, not jumping after every shiny object. Also, I need to narrow down my niche. Finally, I need a sort of coach or mentor. I was hoping you would say you offer mentorship on mentor, but you didn’t say that. Do you currently offer online coaching sessions?

    • I do offer online sessions but not yet for now as I have some restructuring needed for the site before I can advance 🙂

  51. Hey,

    This post has probably been one of the most helpful pieces of information in my blogging quest. Most the time I find myself trying to pull off a million different things in the blogging world, and I miss the most important ones. The main theme I’ve extracted from your post is that the most important aspects of creating a successful online blogging business is to 1)be consistent and know that this is all for the long term. Online businesses are not created overnight. 2) Create quality content and don’t rely so much on getting higher quantities of content out there. 3) Focus on what you love and pouring into that instead of worrying too much about the money aspect. The money will come. 

    Thanks for this awesome post.

    I needed this today!


  52. Plenty of great advice here. You have put in a ton of work to get comments from soo many people. I think what was the most interesting comment for me was the about promoting your content. I have plenty of content on my website and I write more all the time but seriously lack traffic. My content is not found and therefore not enough people see it. I will now try to find a strategy to better promote my content and especially the important pages such as product reviews.Thanks to you I now have a better idea of what needs to be done to my website and how to promote it. This post shows that learning is an ongoing process and that you can always learn and improve your marketing by listening to the advice other bloggers/website owners can give you.



  53. Hi Riaz, this is invaluable information! Kudos to you on reaching out to so many successful bloggers and getting them to share their experiences. Content is key, but content marketing and consistency is important too. Visual appeal is another factor along with SEO, everything together that sets the pace for a successful online business. I guess the best advice is to treat our blogs like our business and do the best to monetise our sites. Thanks for sharing this info!

  54. Reading this posted really got me motivated to continue my goal to buid my site. i like how you posted actual words from succesfull bloggers. I learned a lot bout common mistakes that were mentioned that I myself is currently making like worrying to much about the look of my site. I have began on working on my product reviews and will continue to submit valueable content regarding my niche. I will focus on the look of my site later. 

    Thank you for this article because it did teach me a whole lot I wish I knew earlier. 

    I like this guy Name: Anil Agarwal– Made excellent points that made me understand consistency is key.

    • Anil is one of the first few bloggers that I look up to and his advice comes from his experiences from when he was first starting up too so it’s best to take heed of them 😀

  55. Hi Riaz,

    I have to say that this is a very useful article! It is so great that you collected so many opinions from people who already have experience in blogging. I’m starting my blog soon, so this means a lot to me. It’s great when you can avoid mistakes at the beginning and do everything more clever. Thank you very much, I bookmarked this so I can read this again to be sure that I remember everything.

    Best wishes,Suzana

    • Glad you found it useful Suzana, so happy to hear that! Good luck on your blog and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

  56. I am a newbie blogger, and I am very lucky to have been prepared for all the possibilities from the start. Starting a blog with the idea of getting revenue in very little time can be dangerous and probably why most people give up. It’s a long time process that requires effort and dedication. I am very happy to have found this post because now I know a lot of the should and and should not do.

  57. What a great article! 

    Really it’s very informative and lot of things to takeaway. I’m a newbie blogger and I did lot of mistakes and I couldn’t find the solution but in this article I got lot of solutions to my mistakes.

    There are plenty of things to take away and everything I have noted it down and definitely I would implement them. I would like to thanks to all the experts for sharing their valuable suggestion here.   

  58. There’s a lot here to think about and try to put into practice! What I see here in your article that I really want to work on is: high quality, visual content, knowing the problem I’m solving, consistency, planning, and giving images a title before uploading, Thanks for reaching out to so many bloggers and putting this together!

    • Glad you liked it Danette, I wanted as much info from as many bloggers as I can reach out to so that others can learn from their experiences easier 😀

  59. What a fabulous post – i learned so much and I love blogging so these tips were amazing thank you and I have bookmarked for future posts so I can continue to learn from you

    Really great information and so helpful to people learning how to blog properly

    All the best for 2019

  60. My biggest problem in blogging is the lack of consistency. I was at one point blogging twice a week and uploading at the same time every week. Then my life got too busy and I didn’t blog for almost 2 months and now I’m blogging once a week. My visits went down dramatically, and I get it’s probably due to me not being consistent. 

    All these bloggers have given excellent tips- somehow I feel all the points apply to my site:( My new years resolution is to work harder and try to get my posts up to twice a week! 

  61. After readding this I feel it describes so many errors I have made 😜. I personally need to work on consistency and learn how to research and write faster, I spend too much time write one single post. I have a full time job, so I have to work in my websites at night or weekendsand, which is not always the best time to focus since you have other things to do too.

    Thank you so much for sharing this, very good info for newbies!

    • Same here Jenny! I’m handling event projects for clients outside my blog so with all the running, preparation, setup and dismantling, I find it somewhat of a challenge to follow my own set timeline for the day 😀

  62. I’m a newbie in blogging and I considered myself so lucky for coming across this informative post.It’s just as if Jac Johnson knows what I do because despite my content, I’m not satisfied with how it goes,it doesn’t really go a long way but thanks for this I think I need to focus on promotion of the content.

    • That’s a sign of a true entrepreneur Lok, if you’re not happy with what you’re providing, you know your clients won’t as well.

  63. Hi,

    I’m like “ding” after  reading 50 bloggers you shared, it’s like a summarize for me. When i first building my website, I did make most of the mistake, haha…I even quit too….is like telling me to my face now ya. But I’m glad that I’m back in action now. There are really so much to learn from like never ending education. Their sharing thought me these – be openly, be sincere, be persistence, be creative for what you build. Be thankful, be grateful for what you have and be positive along the way to your business go, go , go for it. strive, strive, strive for it!

    Thanks and Best Wishes

  64. I see your article as an inspiration for everyone who starting out to become a blogger or even is a blogger for a long time.

    The opinion and testimony of each blogger is an asset to one’s personal success as well to show the way to utilize their experiences and learning from their mistakes.

    Nothing comes overnight, certainly not success, and by listening or, reading about how to do it right can only lead to success in the future.

    Put some “elbow grease” into your business, even though, it is a digital one, you have to treat it seriously like any important  offline business, there is no difference when it comes of building a successful outcome.

    Thanks for sharing it has made my day 🙂


  65. This is really a great post which is useful for every new blogger. Real success depends on learning from the experienced professional and for blogging success, we also need to learn from other successful blogger. I think new blogger will find some helpful tips which can save them from future mistake. Thanks for sharing information.

  66. This was really amazing and seriously really motivating. I just recently opened my first blog and I can tell you that I spent more than 2 days trying to choose a theme I felt would be ok. It was really crazy because I spent a lot of time on it. I was going back and front on trying to get the perfect theme and it wasted my time.

    I also believe one should not be thinking of monetizing their site until they start to see a reasonable amount of traffic. It is no easy task building an online business and it takes a lot out of a person. In your opinion, how many hours do you feel is ok for a newbie blogger to work online in a day. 

    I currently average 8hours everyday but I still feel that is not enough and that I need to be spending more hours on my blog. I just recently noticed I spend more time writing contents. I publish 2 post per week and what takes my time is that I have to research the topic and then write before publishing. 

    Doing all these for just one post takes about 2 days which means I spend about 4 days in a week researching and publishing a total of 2 posts. I feel I am spending way more time on this. With your experience what do you feel I should do.

    • 8 hours is actually pretty okay Jay, 

      you can achieve more within those 8 hours if you put in more effort to finish things faster. I used to write very slow so 8 hours was never enough but after I started writing faster, I can post way earlier and have time to reply to more people too.

  67. I suppose my biggest doubt has been “Will I be able to consistently come up with content. But what I am discovering and what I’m more sure of after reading this article is that I need to not worry about that. The content will come, apparently. Instead it looks like I need to work on being consistent and not thinking that the work is done once I hit the publish button. Every day I learn a little more but there is much to be learned and much to be done.  Thanks for the article.

    • knowledge is never ending David, there is always something new when it comes to blogging and we have to constantly keep up to keep ourselves updated and remain ahead of other sites.

  68. Wow loved reading this article today gives a wealth of valuable advise and lots of websites to look over.

    Whats great here is to be able to read with great interest so many expert opinions on blogging. I really took a lot of truly important information from this. I am just starting out in the blogging world so for me a great informative article. Thank you !

  69. Hello Riaz.

    Thaks for such an informative article. As a fairly new blogger myself, I do dwell on content creation! The others I can relate to are consistency (or lack of!) and I still have difficulty with keyword research. I would have to say though that for me the number one mistake is I just am not consistent. 

    I think part of this is because when you are new, you are also learning a lot of other things and trying to cram so much in a day. For me this gets in the way of my writing. I suppose this is where an editorial calendar could make a difference. I think another mistake, would be distractions – such as having your email open while you are writing,  or having your cellphone at your elbow. Tiny distractions like this will keep me from focussing on the task at hand.

    Again, thanks for sharing the wisdom of all these bloggers.

  70. so many mistakes! I can’t believe it. Luckily there are many people, successful people with online businesses that are willing to share with all of us their experience, this is good. Because I consider that it is better to learn from other mistakes than learning from your own, it saves a lot of time. 

    I am a little overwhelmed with this huge amount of information, but it is better thay way. 

    Thank you for sharing this useful information, I really appreciate when people share their knowledge and experience with those who really need it!

  71. That was a really really informative post!  After reading, I now know that I am doing a lot of things right which was to find out.  I also found out the biggest thing I need to work on which is promoting my blog, besides social media.  This is an area I am not quite sure how to do yet.  I guess that is why I have fallen short on this one item.  Any ideas how to promote my blog?

    • Social media works best, you just have to be consistent when posting and to top that off, try getting others to share your content by making them more shareable like a roundup post.

  72. Hi Riaz

    This is such an amazing posts with so much of the best advice around.

    Reading through all those posts, it was interesting to find that so many of your contributors mentioned the same mistakes made by Bloggers. The one which resonated most with me is that we need to be consistent. I know that that is definitely one of my failings, and I fully intend to change that as soon as I possibly can.

    You have gone to so much trouble to compile this post, and I would very much like to thank you and all your contributors. I am most definitely bookmarking it for future reference, and I know for sure that I shall be referring to it frequently.

    The other thing which was stressed is the need to have the proper training as found at Wealthy Affiliate. That training really has been of the greatest help to me and to so many others.

    Many thanks again

    Chrissie 🙂

  73. This post should be required reading for everyone just starting out. And for those who are struggling. My take away from reading this is the importance of the right mindset including expectations and the lack of attention to promoting content once it’s published. Successful bloggers spend more time promoting than developing content.

  74. Hi Riaz,

    I have read a few of your posts and I must tell you I love all of them, you have a great way to show us how to be successful, and I am really impressed with the effort you put in to get all the information, thank you! I also see that through all these bloggers that the themes of creating lots of content right of the bat and working on other stuff later is the way to go.

    Thanks again!

    • Awesome Mike, I really appreciate those kind words. Thanks so much, you can bet they’ll be more content like this in the future 😀

  75. Riaz Shah, Hi! Your topic about the commonality of mistakes of bloggers is based on a review of the opinions of fifty successful marketers. They are all residents of Wealthy Affiliate. I am also inside and consider it my luck. 

    You did a gigantic job and designed everything in the same way for further analysis. The main thing is that thousands of experienced marketers can point out such common mistakes.

    Your work is useful now and will be useful to many. I pondered and analyzed your information. The result was an article-reasoning in the behavioral vein. 

    Thank you for your great and useful work. For all who took the pencil to be a blogger. Mark

  76. I must confess this is so so comprehensive, informative and inspiring.

    I see me making lots of mistakes as a newbie blogger. I’m actually bothered about my website look. I’m afraid to start with a free theme. I want to get a premium theme and an auto responder before I get really serious. The wait is almost over. By Month end I will be set. Should I still wait?

    I know about the great Contents stuff and promotion. I will do my best. And of course I know it’s not easy to make money online. This mentality will keep me focused and work hard.

    Thanks so much.

    • I think that you shouldn’t wait for your site to be perfect and beautiful Barry, 

      what matters is content and no matter how elegant your site looks, without content you won’t get traffic. My advice is to start writing first and once you’ve published something, use that spare time to edit your site before moving on to the next piece of content.

  77. This is a very unique and creative way of showing the newbies what to do and what not to do from some experienced people.  I know most of them and they all have great advice to share!  

    If I may add to your list, I would say consistency and persistence.  Both have their own value, but are indispensable when starting an affiliate marketing blog.  

    Faith is another word for persistence, and by continually working on your blog, and producing quality content day in and day out, the success will definitely follow.  It has been proven by all of these 50 bloggers.  When they all started out, they were all at the same place, but they kept on working at it and became successful.

  78. I’ve been through these trial and errors, not all but some. When i started my site a few months ago, I was always worried about what the site looked like, I only focused on the looks and not the content, and I wasnt getting the realistic goals that I had planned, fast forward a few months later, and I’m getting lots more traffic, and conversions. It’s all working out now that I focus on the content.

    • You know what they say TY, content is king and after a while, the menial tasks that we usually do can be outsourced so that we can focus more on the main content part and grow our blogs easier.

  79. A fascinating collection of ‘super-stars’ stories you shared here. Any beginner in blogging space made mistakes, but the good part is that each and one learn from them and continue the journey. It’s really amazing to learn from all these established and experienced persons.

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information.

  80. I like what each of those successful online entrepreneurs have shared with us and I totally agree with them. We all make mistakes and I think making a mistake is not the big problem, repeating it time and again is the main problem.

    Out of those shared, I have made many of them and I’ve worked hard to correct the mistakes. When I was a newbie I made a mistake of starting 3 websites which I thought would all grow together only to realize that it’s not possible for me. I can only work on one at a time.

    I had to drop my two niche sites and I remained with my Bootcamp site which I’m working on now. Thank you for sharing this information.

    • i’m with you on the 3 website management part, I can totally relate to that and yes, managing one website is the best way to grow fast. I wish I only had one!

  81. Hey Riaz.  

    There are some really amazing tips for new bloggers here. Well done for putting them all together in one article, this is an awesome resource.  I first came across Wealthy Affiliate back in 2016 and I started a blog back then.  But I lacked motivation so I just stopped.  

    I think that’s one thing that you need to have when you’re first starting out.  Commitment and motivation because I disagree that there is “more than enough” content out there at the moment as one of your bloggers has said.  It’s like saying that every single idea and concept has already been blogged about so why bother doing it at all anymore?  

    Things change and evolve so naturally there is always something new to blog about.  I think it takes at least a good 100 or more posts before we start to see any real success start to happen and Google is always hungry for new information.  Because things change our posts need to be updated and kept relevant so having motivation is a huge thing for new bloggers.  That’s my opinion anyway.  Thanks again for the insights.  

    Cheers, Rachael

    • Commitment and motivation is are also 2 of the things that I’m struggling with as well Rachael, so I totally understand what you’re going through. I have 3 businesses to take care of and frankly, I reached a point where I’m thinking of letting go one of them so I can focus my time on the other 2 better.

  82. Good afternoon Riaz,

    I have picked up some interesting and valuable things from reading your post. Here come some of them.

    Zac: 1500 words and super high quality

    Adam: The promotion starts after you have published your post.

    Lauren: Do not have unrealistic expectations.

    Zarina: You  need a proper training to build a solid foundation.

    Kyle: Humanize your content.

    Roope: Consistency

    Anil: Keyword research.

    Jerry: Too worried about the look of your blog.

    Erin: Put your heart into it.

    Scott: Do not have too broad a niche.

    Loes: Do not have too many websites in the beginning.

    I cannot name them all but there were many more good things I could mention. Your post really gives food for thought and will make me look at my websites in a more critical way.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Awesome summary Taetske, on point and direct! It did the same for me too, let’s get to work and grow our blogs together. best of luck on your growth!

  83. Wow, this is a great list of tops for newbie bloggers. I have been trying to start my blog for ages and trying to avoid these mistakes. In fact I try to avoid all mistakes. At some point you do have to stop thinking and start doing. So that is what I did, just picked something to start with.

    Now I just need to follow the advice of this impressive list of bloggers. Thanks for creating the round up.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more on that Linda, sometimes I do research too long that I forget to take action and get my hands dirty. 

  84. Hello Riaz,

    I think that every blogger has his style, which we must respect. I like to create quality content and above all that the message is clear.

    I believe in quality and not in quantity. Finally we must know as best as possible the niche that we decided to promote if we want to be successful. 



  85. Hi Riaz, 

    Thanks so much for taking the time to compile so many expert’s opinions together in one piece. 

    I’ve been blogging for a while now, however I learn something new from blogs like this all the time. I saw a common theme in some of the contributors who said that promoting your content is an often overlooked aspect of content creation. I totally agree with this motion and I have even been slack with my promotion in the past. Timely reminder on the important aspects of blogging!

    Thanks again Riaz.



  86. Hey i really enjoyed this article, it was very informative.  It is really cool that you got other bloggers to do that. That shows me that i need to promote my content a lot more and i need to work on growing my social media a lot more so i can get them followers up!

  87. That is an amazing list of suggestions for newbies. I’ve got this page bookmarked so that I can come back and get some more insight, there is too much to take in during one reading. As a beginner in the blogging world, I often wonder if I’m doing it right, or if it will work out in the long run. I guess everyone goes through the same difficulties and learning curve.

    As I go through these tips, I hope that I can use the information you provide from these experienced bloggers to avoid a few mistakes of my own and kick-start my blogging experience.

  88. Every blogger/writer started out as a newbie so naturally they have made mistakes along the way and they learned form it. Good thing is, those who are just starting out today (like myself) can avoid these mistakes.

    So what have I gleaned from this post about the common blogging mistakes? Determine your niche and stick to just one, focus on creating relevant, helpful and engaging contents that will rank and convert, promote your contents, use proper SEO tools to drive traffic, be consistent and persistent and refuse to give up until you succeed.

    Thanks for sharing!

  89. Great article! So many mistakes I’m making! I will look at these issues in more detail so I can fix them in my own blog. This article is very useful for a beginner to avoid these mistakes. I certainly don’t want to be doing the wrong things for years before I figure it out so I am rely grateful that you posted this article. 

  90. Hey Riaz,

    This is a really great article. To be able to read from the experts and hear their opinions. I have learnt so much from this and could see myself in many of their opinions about the mistakes that a newbie makes.

    This is  very valuable post for any one out there feeling overwhelmed or struggling with self doubt as we all do initially

    Great work mate, I hope many people get to read the insights offered here!


  91. What a great article. I am relatively new to the blogging scene and whilst i admittedly find it quite easy to write posts, there is so much to it that I didn’t realise.  I had however started to over complicate my site too early rather than following the ‘keep it simple’ wise words from those in your post.  I agree I need to do the work so that needs to take precendence.

    Are there any books or sites you oud recommend that can assist me more with this?


  92. WOW!! What a ton of useful information from some great merketers.That was the best article I have read in awhile.This is bookmarked as i sill be referring back to it again and again.If for no other reason than to check myself as i keep learning and writing thank you thank you for putting this together.💘 it

  93. Nice post. This is great for all new and veteran bloggers indeed. If i must add to the list, my number one blogging mistake that most newbies make is not leveraging the keywords to the fullest. I found out that if your article contains many keywords in it and not just in the tittle and first paragraph, it will be ranked faster.

    Anyway thanks for sharing this amazing post with us!! it offers loads of information from great and experienced minds.

  94. Hello There, 

    This is one of the greatest post I have ever read today. Very motivating and empowering. Reading all those common mistakes stated by other successful bloggers made me more believe that online business is a great opportunity that is open to everyone. However, not everyone succeed because of these common mistakes, such as lacking quality contents, quitting too early, lacking of consistency, wrong expectations, expecting quick results and so on. 

    Thanks for this very valuable post. Just what I needed today. I will be bookmarking your post – I sure would be looking back again some of these days. 

    Best regards and God bless, 


  95. This is SUCH a great post! I am a blogger and I have many of these mistakes myself over the years. I finally have a good rhythm with writing content, but as I was reading through the advice of these bloggers, lightbulbs were going off. 

    The one thing this post made me realize is that I am good at creating content, but I’m not good at promoting it. That was the first thing I read and really gave me pause. That was advice from Zac. Do you know what he means by this? He said it  wouldn’t necessarily just be through social media. How else do you promote your content? I feel like i’m missing a piece of the puzzle here. 

    Anyway, thank you for this. There are lots of great nuggets of wisdom in there! 

    • Hey Christina,

      There are so many ways on how to promote a content, I can definitely write about them on my upcoming post but some of the main ways I use are posting on social media at peak hours, Sharing it in groups on Linkedin, linking my newly-published blog post to my older ones and email marketing.

  96. Hi Riaz, 

    That’s a good work done for bringing together the experts to share their views. I’ve learnt a lot from your post and I must say I fall victim of most of the mistakes they shared. I would like to ask how can I consciously overcome these challenges like being worried about website outlook and waiting to get more contents on my site before promoting them?

    • You overcome your fears by going through it Derrad,

      I too was not a writer and English is not my mother tongue. You should have seen my first few posts, all of them were terrible but I got through eventually and now I’m familiar with most things blogging that I actually feel comfortable with it.

  97. This is a great roundup of things bloggers should watch out for when blogging. Derek Halpern of social triggers says bloggers do not spend enough time promoting their content. Brian Dean, creator of Backlinko and SEO expert, is a classic example. His blog has few posts, but his log-form posts are very detailed with charts and graphs. It’s no wonder he is an authority on SEO.

    • I love Brian Dean and Derek Halpern, it would be amazing to have them here but getting them here on the roundup post but it’s very hard to get in touch with them. Hopefully one day I can get to that level !

  98. What an absolutely incredible post.

    I am only part way through and I have had so many triggers going off in my head.

    Content creation is great, but content promotion is a topic I see being discussed regularly.

    I also liked that a lot of the bloggers discussed getting training. Would they offer training too?

    As the creator of this post, it would be amazing if there was a follow up to discuss how to do some of the topics they discuss.

    I will certainly bookmark this post and visit the website more often.

    You certainly have done homework on this.


    • That’s an excellent idea Tim! It would take very long to get the opinion from everyone but I can touch on those topics on my next roundup post. Thanks for the suggestion!

  99. Hi Riaz, thank you for sharing those awesome tips!

    I am a big fan of Nathaniell from One More Cup of Coffee, I read many articles that he wrote, and therefore it saved me a lot of mistakes.

    Also, Zac Johnson and Adam Connell have mentioned an interesting point of view about the content promotion(and it seems that I had done this mistake on my own blog).

    May I ask which one of the bloggers above is your favorite? 

    • Hard to say Shai, 

      A lot of them are my favorite but if I were to choose, I think they would Zac Johnson, Adam Connel, Nathaniell, Scott Newkirk, Roope and Derek as they are ones I look up to the most and they helped me out during troubled times. Great question!  

  100. falling into the deepest pit of mistakes are often encountered.apparently, as a newbie, you become strictly scared of what your firs couple of posts will look like, how it sounds and what readers will think about it. so, often, one focus more on the content creation which is good anyway but like someone said promoting the content is as good as creating the content, I also believe that editorial checks is an important aspect of blogging. when you create an error free publications, you build trust within your audience and gradually you will become an expert in writing. 

    Note……. don’t be too much in a hurry to make some money, invest time int building yourself and go for trainnings and relevant courses.

  101. Hey there Riaz, 

    I landed on your post and the first mistake spoke to my situation. I have been pretty concerned with creating more posts for my blog and have been barely promoting them and now I see why I have been having a rough time becoming successful with my blogs.

    I will try out Zac Johnson’s advice and see how it works out for me. Thanks a lot for the very insightful information here.

    Have a good one mate. 🙂

  102. I am a big fan of Zac Johnson. new bloggers generally fail in a quest to make money online quickly. And that is one of the biggest reasons.

    Agree with Scott Newkirk that narrowing down niche is must

    • Same here Atul!
      Zac’s one of the main blogger icons I look up to, he’s awesome to work with and I read all of his blog posts to learn from him. And Scott’s actually my mentor when I first started online and he has a significant impact on how I got here today. There are more bloggers out there and as you grow, you’ll start connecting with more them and to me, that’s one of the main reason I keep blogging despite my busy schedule. They inspire me and I hope you feel the same way. Best of luck on your blog success!

  103. These are some really good tips I did notice there was some repeating of the same topic or tip. Then again that is no problem since sometimes repeating something can get through to some better. I do agree with this type of article instead of it being testimonials on a program it is more to help others not fall for these mistakes some new bloggers if not all new bloggers go through.

    Me personally I have had my set backs mostly when I first started back in 2013-2014, I was going through a lot at the time (won’t bore anyone with the details). So I let all this get in the way and just left it on the back burner, a few years later goes past and I was fed up with working for someone else’s dreams and not my own. So I started back up again despite being gone from 330am to 6pm 4 days a week on the 5th day it’s a half day. I got into the training head first then procrastination came along so in the end I found out a few things.

    Find your WHY and follow that, we all have 24 hours in a day some have more time then others we all need to make time in our day to accomplish the things that are important to us, if you want success you can’t just sit back and thin it will fall in your lap you have to actually work for it if not then you will stay day dreaming.

    With everything that has happened in life I know the only thing that makes anything impossible is our mindset on thinking that it is impossible once we believe then we will have to take action to succeed and live out our dreams.

    I really liked this post and the newbies that stumple upon this post I know will benefit from it thanks for this share I hope the best for you.


    • Wow awesome to hear about your experiences Matt, I went through the same thing and even when I have my own business, I’m still struggling on automation. Best of luck on your journey, to both our ongoing successes!

  104. A really great read and I can relate to a lot of these. One point that made me think is that I don’t do enough to promote my content after posting. It was also interesting to read that many people give up too early before seeing the benefits of their hard work, this is good motivation to persevere! 

    Thanks for posting this. 


    • Promoting content is definitely one of the most important parts to SEO, Richard. SEO will take its course but if we help give it a little boost, it;ll indirectly affect fast fast and how well Google ranks you too.

  105. Great article. I am definitely one of those people who are inpatient and want success over night but with this platform I have learned that online success is a long-term path and patience is the key. I will for sure remember this mistakes and I will work to improve myself and my business.

    • It’ll take time and you won’t earn immediately Daniel, but once you start reaching that point of earning, you can target your goals better and start reaching bigger income easier too as you can see what you need to do in order to get there. 

  106. Fantastic Article and great to read the comments of experienced Bloggers. As a relatively novice blogger it is good to see what mistakes other successful bloggers have made along the journey to hopefully enable people such as myself to avoid common pitfalls.

    I think a common message I will take away from the article is to treat my website more as a website more as a business rather than a hobby. Also was interesting to see many mention that once you publish your content that this is just the beginning as then the real work begins of attracting traffic to your website, There were definitely some fantastic pointers there which I will implement on a day to day basis,

  107. Hey Riyaz,

    Very interesting post on common blogging mistakes, what I found interesting is Zac’s opinion, when he said that you only need 5 to 10 great posts, not 100+ articles, to be successful.  We are taught to publish consitent great content, isn’t It?

    Many are of opinion that content promotion is important, to a great extent promotion is also important.  Really great to know about these blogging mistakes, quite helpful.


    • What Zac meant was for us to focus on quality over quantity, Shubhangi.

      Posting consistently is indeed important and you should never stop doing that but if you’re thinking of stepping up your game to blogging every day of the week, it is something definitely for you think about because compared to posting that many short articles versus 3 blog posts a week with greater content, I think you can figure out which one would rank better 🙂

  108. I can see quite a few places that I have gone wrong in my blogging.  They are as follows: 

    Having too many sites to work on.

    Worrying too much about content and not enough time spent promoting it.

    Not being consistent.

    And last but not least, my niches tend to be too broad.

    In any case I love the advice that you never fail in blogging, you simply give up before you succeed. I find although due to the above mistakes it has taken longer, but I am now seeing some rewards for my hard work.

    Thanks for the great insights.

    • That’s the idea of the roundup post Michel! To help pinpoint what we did wrong on our blogging progress and I’m help you found out yours 🙂

  109. Hi Riaz,

    I enjoyed this post very much.  It’s always nice to humanize the aspect of blogging.  Sometimes I think because this is such a “loner sport” so to speak, that we can lose ourselves in discouragement or feel like we are not measuring up to some non-existent standard.  We are incredibly hard on ourselves and think that if we don’t rank #1 by such and such time, we have failed.  That’s no good.

    The input from others about what their tricks and techniques have been is very helpful, thank you.  How did you feel about your blog in the first few months?  Did you get discouraged or just stay excited? 

    Have a blessed day,


    • That’s deep, Holly. 

      But completely true, sometimes we spend too long blogging that we start feeling alone and getting the chance to connect with others can be very healthy for our progress as we can measure up with them and work together, maybe compete with them for traffic even. I’ve been blogging for 4 years now so I guess I’m good, thanks for asking.

  110. I noticed a lot of recurring themes in this article:

    -Just get started

    -Stay consistent and post multiple times a week

    -Promote your content like crazy

    The first two seem pretty straight forward. Don’t worry so much, write, then hit the publish button. Maybe add a calendar for consistency to ensure you get it done.

    But the promotion piece is a bit puzzling to me. Do you have any specific tips on how to promote your content more effectively? Obviously you can post it to a Facebook page or a group as well as Twitter. What other methods are there for content promotion?

    • Content promotion is a super in depth topic Craig,

      There’s social media, email, outbound SEO, inbound, PPC, even email marketing and each and every one of those are divided into hundreds of ways on how to achieve them so I can’t possibly answer all of them for you. Creating the content is the easy part, promoting them is the challenge. Imagine you’re a singer and you launched an album, how do you make it visible to the world?

      Something to think about when it comes to online marketing but my advice for you is to continue creating content and try making each one better than the other and slowly, you’ll pick up things to boost them even more as you research your way by learning how to achieve that.

  111. This is by far, bar none one of the best articles I have read in years.  It seems there is a very common theme happening as the word content is the word I seen the most in all of these comments.  I know I will be coming back to this page for weeks, months and maybe even years.  Maybe because of this page one day I will be on the other side giving my opinion.  Once again this was a great read.  Thank you

    • You most definitely can, Dale! I reached out to a lot of bloggers but I am just one man and sometimes I tend to overlook some people but if you were to ask me the next time, I would instantly slot you in.

  112. Oh my gosh, first of all, I couldn’t imagine that I’m actually a “candidate” for the roundup post. Got overwhelmed & honored at the same time.

    I actually got into blogging, blogging about the “fierece competition niche” a.k.a “online marketing” after got persuaded by my friend & “persuaded” myself that this whole internet marketing, making money online won’t work FOR ME.

    I’ve actually knew about wealthy affiliate during may 2017 while I was lost in my career direction. I got tempted by the making money online for quite a while. Dabbled on it Before ( blogging) .suffered shiny object syndrome, get rich quick mindset, thought it was easy to earn money online without “treating it like a true business”. A business that requires much more lower cost than brick and mortar business.

    Low start up cost, low operation cost might be the true reason why most internet marketers can’t make it.

    After following the training offered by WA I was able to learn & refine my blogging & content marketing skills. I’m currently “obsessed with it”. I’ve never had that much passion in putting tonnes of effort into a project that doesn’t provide me with “instant gratification”.

    I believe discipline and consistency is the real key towards succeeding in an online business or literally any kind of “business”.

    My biggest takeaway is the quote made By Steve mann , it is hard to beat a person that never gives up, it is an adage worth remembering.

      • Haha, maybe that’s the “authentic” side of me. Sorry for excessively using the apostrophe signs.

        I’m not trying to spam your comment box XD

        Anyways nicely written post & of course it’s my pleasure to be featured together with the veterans & gurus within the blogging world.

        Thanks again pal!

  113. I have done a lot of these mistakes myself:. Lately, I have been having trouble with posting consistent content because of Shiny Objeft Syndrome just like Zarina mentioned.

    Another one of my mistakes blogging was writing content  that is not relevant to my niche and deleting posts as well. One other thing I have seen people new to blogging do is place affiliate ads that have nothing to do with their blog. How do you feel when you visit those blogs?

    • Excellent observation, Jessie! 

      Promoting things that are not related to your blog is bad not only conversion-wise (Because no one’s interested), but also SEO-wise as Google will drop your ranking when your bounce rates go up.

  114. I really enjoyed reading your post, and all the responses of the folks you interviewed.  As I am determined to make my blog a success, I found the advice quite relevant.  Promoting your content is the biggie.  I don’t have any trouble writing, and I think I do fairly well, but then how do I get people to read it?  I have a lot to learn, always, but your blog crystallized a few things for me.  Thanks!

    • There are a lot of ways on how to make more people to read, Fran.

      It requires a lot of trial and error as it reflects more on what you find interesting on your site as a reader yourself. Many things can be taken into consideration like are you writing too formal, do you have images to back your wordplay, or are you being too salesy. And then there’s the external traffic side of things where you’ll need mingle with other bloggers so that they’ll notice you along with their readers. 

      Creating content is fun, promoting them and getting people to come to your site, is the real adventure. We know that as traffic generation.

  115. This post has so much value and I only realize it now having some experience. Even then, I realize that some points from different bloggers teach me something new. Specifically only focusing on solely one thing (content creation) and also focusing on too many things (too obsessive over certain details, multiple websites, etc.). I think from reading all of these opinions, it’s fair to say that a balance must be strategically kept in combination with long term hard work and patience. Great read!

    • Long term, hard work, and patience, you got that right! Seems like you’re set for the bumpy ride to blogging success, Ryan!

  116. Hi Riaz, thanks for this glimpse into blogging.  I’m just starting out with my very first blog and some of the advice above is giving me pause for thought.

    Actually the hardest problem I have with starting a blog is getting to know my template so that I can customise it with the layout I want and then setting up the affiliate links so that it starts paying for itself.  I am a very lazy website owner because I just want to concentrate on actually just working on my content articles.  I am impatient to get going and just wish someone could just customise my template for me, find me relevant affiliates and then set up the links accordingly.  This might actually be a great business idea for a fellow blogger! 🙂

    • I get what you mean, Cath.

      it’s not wrong and if anything, I’d say you’re on the right track. Creating content should be your number one priority and you shouldn’t be wasting too much on something that you neglected your content creation duties. 

      Testing out the technical side is always annoying and it takes up time so my advice to you is to finish your piece first, publish it, and then worry about technical side. At least by then, you’ll have a clearer piece of mind and you’re free to spend more time choosing themes you like.

  117. Hi Riaz,

    Thanks for this article on 50 Bloggers Share Common Blogging Mistakes Made by Newbies. This is such a great article for a fairly new (myself included) to Internet Marketing and I know I have so much to learn and getting advices and suggestions from a successful internet marketers on what should be avoided on our online journey will greatly minimize the mistakes that a new to Internet Marketing will have to encounter. 

  118. This is excellent information! And I recognize a lot of these mistakes, like focussing too much on the looks of your website, not writing quality content and of course not taking your business really serious enough.

    About content and that you don’t need 100+ articles. I recently heard that Google changed their algorythm to penalize sites that are not active enough… Don’t know it for sure, as you know, everyone has opinions and at the end of the day, it could be nothing more than speculation as of how/why Google ranks you or not…

    Great article!

    • I think it’ll take some time before Google can actually implement that Jurgen, my website wasn’t active for a year and I still get traffic and sales. Plus old websites that date way back can sometimes have good value too.

  119. Great Post! I usually don’t like to read long post (because i’m lazy like that) but this one was really interesting and valuable. As a new blogger I found these tips very insightful. I think the main points are to be realistic in your expectations, focusing on quality content and getting people to read it, being consistent

    I think the balance between quality content and product reviews (the money stuff) is quite an interesting one to figure out. I think that it is easy to get carried away with one and neglect the other. 50 Posts and 2 product reviews isn’t great but 100 product reviews and 10 quality posts isn’t ideal either. One way means no form of income and the other seems like a sales web page (not bad, but not great for traffic)

    That balance will be fun to figure out!

    • Hey Renton, 

      Balancing commercial and casual posts is one of the most important rules of success so yes, having that balance can definitely have a good impact on your site in terms of sales and traffic.

  120. Great information from bloggers and some cool reminders to write engaging quality content for human beings rather than search engines. Having something important to say matters rather than writing hundreds of short blog posts. Of course that’s only part of it, with the other important part of the process being able to effectively promote what you’ve written. Loved this article, thanks for writing it. 

  121. Yeah, so many advice and experiences! The first one is the most important and is exactly what I can say about the mistakes or time wasting in online job. What a coincidence as just a couple of minutes before I read this post I talk about it with my wife. Your hard job (writing the next post) is worthless if it is not found organically on the Google (Yahoo or Bing). The recent changes in Wealthy Affiliate commenting policy is the real help for your post promotion. Great post and I copied it to my list. Thanks. 

  122. Wow, so much to learn from experienced people. I feel like I’m in info dump. I need to go back reading this again so I can absorb the teachings given by these great people online.  On the other hand, I’m squeezed through with their ideas that others seems to think differently from the other, so strategies collides. Eventually, they succeeded following what they believe. I guess I need to find my own strategy to succeed. 

    To summarize all of them, they said make contents before monetizing. I think that’s the main thing I’ve learned.

    Thanks for sharing this and for the people who posted on why newbie bloggers fail.

    • Focusing on content before money is definitely the right thing to do, Eli. As you get better with it, so will you traffic and from then, I guess you’re free to monetize your traffic however you want.

  123. Great post and it has lots of truth in it.

    In the beginning I was focused on long content posts, but I found out people were not interested in it, even it was good quality.

    Why? Simply because I forgot to say like it is the best you can take or something like that.

    Instead, I was writing like a scientist, so people got bored of course.

    I changed the way I write and I see a big change of people and reactions.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    • Your writing style definitely affects the type of readers, Emmanuel.

      It increases your engagement because people today are always in a rush and they can read faster if you were to write as though you are talking to them so yeah, drop the formalities if possible!

  124. Dear Riaz Shah,

    I humbly thank you for including me in this list. It may be short and simple but I have realized that writer’s block happens quite frequently for new bloggers mainly because they tend to lack knowledge on how to start off and how to finish a blog to a level of feeling its perfect and ready to be published rather than be saved in drafts, left there, and forgotten about.

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,

    • That writer’s block is definitely real Angel, I’ve faced it before and the stressful part of that we waste more time trying to come up with content ideas which would have been used to finish up an article already. Appreciate the wish and thanks for joining the roundup post!

  125. Thanks ever so much for the feature, Riaz! 🙂

    When starting out, blogging feels trying to climb Mount Everest lol.

    But once you get the hang of it through practice, it does get much easier.


  126. Thanks for this awesome post. It’s always best to take advice from people, who are successful in what they do. Your survey shows quite impressively that inconsistency (regarding writing), impatience and false expectations are the top 3 common blogging mistakes. 

    As I’m on the same path, I can totally understand that and fought those fights myself.

    What really surprised me was Zac’s statement, that you can already be successful with 5-10 great posts. Honestly, this is the first time I read such a contrary opinion. Almost always, you are told to write, write, write and after 50-100 posts, Google starts trusting you. So, what’s true? 

    • Zac’s statement is definitely true, Felix.

      Having 10 high quality pillar posts is way better than having 100 posts which are not ranking. To date, I’ve written over 300 articles and really, the ones that are bringing my blog up are actually around 50 articles. This is because it is relevant and people refer to that a lot so even after a year or two, you will still get traffic. 

      Still, that doesn’t mean you should stop blogging altogether because the more quality posts you have, the easier it is to rank and grow your website.

  127. I really love this post. I am a newbie to affiliate marketing. And reading these experts advice and suggestions have really shown me the mistakes I should avoid in my online journey. I hope one day I could reach the level these people have achieved. Thanks for doing this post Riaz. It was very helpful. 

  128. You do learn from your mistakes so it is a great idea that you have managed to get experienced bloggers opinions on this which can only help novice bloggers.

    One thing I see with new bloggers is starting sentences with “Now, lets look…” or “So”

    For me this gives the page a non professional look that I’d like to see them be more creative with their words.

    • Play of words do affect the entire article, Darren. Hopefully more people can learn a thing or two from these experienced bloggers too.

  129. This is a freaking awesome article! I know of and respect a bunch of the contributors to this post and it’s great that you managed to get their tips all in one place. I especially like Steve Mann’s comment about giving up early. It’s definitely true that it takes TIME for Google to recognize your site as a reputable source of information and reward you with better rankings. Keep on plugging away! Thanks for this great piece of content (I’ll be bookmarking it). 

    • Awesome Danny, I gave up early too and although it is always good to be back, I did lose a great deal of traffic and I spent more time trying to understand and pick up the pieces I left previously.

  130. That is exactly what I needed to read to motivate me and I appreciate you putting the experience of all these professional bloggers together. It’s definitely true that you need to create articles consistently and then promote your blog posts as best you can. The more content the more chances to rank and Google loves sites that keep up to date with fresh material for their searchers.

  131. Thank  you for collecting the successful bloggers opinions on mistakes made by many people who try to build their online business based on blogging. When i started my bootcamp in WA i found it overwhelming due to many training and i wanted to cover all training in short time. But i realised that blogging is not a joke, i have to learn slowly by slowly to know this industry.

    You have made a great review and it is helpful. I will come back to learn on this common bloggers mistakes

  132. One of my biggest doubt when I first started was to publish my articles. I fear it wasn’t good enough for all sorts of reasons – grammar, presentation, expertise and etc. In those days, I was only hitting 500 words per article. Nowadays, it’s easy to go over 1200 words and I am slowly enjoying the process of keyword research, content writing and subsequently ranking. 

    The more I read other people’s blog, the more ideas I would get. Now, my biggest worries is finding the time to do it all. I’ve been thinking about outsourcing especially in the area of writing. Have you had any experience with that? Thank Riaz.

    • I totally get what you mean, Cathy!

      I’ve tried outsourcing but none of my writers fit my writing style. I’m exploring guest posting avenues now for my blog, fingers crossed!

  133. I found this article really helpful and I can spot a couple of mistakes I have made so this article really gave me a lot to think about.

    I have been focusing a lot of trying to gain traffic and social enagement to my own blog so I will be taking a lot of the advice on board.

    Really good article and I love how you have reached out to lots of people to create a collaboration.

    • Doing mistakes means that we are on the right path of improving, Hannah. If we never did them, we would never know how to improve them so it’s great thing to acknowledge.

  134. Hi and thanks for all the great tips here. I will be reading this again for sure and have bookmarked this site as I really think new or experienced bloggers could learn from your article. I think you should consider creating a top ten tips for new or experienced bloggers combining the best elements of the feedback you have collected to create this post. Thanks Kenny 

  135. That you for creating this blog, and for sharing all the mistakes a new blogger can make! I am proud to be featured on your blog, and I hope a lot of people can start out blogging the right way and avoid these miss steps.

    I wish you all the success in the world, Riaz.


  136. This is a great resource for new bloggers and even those of us who have been at this awhile can learn from all the suggestions here! I just picked up two tips from reading all these responses!

    Thanks for this comprehensive roundup!

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