7 Most Followed People in Pinterest 2014

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So you’ve made a Pinterest account and you’re bumped because you don’t have any followers.

And the solution? Well, follow the big names there of course!

Because not only can you learn from them, you can also interact and find more people with common interest there.

Here’s 7 of the most followed people in Pinterest in 2014 (as of 28 June):

1)   Joy Cho

Joy Cho's pinterest account

Just recently, she was number 5 of my top 7 and now, she’s gained followers pretty quick to be the number 1 most followed Pinterest user.

Would you believe that she even topped the Co-Founders of Pinterest themselves?

Followers   : 13,544,543 (Almost half of the number of people in Malaysia!)

Boards       : 93

Pins           : 11,524

2)   Jane Wang

Jane Wang's Pinterest account

Isn’t it surprising to know that the mother of one of the co-founders of Pinterest is more followed than her son?

Followers   : 8,234,996. (Still more than the whole of Singapore!)

Boards       : 111

Pins           : 32,146 (Most pins than anyone else!)

3)   Christine Martinez

Christine Martinez's Pinterest account

It’s no surprise to see the Author of “The Complete Idiots Guide to Pinterest Marketing” to be on the top 7.

Christine is so famous, would you believe that she even topped the Pinterest Co-Founder himself?

Now we know that her book really is affective since the author herself has more followers than the co-founders of Pinterest.

Imagine how much sales she’ll be getting as she climbs the ladder!

Followers   : 5,449,940 (3 million followers below Jane!)

Boards       : 60

Pins           : 41

4)   Evan Sharp

Evan Sharp's Pinterest Account

Being one of the Co-Founders of Pinterest, it’s no wonder why Evan is one of the top most followed Pinterest users.

Evan is an ex architect which we would probably guess, is due to the huge profit he earns from Pinterest instead of working on buildings.

Nevertheless, Evan still shows his love for buildings by cataloging his amazing designs in Pinterest which probably is the reason why he has so many followers.

Followers   : 3,369,826

Boards       : 160

Pins           : 5,048

5)   Jennifer Chong

Jennifer Chong's Pinterest Account

Being a graphics designer, most girls follow Jennifer because of her beautiful infographics but the men, well they just follow her because she’s beautiful.

Followers   : 2,377,499

Boards       : 78

Pins           : 10,490 Pins (How addicted is she?)

6)   Maia McDonald

Maia McDonald's Pinterest Account

We get this question a lot so please understand that Maia is NOT the owner of McDonald’s.

If she is, imagine the contradictions and the media explosion that would create! (Which would definitely get her the most followers in Pinterest)

Maia is the Creative Coordinator for Williams-Sonoma, a blogger, an online curator and also a designer which means that she definitely deserves those followers due to the amount of work she put in (And not just given as any rich-born would).

Followers   : 1,852,404

Boards       : 48

Pins           : 24,514

7)   Ben Silbermann

Ben Silbermann's Pinterest

Ben is also one of the Co-Founders of Pinterest so we expected him to be within the top 7 most followed Pinterest users (shameful if he’s not).

What we didn’t expect is, that he got beaten by women who doesn’t even own Pinterest.

Followers   : 809,911 (His mother has about 8 million more followers than him)

Boards       : 70

Pins           : 3,773


From the top 7, we can definitely conclude that Pinterest is geared towards women interest as out of those 7 people, only 2 were men!

Plus those men were lucky because they are both Co-Founders of Pinterest.

So if you want to excel in Pinterest, a good tip to bear in mind is to always add something that caters to the women interest as they are surely the majority in the World of Pinterest (Yes it rhymes).

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