The Jaaxy Review

Jaaxy Review – The Greatest Support Tool for Any Online Business

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Name: Jaaxy


Type of business: Keyword research tool

Price: Free trial or $19/ month (Pro) or $49/ month (Enterprise)

Owners:  Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100 (Very safe and works fine!)

Unlike other home business programs aimed at helping you make money, Jaaxy does not teach you how to do that.

Instead, Jaaxy is more of a support every online entrepreneur must have because it is actually a keyword tool which helps you uncover hidden keywords that people all over the world are searching for today.

It’s really fun to use as you could search for literally anything and you can also know words that others are searching for, how many people (traffic) are searching, and even how big is the competition.


What is Jaaxy all about?

Jaaxy home page

Jaaxy home page

In an online business world, you aren’t the only one on the internet.

You will be facing millions of other website competitors and each of those competitor sites have at least hundreds to thousands of blog posts, all competing with each other.

Can you imagine the heavy competition? Oh how ever do you beat them?

Introducing Jaaxy! – A fast, organized and neat keyword planner which helps you uncover words and sentences people are looking for which at the same time, have lesser competition.

When using Jaaxy to search for keywords, you’ll have various choices of the right keywords to choose from depending on your liking whether it’s keyword with high traffic, keyword with less or zero competition or even both of them.


The importance of having a keyword planner

As we all know, it can be very hard to get rankings in Google especially when there are millions of other websites doing the exact same thing as us.

But having an advanced keyword planner would cut you all those trouble and give your website instant access to the first page of Google without all those hassles that new and fresh websites have to go through.

Here’s some of the main reasons as to why we all need a keyword tool:

  • We can customize our business based on the exact demands online.
  • We can find out the exact number of competitors that we will be facing for a certain keyword.
  • We can find out how many people are searching for a certain term (traffic)
  • We can find out more details about the competitor such as their Google rankings and website or even blog post traffic.
  • We can find out how many people were searching for our keywords every month if we implement them to our website.
  • We can learn how to get our blog posts or even the whole website on the first page of Google.


How to use Jaaxy?

Sure using a keyword planner IS as easy as it sounds because come on! You just need to type in something and press “Enter”.

But you still need to know some general terms when searching for results because the search results are very detailed.

Here’s some important terms you need to know of when using Jaaxy:

  • Monthly searches

As the word implies, it stands for the amount of people searching for that specific keyword.

A lot of people get concerned with this but heed my advice – DON’T get too hooked in big amounts. It isn’t that important because when your website is published, it will stay there forever so the traffic will come constantly without you having to worry much.

  • KQI (Keyword Quality Index)

Just a colour indication to let you know on whether to go for that keyword or not. Think of it as a traffic light – Red means “Stay away”, Yellow means average and green means “Go for it!”

  • QSR (Quoted Search Results)

QSR shows the amount of competition that you’ll be facing in that certain keyword which makes this part the MOST important part of any keyword tool.

Jaaxy will show you the EXACT number of competitors that you’ll be facing so an advice from me is to search below 300 because often times, that works best.

  • SEO Power

This doohickey shows how good a keyword is in terms of SEO-wise.

This is based on the traffic, the nature of the keyword, competition, and the keyword quality. It will show in the form of numbers from 0 to 100 so the higher it is, the better the keyword is in terms of SEO.


Jaaxy Case Study

I will now perform the mystical search through Jaaxy!

Most people worry a lot when it comes to searching for keywords because they have this weird thinking that It will only work for certain keywords and not all.

The truth actually, is that EVERYTHING can be searched online because always remember that as long as there are people using the internet, they are all your audience, even your competitors.

My random keyword search #1: Best ways to stay healthy and fit

Best ways to stay healthy and fit Jaaxy results

“Best ways to stay healthy and fit” Jaaxy results

Just by searching that, I managed to find 15 keywords to choose from!

Although “Best ways to stay healthy and fit” may not be a good idea as there are less than 10 searches a month, I now have an idea of what better keywords to choose from such as “What to eat to stay healthy and fit” which seems to have only 48 searches.

This is fun, let’s try another one…

My random keyword search #2: Ways to wake up early

ways to wake up early Jaaxy search results

“Ways to wake up early” Jaaxy search results

This time, I chose a keyword that I know nothing about and have no relations to my niche whatsoever.

I wanted to try and see if there are people actually searching for something as random as this or not and voilà! As you can see from the results, “Ways to wake up early” has 56 searches and 90 competitors.

That is good enough a keyword but I could always find something better with less competition and more monthly searches such as “Advantages to waking up early” which has 64 month searches and only 42 competitors.

So you see, just by changing a word or two I have managed to beat the competitors by half!

And that doesn’t end there my friend, I can still keep the rest of those nice keyword results to add up in my arsenal for later use, giving me endless amounts of keywords to use for my SEO domination.

Go ahead, try it out here!


Who is Jaaxy for?

Now that you’re all hyped up, you might be wondering “Is it really for me?”

Although it’s true that Jaaxy can be used by anyone from beginner level to expert internet marketer, it would be more advisable if you are already in the online business industry beforehand.

Whether you have a website, you want branding online, you own a social media business or anything at all related to doing business over the internet, Jaaxy is a must-have for you.

Using Jaaxy to narrow down your competition while finding hidden demands that people want online to use it for your own business is an opportunity not many know of yet.

Therefore its best use this to your advantage and give your business a boost when your competitors are still struggling to find ways to stay alive online.


The pricing strategy

Jaaxy price plan

Jaaxy is divided into 3 categories:

  • Trial version – 30 free searches
  • Pro version – $19 per month or $199 a year (Save $40!)
  • Enterprise version – $49 per month during this special promotion then $69 a month after the promotion or $499 yearly (A savings of $98!)

Pick a Jaaxy that suits YOU here!


My Final Take

customer sharing his feedback on his Jaaxy experience

customer sharing his feedback on his Jaaxy experience on a review site

When it comes to boosting your online presence, Jaaxy is by far the best not just price-wise, but in terms of speed and efficiency.

It has everything a person needs to have great SEO and Google rankings but even so, Jaaxy is only a support tool, NOT an online business course. So unless you already have an aim or your own product, my advice is to get one first before moving on to Jaaxy because this program helps boost your online thumbprint, not build you one.

Therefore with this review, I can conclude that Jaaxy is LEGIT and receives a 90 out of 100 rating from me.

I really appreciate you spending some of your time to read this lengthy review, thank you for that and if you want to check Jaaxy out, you can do so here.

Also if you have any feedback you’d like to share, do comment them below and I’ll be more than happy to reply 🙂


Riaz Shah,


Riaz 88kb